Kitchen Cabinet Trends To Look Out For When Remodeling in 2024

September 1, 2023

Texans know more than anyone what it is like to go big because, in the South, it is all or nothing. That can be seen from the sweet Southern hospitality residents show to each other, no matter the circumstances, the way communities come together when times get rough, and the way neighborhoods grow exponentially. At the end of every day, we all retreat to our homes and circle around dinner tables to catch up with our loved ones over a nice meal and perhaps a fun beverage. Kitchens are the one room in every household that will always get used, no matter which way you spin it, and let's face it, how our kitchens look and function matters.

If you're reading this article - you are probably already thinking about making changes to your kitchen and perhaps even searching for kitchen remodelers near you. In any kind of kitchen remodel, one of the most significant components you will focus on is the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are used for storage; they accessorize and elevate the room's appearance and flow and even guide the overall layout. Cabinet trends have been changing, and that change is a constant in these upcoming years. We can't wait to see what homeowners and professional remodeling companies choose to do with it!

Sustainable Design

Modern kitchens are typically focused on how things function - they are practical spaces centered around what the household uses the room for and how they usually operate within the area. This is essential to design for everything from the layout to the flooring. Still, it is especially important when it comes to cabinets because they are a significant source of labor and materials. When making any investment, you are doing so in hopes that it will serve its purpose and pay off - with kitchen cabinetry in 2024, that will be a serious deciding factor in all the details.

Sustainability means something that is easily maintained and can be long-term. Cabinets get a lot of use and provide a crucial design element for the space. When you begin the remodeling process, cabinetry must be sustainable and long-lasting. Households are no longer thinking about what looks the best but what feels the best and what is most practical to put their money into. This trend is not only true for cabinets; we will see it across any home improvement project!

Natural Materials

Moving along and following a theme, natural materials are gaining popularity, and it seems they will hit their peak this upcoming year. All things natural and bringing items from the outside world indoors is the future of kitchen cabinets and kitchens. This doesn't mean you won't still see melamine cabinets - but wood is at the forefront, and you can do just about anything you want with it. The move into more funky spaces is gaining traction, and you can stain or paint those cabinets any color you could dream of! Using natural materials is an extension of the sustainability and eco-friendly factor because society is becoming more conscious about how their household affects the world around them and how that can, in turn, benefit their families' future generations and beyond.

Multi-Purpose Storage Options

Cabinets are not there solely to make a design statement. Their primary purpose is to store your appliances, dishware, cups, mugs, silverware, Tupperware, food, etc. When you ask a homeowner why they want to upgrade their kitchen cabinets, they will reference storage at the top of that list. How this kitchen element functions is the most critical goal to sustain and maintain - but you don't always have to expand things or make more space to find a balance between design and function.

Rethinking the way your cabinets work is the way to the future. In recent years, we have seen more and more households transition to drawers instead of traditional cabinet options, as they are easier to organize and sort through when you want to find something you are stored there. Moving forward, Texas and the rest of the United States will see more of this, with households creating more than one purpose for their cabinetry. Utilizing them for storage is one thing, but why not open things up and display your beautiful dishware or add some decor, too?

Free Standing Shelving

Creating even more flexible spaces allows for a free-flowing, creative, and comfortable space in the kitchens, and free-standing shelves are multi-purpose and fun to design. Working with professional remodelers can help assist you through the process so you don't get too carried away and that there is a constant resource of support as you move through the process. When deciding between closed cabinetry and more open options, here is the kicker - you can do both!

Free-standing or open-shelving has been up and coming for some years, but in 2024, it is something to consider for your own kitchen because you don't have to do away with cabinets and drawers completely. Accessing free-standing options can make prepping, cooking, and cleaning more manageable because you have everything at your fingertips and within focus. You can blend different kitchen styles and mix some natural materials with a more industrial design by bringing in decor pieces for display on your shelving!

Locally Sourced Remodeling Contractors

The most vital factor of every kitchen cabinetry install and complete kitchen remodel is the support you have backing you throughout the project. Home improvement projects cause a drastic change in the home environment, and a lot of work takes place behind the scenes before you can even get started. Baczewski Luxury in Conroe, TX, services clients all over the DFW metropolitan area and extends its support into Hill Country and the rest of the United States. Baczewski prides itself on remaining ahead of the curve, providing accessible remodeling options to all homeowners, and offering free estimates and complete consultations for their kitchen and home remodeling solutions. Locating a local remodeling company allows you to support businesses in your neighborhoods and creates the opportunity for a relationship that can benefit your household for many years to come!


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