Stay Updated on the Newest iPhone and Madden NFL 24: A Dual Analysis of Incremental Enhancements

September 18, 2023

If you're a tech enthusiast tracking the latest release of the iPhone, you're likely familiar with the annual routine: an unveiling of a fresh model that resembles its predecessor but carries some significant improvements that may or may not justify the investment. While you might have a few gripes about your new purchase, such as encountering occasional glitches, you're usually satisfied with the incremental enhancements. You might long for transformative updates like those in the past, but the current positive advancements are still appreciated.

A similar sentiment can be applied to the latest release in the Madden series of this year. Initially, this perspective might seem pessimistic, but Madden NFL 24's modifications, although minor, are significant. Did these changes convince you to abandon Madden NFL 23 for the latest version? That's subjective.

The gameplay of Madden NFL 24 is robust, with numerous minor adjustments to its mechanisms and play-calling. Upon launching the game for the first time, you're presented with diverse passing options tailored to your proficiency level. Although the inclusion of NFL-branded Next Gen Stats has been reduced, this feature still assists in determining your offensive and defensive strategies during halftime. Then there's the Coach Suggestions feature, a long-standing component that aids in selecting offensive and defensive strategies between each play. While this might seem overwhelming, it encourages you to find the optimal balance.

In terms of new players, this might seem intimidating. However, given that Electronic Arts has held an exclusive licensing agreement with the NFL since 2004, the number of first-time Madden players is probably minimal compared to the franchise's dedicated fanbase. This complexity can be ideal for Madden NFL newcomers: most of Madden NFL 24 is easily adjustable. By experimenting with the various settings, you may discover your perfect Madden configuration.

The foundation for this adaptability can be traced back to Madden NFL 22: you can choose either the straightforward, high-energy Simulation option or the detailed Competitive mode. The overhauled gameplay system, FieldSense, reintroduced last year, is also present. With its skill-based passing, you can execute high and low passes using the left shoulder buttons in tandem with the touch and bullet passes that are a staple in every Madden game. Completing the perfect pass to an open receiver becomes both more nerve-wracking and more satisfying.

The physics in Madden NFL 24 are sleek, with the exception of a few rare instances. In one scenario, I attempted a dive near the goal line with a running back. The animation was realistic and seamless. The only issue was that my player didn't gain any yards due to a nearby defender. As in most years, videos of glitches have already gone viral on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter — this, too, has become as much of a tradition as the Madden games themselves.

The career mode, formerly known as Face of the Franchise, is now more simplified, akin to the modes of previous years. Instead of a narrative where your custom player is a veteran seeking his breakout season, like in Madden NFL 23, they're once again leaving college and entering the NFL draft, similar to Madden NFL 22.

If you were a fan of last season's career mode, you might be let down. However, shifting the spotlight back to the world of college football could hint at something more significant for the future of football video games, especially considering EA Sports plans to launch its first college football game since 2013. The return of this popular franchise, coupled with Madden's reversal, could strongly suggest integration between the two games next year, akin to how many iPhone updates pave the way for increased integration within Apple's ecosystem of devices, accessories, and software.

Thus, Electronic Arts continues to innovate, producing another Madden, a quality product that, like each new iPhone, is generally better, but only slightly necessary after last year's version. It functions well, and there are more features, many of which facilitate more intricate football gameplay — but the most significant innovations occur incrementally. Is the jump from one year to the next substantial enough to justify the annual purchase? That largely depends on whether you prioritize having the most current rosters. You could feasibly delay buying a Madden game until EA Sports introduces so many novel features to future editions that your next purchase becomes a must-have.

But this season's Madden could also be someone's first and the reason they become a dedicated fan of the franchise. Some of my most treasured memories involve playing an old copy of Madden NFL 04 with friends, delving into franchise mode, and drafting custom rosters without even playing a game until dawn. Every football enthusiast has their preferred game and will tell you that each year's entry has its shortcomings. Madden NFL 24 has its flaws, but it offers more customization than ever, even if it's just barely more. I'm eagerly looking forward to what Madden NFL 28 has to offer.

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