The Story of the Murphy Bed: A Revolutionary Invention for Small Spaces

September 7, 2023


Are you familiar with the popular Murphy bed? An innovative invention with a long history, the Murphy bed, also called a “wall bed,” is a versatile, space-saving solution for homes and small spaces. If you want to maximize every square inch of your space, you’ll certainly want to consider a Murphy bed. By day, you can have a practical space for all your activities and by night, you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep in a comfortable bed. With a Bestar Murphy bed in Canada, creating the perfect multipurpose space has never been easier!

All Bestar Murphy beds have a dual piston lifting mechanism for easy lifting. If you want to use the bed, all you need to do is clear the space in front of the cabinet and fold the bed down. What’s more, Bestar has Murphy beds with storage cabinets, so you can find space for all your belongings easily and efficiently. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs that best suit your needs and space. Ready to learn more about the incredible invention that has maximized space in countless homes and small spaces? Keep reading!

An Ingenious Invention

Created in the 1900s by William Lawrence Murphy, the Murphy bed, originally called a “Disappearing Bed,” [1] was created to free up floor space in the inventor’s one-bedroom apartment. Since then, this stellar invention has helped save space in homes, lofts, condos, and studio apartments. With the many different designs and models available today, the Murphy bed is truly a popular space-saving solution for homeowners and renters.

Versatility and Practicality Meet

Murphy beds have evolved greatly since the 1900s. Today, you can choose from an array of different styles and models to best meet your needs. Be it a small apartment, guest room, or basement area, you can easily and efficiently maximize space with a Bestar Murphy bed.

Have you always wanted to create a home office but just never had the space? Well, now you can with a Bestar Murphy bed! Some bed models come with a foldable desktop, while others have a retractable desk that folds into the cabinet. Both models are excellent options for any home office space. Throughout the day, you can work comfortably at the desk (there’s even room for your morning coffee!) When you want to use the bed, all you need to do is clear your desktop and fold the desk away, then pull the bed down.

Looking to make your space even more practical? You should definitely consider a Bestar sofa Murphy bed. You’ll have a comfortable place to sit and relax with friends and family during the day, and a cozy bed for your guests to sleep in at night. To use the bed, simply remove the cushions from the sofa and fold the bed down. If you have a simple Bestar Murphy bed but want additional versatility, you can add a pre-assembled sofa to your unit. How cool is that? With a Bestar Murphy bed in Canada, you’ll never have to compromise on practicality or versatility!

Space-Saving Capabilities Galore

Of course, one of the key features of a Murphy bed is its space-saving design. No matter if you have a studio apartment, home office, or guest room, a Murphy bed can truly transform your space. When the bed is folded away, the cabinet stands alone as a beautiful cabinet, taking up minimal floor space. You’ll be able to carry on with your activities throughout the day, without having the bed in the way. When you’re ready to open the bed, you just need to clear the space in front of the cabinet and pull the bed down. It’s that easy! What’s more, you can even keep thin sheets on the bed when folded away, but heavy bedding needs to be removed for proper closure.

If you opt for a Murphy bed with storage cabinets, you can keep all your belongings in the same place. No need to wrack your brain looking for storage space—you’ll have room for everything! Some models come with shelving, open and closed storage units, drawers and even hanging rods to keep your space neat and organized. You’ll have plenty of room to store your bedding, linen, books, movies, clothes, work supplies, and more. Even if you opt for a bed without storage cabinets, you can add matching furniture from the same collection as your Murphy bed at any time. You’ll have free rein to choose what works best for you!

William Murphy’s innovative creation has changed significantly since the 1900s. Today, Murphy beds come in a variety of styles, sizes, and models. Be it a studio apartment, spare bedroom, home gym, or home office, you can create a versatile and practical multipurpose space with a Murphy bed in Canada.

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