To buy or adopt – which one would you pick to bring your new pet home?

September 18, 2023


Your Expert Pet Guide

It goes without saying that getting a new pet is easily a life-changing update, a major commitment, and a whole set of unfamiliar responsibilities – especially if it is your first time. As pet parents, it’s almost instinctive to want what's best for these precious four-legged soon-to-be family members, and that includes the choice between adopting or buying, too. The choices we make affect not just where they’re coming from but also, their journeys, the practices to bring them closer, the transportation with pets, their well-being, stress levels and so much more. Confused? Well, we’re here to simplify the choice for you by laying out the pros and cons of both choices so you can make the best decision for your soon-to-be family member.

Why adopt?

Simply put, you’re an active member of saving a life: The most rewarding part of adopting an animal is undoubtedly saving this precious soul, renewing its spirits and giving him or her a place they call home. Many animals at shelters have been through a lot, and if you adopt one, you’re essentially giving them a chance at a happy life they would not have had otherwise.

There are plenty of precious souls to choose from: Adoption centres house a wide range of rescues, ranging from young kittens and puppies to seasoned critters of all ages. Whether you're in need of a gentle lap cat or an active running companion, you'll be able to find the ideal pet you’d like to bring home.

it isn’t as expensive as buying a pet: The cost of adopting a pet is often substantially less than the cost of buying one. In addition, many animals available for adoption from shelters have already been spayed or neutered and vaccinated, which may cut down on costly upfront medical bills, too.

Reasons why adoption might not be for you…

You are unaware of the pet’s history: While proper records are maintained, a major downside of adoption is that you may not be aware of your soon-to-be pet’s whole backstory simply because they’ve just been found, or rescued too late. While this isn’t much of a concern, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of unforeseen problems arising in the future, such as health concerns or peculiar behaviors

There are limited breeds that are found: If you're seeking a particular breed or a very young kitten or puppy, you could have a difficult time locating it at a shelter because they’re either usually sold or continue living with their kin.

Now let’s flip to the other side and jump to why buying might be a suitable option for you?

It ensures that you can get the type of pet, breed, and temperament of your preference: When you’re out in the market to buy, the world is essentially your oyster, and you can freely choose a pet with your desired characteristics like temperament and look by going to a reputable breeder.

You’re fully aware of your soon-to-be pet’s history and medical records: Due to the fact that these pups, kittens or even young adult pets have been cared for from the very beginning, most breeders have medical records and provide guarantees about the pet's health. This by itself, along with the relevant paperwork and records to support it, safeguards any potential health issues.

Continuous support and guidance from the first pet parents i.e. the breeders: Good breeders may be an invaluable asset, providing support and direction as you bring up your new fur baby. Most of them are glad to lend their expertise and knowledge of the breed's peculiarities and requirements to pet parents. This support has proved to be very helpful, especially for first-time pet parents.

Why shouldn’t you opt to buy?

It’s an expensive affair: When you’re bringing home a new fur child, especially if he/she is a baby, costs might add up quickly when you're looking at thousands of dirhams for a rare or purebred animal from a breeder. Plus, there are also a lot of additional upfront medical treatments and prerequisites that go into caring for your soon-to-be pet like medical check-ups, vaccinations, health certificates etc.

It might be an unethical practice: Now, we aren’t pointing fingers or making any accusations but based on history, we’ve seen that not all breeders are accountable, ethical, or moral. There are some who use puppy mills or other breeding procedures that are unethical and put profit above animal welfare, and worse, sometimes newly born pups and mums are separated from each other leaving the newborns malnourished, and insecure of where they are off to.

So, how will you find the right fit – by adopting or buying?

With all the pros and cons of each method laid out for you, always remember that the welfare of your pet should be your first concern regardless of whichever option you choose. No matter the route you select, it's important to do your homework, see different options in person, and ask as many questions as you can. Keep in mind that your new four-legged companion relies on you for affection, care, and a secure haven so whatever it is that you select – commit to it a hundred per cent.

For those looking for a starting point, you can also adopt or buy pets from different cities with the help of expert pet transporters. With the right ones by your side, you can trust that they will ensure all necessary transportation requirements are met, health checks are in place, and you will have your happy pet delivered to you safely and comfortably – Trust us, if you have the right guidance, practices, and advice, this process can be made easy for you and your pet child!


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