Mastering 3D Animation: Tips and Tricks For Beginners

September 23, 2023


3D animation services is a fascinating and compelling field, and many people love to join this industry. Their main problem is that they give up too early because their work is not up to the standards or contains mistakes. It usually ends up as an unachieved dream and a wasted potential for many people.

Like every other industry, 3D animation also takes a lot of time and effort to become the best. Even after years, people stay at mediocre design levels because they don't keep up with the industry trends and ignore minor details that could turn into severe blunders.

Since you're entering this industry or here to improve your skills, we've combined a few vital points. These small key areas will polish your overall work, and ignoring them will eventually give you a drawback later in your career.

Techniques That Would Improve Your Work

Here are a few main techniques that will profoundly affect your work positively as a 3D animation services provider.

Gathering The Right Software

There are thousands of software available for 3D animation services, each with different abilities. Every designer has their favorite software, and they love to work on it. You should also do the same and try different software and choose one for yourself. Pick the one that suits your needs and interests.

Going with the flow needs to be corrected. Don't pick something just because the majority is using it. After you prefer a software, explore it properly and learn more about it. Choose a powerful tool to handle your needs and give you more control over your creations.

Also, explore and update software to keep up with the latest updates and features. Using the same software for more extended periods can eventually result in getting you replaced. 3D animation changes quickly, and designers have to keep up with changing designs and the latest trends.


Before you open your device and start to animate, you should have a proper idea about what you want to draw. The best way to document your thoughts is through a storyboard. A storyboard can be a piece of paper where you have drawn all the scenes you want to add to your animation project.

When you start animating, your mind will divert to many things, such as why I am not getting the desired effect, what color suits this character, and many more. Eventually, you will forget the details that you wanted to add to your project.

This technique is not mandatory, but many designers use it. It will save you time, and you can effectively create a lot of scenes in one go without having to sit and think about ideas for the next scene.

Take Real Life Examples

Real-life examples will always help you get a good picture of what your animation should look like. If you take inspiration from reality, you will understand better about how things move or work. You can add them later in your work to be more realistic and aesthetic.

While creating things like shadows, movements, animals, or something else from the real world, it is better to observe them before animating them. This doesn't mean cheating or anything else; every animator has to take references in order to create something original.

Keep Practicing

Practice makes perfect! And like everything else, animation also requires practice. If you want to become an expert animator, you should not be afraid of failing or creating small projects. The basics for anything should be strong. To become an expert animator, you should practice your basics now and then.

You don't always have to work on your project or something challenging. You can start practicing by animating something random or real-life that is easy or fun to create. The more practice you do, the better you become at it.

Take Baby Steps

You don't have to make Pixar-level animation on the first day of your work. Slow and steady wins the race. Set small goals and learn the basics before moving on to complicated things. Most animators start from a simple walk cycle and then advance from there. It is a conventional practice for animators, and you can add more complications later.

Facial Animation

Faces are the most prominent. As an animator, you should put a lot of effort into creating faces and their movements. Facial animation is a massive area of 3D animation, and mastering it is a complicated task. You can practice facial animations by looking at real-life people and trying to add those features to your 3D animated characters.

Try not to add too many emotions or expressions to your character, as it feels wildly exaggerated. Once you get some hands-on experience with facial animation, move towards speech-driven facial animation, a little advanced technique.


Nobody has time to create everything from scratch; if you are doing this, you only waste your potential. Try to reuse your structure, models, and characters as much as possible. You can edit or improve them where needed, but try to reuse your work as much as possible.


These are some tips that will help you succeed as a 3D animation services provider, or they can also help you get a job at a reputed 3D animation company. They hardly take any time but can jumpstart your journey to become a master in this domain.

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