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September 4, 2023


The personal security situation changes depending on the public profile. The more people know one’s address, the more likely it is some mentally disturbed person will come to one’s house with bad intentions or some robber might be attracted by the assumed riches connected to a well-known person. Another, more mundane, reason why WIPs need security services is the fact that many curious people would like to stick their nose into someone else's business and gossip to everyone, what they have seen. Here security services like for example Security Guard Services in Pasadena are helpful. Quite a lot of people live or hail from this city in California, like for example Will Wheaton who is mostly nerd-famous for his role as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek the next Generation. Security services that are hired in this or any other town of the United States use a number of ways to keep their costumers safe.

Security personnel

The most important part of any security concept is personnel. The bigger the thread the bigger the number of security personnel needed. While certain techniques can help save personnel, a good security concept needs enough security guards and three different shifts to have all day coverage. The qualification of the security personnel can vary immensely. Experts are not always needed, and, in many positions, a short training is enough to qualify a security guard for the task at hand. If drones or night vision equipment is used the training has to be a bit longer and here the pool for possible employees is smaller. It helps to pay a good salary if one wants to have quality personnel to perform the more complicated task involved in working with advanced technologies as a security guard.

The veterans

A good amount of security service providers are veterans of the armed forces or the police. As police officers can retire quite early and soldiers retire even earlier it is quite common to continue doing what they have trained for. VIPs tend to employ special forces veterans as they combine the training needed to react the right way in a civil environment and the ability to deal out damage when necessary and finish any confrontation relatively cleanly and quickly.

Passive security measures

Celebrities that value their privacy struggle with keeping curious people away from their property. The easiest way to do that is distance. A big property and fences at the limits make sure nobody can come close enough to see what is going on inside the residence. The view can be further obstructed by adding plants like bushes or simple screens. Some celebrities even invest into a moat that reminds of a time long past when kings and lords lived in castles behind huge walls. All these measures are even more effective if the location is already hard to reach. The worse the traffic connection is, the easier it is to keep a residence of the rich, the famous and the maybe above average looking secret.


Drones are in wide use these days and while some of the paparazzi that try to gain the next big scoop might use drones to look into the residence of some famous people, drones can also help replace cameras and control a huge area on the cheap. There are some security concerns using drones as many of them are imported from China and have backdoors, that are built in from the factory and will provide information to the relevant agencies in China if it is so desired. For optimal data security drones from domestic producers are used. Drones used by intruders can be brought down by electronic warfare. This means drowning out the radio signal from the controller by means of a gun like contraption or some vehicle born radio emitter. Due to the high electric field strength used, security services will often use a handheld system if working on a private property. This method is superior to shooting into the sky and endangering people in the area.

Not only for VIPs

Famous people and so called very important persons or VIPs have or perceive to have a heightened need for security. They employ services that use the best and newest technologies and have staff such as the guards from VP Security that are well trained and often ex-military. Still safety is the right of every citizen and so everyone can explore if he feels the need for security services or wants to be his own private security.



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