Olha Martynets, MRIA Design: client-centeredness in modern interior design

September 29, 2023

Do you dream of a luxurious house or apartment with a unique interior? Do you want to make a company office with a thoughtful design? Professionals will help you make your dreams come true. The company MRIA Design will help you to create the space of your dreams, solving even the most complicated tasks.

We decided to talk to the chief designer of MRIA Design, Olha Martynets, to get comprehensive answers.

Q&A with Olha Martynets

Olha Martynets — chief designer of Mria Designs

You are a Chief designer MRIA Design — tell me about the company. When was it established?

Our company in the US market in California has been working since 2015. During this period we have gained a lot of experience in creating interiors of private direction and, of course, commercial objects.

What has helped MRIA Design studio become successful?

The basis of our effective work is a few rules:

  • First - Customer Orientation. We are committed to excellence in serving our exclusive clientele.
  • The second is high quality of services provided. This allows us for 8 years not only to occupy, but also to keep the position of a leader in the field of interior design. During the period of its existence on the market we have successfully realized numerous projects of the level and degree of complexity.
  • The third is the variety of projects. The company specializes in creating projects of various types. This interior design is not only houses and other residential premises, but also restaurants, hotels, offices and other commercial premises. Portfolio of our design studio is a reflection of the skill embodied in different directions and styles.
  • Fourth - teamwork of professionals. Our team includes only specialists with high qualifications - designers, architects and others who are able to realize the most daring and unusual ideas.

What was the reason for creating the company? What is its philosophy?

The love of beauty in all its manifestations was the impetus for the creation of the company. A house is not just a place where a family lives, it is an expression of individuality, an oasis where the history of not only a particular person or several people, but of entire generations is created. That is why every project is important and has a special meaning for us.

The underlying principles of the work are:

  1. Quality. Only high quality materials (including furniture) are used to create interiors. This ensures durability of projects for a long time and customer satisfaction.
  2. Individual approach. Taking into account the wishes, tastes and needs of each customer, we create interiors that fully meet the wishes of the client.
  3. Creative approach, introduction of innovations. When creating a design our specialists use modern technologies and advanced solutions, innovative materials.
  4. Ecology. The use of environmentally friendly materials in interior design provides excellent living conditions and minimizes the negative impact on the environment.
  5. Functionality, aesthetics. One of our principles is that interior design should be not just beautiful, but also functional. Finding the right balance between aesthetics and practicality allows us to create comfortable, usable spaces.

Overall, our company's philosophy is to help clients turn their wishes into reality and create a unique interior where everyone will feel happy.

What is the principle of customer centricity for you?

The fundamental basis of our studio's activity is the principle of client-centeredness. Every employee of MRIA Design is deeply convinced that the beginning of successful interior design lies in understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of clients. Compliance is based on individual service. Each individual project is unique for us, so in order to understand the tastes and needs of the customer, the team communicates with each client, pays attention to the smallest details.

Our studio develops individual solutions by ordering special products (custom interior elements, lighting, furniture, etc.), which allows us to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our company strives for absolute adaptation of each design to the needs of the client, reflecting the peculiarities of his character, life philosophy.

The key factor of successful work of our studio is client-centeredness. Having developed a reliable system to ensure timely and quality realization of projects, we create inspiring interiors, meeting deadlines and controlling the quality of every detail.

Our primary goal is a trusting relationship with the client from the very beginning of cooperation, creating not just a beautiful and practical interior, but a reflection of the unique style and individual tastes of each customer. This allows us to build long-term relationships, the basis of which is professionalism.

What benefits of your studio play an important role for clients?

Among them is the ability to work with any budget in different stylistic directions. The uniqueness of each interior design, which has no analogues. We provide only proven design solutions.

We apply the highest professional standards and realize even the most complex and non-standard projects. In this case, we perform turnkey work by a team of professionals. We also provide expert support throughout the entire cooperation, guaranteeing the quality of the final work.

Your company favors modern interior design. What is its defining feature? What tasks are solved with the help of interior design?

Interior design is not just the achievement of artistic perfection, adherence to a particular style direction. First of all, it is an opportunity to think through even the most insignificant details, making the interior not just comfortable and beautiful, but also concise, ergonomic, unique and functional.

Interior design from our studio will reveal the individuality, style of each client, provides the correct organization of color and space. It will allow you to correct the shortcomings of the room (make it brighter, visually expand), to arrange a more comfortable environment for use.

MRIA Design designers, what are they like? What are their qualities?

Each designer in the team is a talented, professional specialist who knows and performs his work perfectly. To create unique ideas and bring them to life designers are helped by knowledge of materials and technologies, many years of practical experience, creative thinking, ability to communicate, listen to the client and take into account the preferences of the customer, as well as the use of non-standard solutions to create unique interiors.

Interior design by MRIA Design - where does it begin? Types and stages of work?

Types of work consist of full and partial residential design, commercial design, construction of private homes, repair and finishing work, and project management.

There are several stages of project management.

First comes the selection of the type of project. Further conversation with the designer (in person, by phone) for detailed consideration of the project and providing a full estimate. After that, design discovery and planning. At this stage, a 3D image of the design is created using the latest design technologies. We offer to familiarize with a virtual model of the future interior using 3D rendering, which allows you to see the interior in all projections, to consider details and materials.

The next step is to provide a complete and detailed list of materials (from flooring to lighting). And finally selecting a proven MRIA Design certified contractor to perform the work. This is a guarantee that the work will be completed to a high standard, without disruption or problems.

What is the purpose of the designer's creation of a future interior concept?

Creating a concept allows you to visualize how the space will look like before the construction or arrangement of the room begins. The plan developed with the help of 3D rendering allows you to see in advance the color scheme, decor, furniture that will be used in the interior.

What is the appeal of working on a new project?

This is getting to know the client, talking about how the interior design will look like. Communication with the customer allows you to understand his plans, wishes and create a design that perfectly suits his personal desires.

How do you figure out what's right for a particular client?

Our task is to understand what a particular client needs, be it an individual or a company. When working with corporate clients, we create brand-appropriate interiors. Working with private individuals, we help to make their dreams come true by creating cozy and stylish interiors.

How are design projects developed?

Here modern trends and tendencies in the world of interior design, needs and preferences of each client are taken into account, there is a balance between fashion trends and a sense of proportion.

How do you manage to stay successful and avoid routine? What is your source of inspiration?

The design team is constantly undergoing training and self-development, which allows us to find new ideas. The sources of inspiration are not only modern design catalogs, but also travels, interesting places, exhibitions and other events that generate new ideas.

How can I get acquainted with your works? Where is your office located?

Our portfolio can be viewed at www.mriadesigns.com and our contact information is displayed here as well. Our office is located in the Sacramento Area, specifically Roseville.

How do you feel about the fact that in California (USA) there is a high competition of designers for clients?

High competition among interior designers for clients exists in California as well as in many other states and major cities. This encourages designers to be creative, constantly improve and offer unique solutions to stand out from the competition.

What is MRIA Design's wish for potential clients?

Our dear customers! We appreciate your trust and try to be the best for you! We believe that cooperation with MRIA Design will bring satisfaction and allow you to realize your wildest dreams!


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