Natural Fragrances Vs Synthetic Fragrances. All You Need To Know!

September 20, 2023

When it comes to perfumes, there's a lot of talk about natural and synthetic fragrances. People often wonder which is better and safer for them. So in this article, I've decided to break down the differences between these two types of fragrances, all to help you understand the facts behind the debate.

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What Is A Natural Fragrance?

Natural fragrances come from things found in nature, like plants, flowers, and fruits. They are made using essential oils and extracts from these natural sources.

Natural fragrances have a lot of appeal due to their connection with nature, making them feel a lot more authentic than other fragrances.

Natural fragrances are often thought to be healthier, but we'll see if that's true in a moment…

What Is A Synthetic Fragrance?

On the other hand, Synthetic fragrances are fragrances created in labs using man-made ingredients. These ingredients are designed to mimic the smells of natural things, but it's important for us to remember, they do not come from natural sources.

They're used to make perfumes that have consistent scents and last longer. And while the concern for their safety is dependent on who is using them, synthetic fragrances have been proven to be safe for most people.

If you are however someone who struggles with skin sensitivity issues, please be sure to double check!

Differences Between Synthetic Fragrances And Natural Fragrances

So now that we have established what each of them actually is, what are some of the qualities that separate the two?


The biggest difference between the two comes in the ingredients that make them. Natural fragrances use extracts from plants and fruits, whereas synthetic fragrances are composed of man-made chemicals.


Natural fragrances may exhibit slight variations in scent from batch to batch, whereas synthetic fragrances offer more consistent aromas. This is due to the scientific processes the synthetic fragrances go through, allowing them to be artificially made more consistent.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Although many natural extracts, oils, and fragrances have been seen to cause allergic reactions, synthetic fragrances are often less skin-friendly and provide harsher applications to many people. Man synthetic fragrances are however regulated to minimize potential risks.

Environmental Impact

Natural fragrance ingredients have many times been sourced from rare plants, negatively impacting our ecosystems. Although synthetic ingredients also leave a carbon footprint during their production process, the sourcing of materials by forestry and animals in natural fragrances means Synthetic Fragrances are often less harsh on the environment.

Scent Variety

Natural fragrances offer a diverse array of scents but might not have the same longevity. In contrast, synthetic fragrances can mimic a wide range of scents and tend to last longer.


The choice between natural and synthetic fragrances ultimately depends on your personal preferences and priorities. For me, natural fragrances offer a connection to the natural world, but they may not last as long and can still cause allergies. On the other hand, synthetic fragrances provide consistent scents and a broader variety, backed by safety testing.

As you select a fragrance, consider what matters most to you. Do you prefer a specific aroma that lingers, or do you value a connection to nature? Remember that individual body chemistry can influence how a fragrance smells on you. The key is to feel confident and comfortable with the scent you choose.


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