Software to prevent your children from being addicted to mobile phones

September 21, 2023



Children nowadays like to play with mobile phones. Without the intervention of their parents, they may play games with their mobile phones all the time. When the phone is out of power, they will play with the phone while charging, and when they are fascinated by the game, they can even skip meals. No matter how parents educate their children, it will not help. Some parents just took away their children's mobile phones, and the children began to cry and lose their temper. With the proliferation of bad information on the Internet, it has become a very common phenomenon for parents to want to control their children's mobile phones, and there seems to be a consensus among parents.

Many parents are trying to control their children's prolonged phone use, which includes installing monitoring apps to manage their children's phones. You can monitor your child's mobile phone through the software. The monitoring software will automatically count the time, duration, and call records of the child's daily use of the mobile phone. Parents can manage the child's mobile phone through the software to clearly grasp the child's use of the mobile phone. Only in this way can we better limit children's use of mobile phones and allow children to allocate more time to life and study.

Use software to control your child's phone

What parents want most is the control function of their children's mobile phones, such as controlling the time when children use mobile phones, controlling the content of children's mobile phones, and so on. For the time control of children playing with mobile phones, parents can set the time for children to use mobile phones in the time option, and they can only use mobile phones at specified times. This is especially useful when kids are taking their phones to school, or asking them to go to bed after a meal. A large number of games and videos on the Internet are the main reasons why children are addicted to mobile phones. Therefore, parents must not only control the time they spend on their mobile phones, but also control the content that their children can access on their phones. Parents can control the content of their children's mobile phones in the application duration settings and URL blocking settings. For example, the setting prohibits other applications from opening except for some commonly used applications. For browser access, parents can prohibit their children from accessing some unhealthy web pages.

GPS navigation

The monitoring software uses WIFI, GPS and base station information to locate the mobile phone in real time. Parents can check the location of their children through the online map, and find their children in time through navigation.

Electric fence

Parents can set the track range by creating an electronic fence. When the child's mobile phone exceeds this area, the monitoring software will immediately notify the parents.

Emergency recording

When your child is in danger, parents can use the environmental recording function to listen to the audio around the child and deal with it in time.

Hide app icon

In order to prevent children from accidentally uninstalling the monitoring app, you can also set it to a hidden mode, so that the app icon will not be displayed on the phone desktop, and the children will not know that you are monitoring them remotely.

View phone activity

Parents can take screenshots of their children's mobile phones at any time to view all activities on their mobile phones.

Browser history

Parents can view the mobile phone's browser surfing records, access time, browser bookmarks and favorite URLs.

Call records

When a child's mobile phone makes or receives a call, the monitoring software will automatically record the call, including the number dialed, the duration of the call, and the voice of the call. Parents can view this information on the dashboard.

Conversation message

See all messages sent and received on their phones, who they're chatting with, what their conversations are about. Even if they delete the messages, you can still see them.

What to do if your child is addicted to mobile phones?

Children addicted to mobile phones is a major problem faced by modern parents. This problem not only affects children's physical and mental health, but also their academic and social skills. However, what method can we completely cure mobile phone addiction? I will share with you 4 effective ways to let children bid farewell to mobile phone addiction and regain a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce the amount of time children spend on mobile phones

In order to prevent children from being addicted to mobile phones, we must solve the problem from the source. Make a scientific time plan for your children. The root cause of children's addiction to mobile phones is that they do not realize the passage of time. Therefore, we need to tell children the importance of time and help them make scientific time plans. For example, formulate a reasonable mobile phone use plan, clearly stipulate the time and scope of using mobile phones every day. Set a fixed time period every day for children to use mobile phones, and at the same time guide children to engage in other activities during other time periods, such as reading, outdoor sports, etc., to help children establish healthy living habits. Specific rules can stipulate that mobile phones can only be used within a certain period of time, and can only be used to read learning materials or communicate with parents. In this way, children's mobile phone usage time can be effectively controlled, thereby reducing the risk of mobile phone addiction.

Build healthy habits

In order for children to grow up healthier, we must help them establish healthy living habits. Give children the correct concept of using mobile phones. You can use some auxiliary tools, such as timers, time management applications, etc., to help children control the use of time. The root cause of children's addiction to mobile phones lies in their excessive dependence on mobile phones and incorrect use concepts. We need to let children realize that mobile phones are just a tool in life and cannot be overly dependent on it. At the same time, we also need to tell children the correct way to use mobile phones, such as not playing games, not reading bad information, etc. For example, it is stipulated that you must exercise every day, sleep time should not exceed the specified time, and eat a balanced diet. These habits not only allow children to maintain a healthy body, but also allow them to better adapt to the pace of learning and life.

Encourage children to participate in social activities

In the process of children's growth, the influence of social activities on them is very important. Therefore, we should guide children to actively participate in various social activities, such as participating in outdoor club activities or joining interest groups. These activities not only allow children to make more friends, but also allow them to better develop their hobbies, so as to get rid of the trouble of mobile phone addiction.

Create a good learning environment for children

If a child encounters difficulties in learning, it is easy to pick up the mobile phone to divert attention. Therefore, we need to create a good learning environment for children so that they can study with peace of mind. For example, prepare school supplies for children, maintain a good learning atmosphere, etc.

The above four methods can help parents guide their children to completely eradicate their mobile phone addiction and let them regain a healthy lifestyle. I hope it will be helpful for parents to solve the problem of children's addiction to mobile phones. However, solving mobile phone dependence is not an easy task, and parents need patient guidance and help. In addition, we also need to pay attention to children's physical and mental health at all times, and give them enough care and support so that children can grow up healthily.


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