Renovation Inspiration: Transforming Old Spaces into Something New

September 8, 2023


In this era of skyrocketing real estate prices, redevelopment and renovation of old prime properties is the order of the day. Transforming old dilapidated spaces into posh opulent businesses, offices, and homes has given a great boost to the construction industry in metros and other cities across the world. Interior renovation is a quintessential part of these construction projects and therefore interior protection systems have a great role to play. Temporary interior protection systems (TIPS) are installed during renovation in hospitals, manufacturing plants, warehouses, schools, and production facilities. Temporary Interior Protection services include Suspended Ceilings, Construction Wall Barriers, and High Structure Cleaning. They mostly employ reinforced engineered poly films and other installation methods that help prevent re-roofing and re-modeling dust and debris from contaminating nonwork spaces and other clean-room environments within the facilities. They are useful in office spaces, retail stores, and commercial establishments for dust and debris containment during renovation.

Dust containment during an interior renovation means proactively mitigating the risks that dust poses like respiratory illness and permanent damage to electronics and furniture. This in turn leads to saving health, money, and reduction of stress by preventing expensive dust damage and cleanup. So, before you go for renovation, survey the area you intend to renovate. Consult an interior protection services provider to set dust control goals such as keeping dust off furniture, avoiding damage to cabinets, and protecting carpets and floors. Considering the wide variety of dust control materials available in the market, choosing the one to meet your needs, can be a challenge. Here are a few dust control solutions to inspire you as you set about transforming old spaces into something new.

Reinforced Engineered Poly Film: Reinforced engineered poly film and proven installation methods, are temporary interior protection systems that prevent re-roofing and remodeling dust and debris from cross-contaminating clean room type environments during renovation within retail stores, commercial facilities, class A office space, and other types of environment you want to be kept clean.

6 Mil String Reinforced Poly: A commonly used material for dust control, 6-Mon String-Reinforced Plastic Sheeting is the most cost-effective choice. Made with a 3-ply laminate combining layers of linear low-density polyethylene film with a high-strength cord grid specifically engineered, this plastic sheeting provides a heavy-duty, lightweight material that won’t rip or tear. UV stabilization prevents degradation during prolonged exposure to the sun, and cold-crack resistance eliminates failures in extremely cold temperatures, so it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is an ideal solution for dust barriers, equipment coverage, containment, and temporary wall coverings during renovation.

Fire-Retardant and Antistatic Sheeting: Antistatic and fire-retardant containment sheeting is essential, especially for construction dust control in the telecommunications industry, which requires all materials stored overnight to be “completely covered” with a fire-retardant sheeting with hot drop away and green drop away features. Hospitals, schools, and residential complexes usually have similar requirements. Antistatic fire-retardant sheeting prevents the buildup of static electricity to mitigate the risk of fire and also repels dust from reaching your walls and surfaces. Antistatic sheeting is preferred by most contractors for surface protection solutions. If you are planning a renovation in an area with lots of electronic equipment or in a commercial space, antistatic fire-retardant poly is ideal. Its common applications include Dust Partition Dust Containment Temporary walls, Building enclosures, and covering of Equipment in electrical rooms and data centers.

Rapid Wall Covers: A light-duty material that can cling virtually to any surface, these are made with a non-adhesive film pre-attached to a non-transferring painter’s tape that quickly and flexibly covers walls, doors, furniture, appliances, and more. Being easy to install and leaving no damage these are great for renovation projects.

Carpet Covers: Carpet cover, or “carpet masking,” is a solution for home dust control during a renovation. Carpet Cover Self Adhesive Carpet Protection, while only 3 mils thick, is strong and able to withstand heavy foot traffic and is durable, puncture, and tear-resistant. This high-tech, water-based adhesive system has major advantages over solvent-based systems, as it doesn’t discolor or dye the carpets. Plus, it has a clean release for easy removal without adhesive transfer and can be simply rolled up with the dust and dirt into the film when the project is over.

Multi-Surface Covers: Large-scale construction projects require an industrial-strength, multi-surface cover that can be used for cabinets, countertops, floors, sinks, tubs, and just about any other hard surface. A water-based adhesive system on a multi-surface cover is beneficial for easy removal with no residue. These can last up to 45 days, clinging closely to the items covered.

10-Mon Heavy-Duty Plastic Sheeting: It is recommended for jobs that require both sturdiness and finesse. Combined with quality material, a thicker sheeting solution provides additional protection against tears, scratches, punctures, and other damage that allow dust to infiltrate surfaces.

Correx Boards: These are flame-retardant corrugated polypropylene panels available in a range of thicknesses. Though popular for dust containment and control, and lightweight, they are extremely versatile, reusable for construction and temporary protection, and have a variety of applications. Made from corrugated polypropylene, that imparts toughness, durability, waterproofing, and weatherproofing, they are lightweight, but also available in multiple thicknesses. Thus, they are an excellent and cost-effective solution for protecting floors and surfaces during construction or renovation.

Duct & HVAC Covers: Covering the ducts is necessary to prevent dust buildup from accumulating in multiple areas of the building, for most commercial renovations or construction. To cover the ducts and protect the HVAC system in the building, use Duct Cover Bags. These are made with polyethylene and have an elastic opening designed to seamlessly conform to the size and shape of the duct. They prevent damaging dirt particles, moisture, dust, and debris from entering the air handling systems.

Sticky Mats: The source of dust buildup in many cases, are shoes. Proper measures should be taken to avoid carrying dust and debris from room to room, hence entry should not be allowed into a clean area without proper foot protection, or to anyone coming in and out of the contained area during a construction project. Sticky Mats, which remove dust and dirt from the bottom of the shoes to prevent dirt from spreading throughout the building or construction site, are an ideal solution here.

Mold Remediation: This includes disposal of moldy porous building materials such as drywall, insulation, etc., cleaning and disinfecting carpets and other items. A pre and post-remediation inspection should done to ensure that the remediation is performed properly. Consult an EPA guide for Mold Remediation in Commercial Buildings and Schools or consult a specialist.

Thus, you may give your boring old spaces a swanky new look with renovation and remodeling, with the help of temporary protection systems while retaining some of the earlier features and allowing your business to continue uninterrupted even as you do so.


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