Top 5 Airbnb Host Websites

September 11, 2023

Maximizing Airbnb Success with Top Host Websites

Welcome to the world of Airbnb hosting, a lively venture where your home becomes a welcoming spot for travelers. As more folks embrace hosting, it's clear that having effective tools is key to success in this exciting realm. With Airbnb hosting in high demand, hosts are seeking simple and reliable guidance, often turning to host guide websites like Marvelous Host. In this article, we'll discuss why efficient management tools matter in Airbnb hosting and how these websites meet the needs of an ever-growing market. Let's explore how these tools can enhance your hosting experience in this thriving industry.

In this article, you can get important information about the,,,,, which help Airbnb hosts by providing various services.

Marvelous host

Marvelous Host was founded in 2021, and it's a website made just for Airbnb hosts from all around the world. The main goal is to help hosts who rent their homes online. Marvelous Host is working hard to create the ultimate guide for Airbnb hosts. In this guide, you'll find lots of easy-to-follow "How-To" guides, handy Tips and Tricks, useful Checklists, helpful Tools, and much more.

The main aim is to support hosts and help them succeed in their Airbnb businesses. MarvelousHost wants to be a part of your journey and assist you in making your Airbnb hosting better and more successful. They know that hosting on Airbnb can be both exciting and challenging, and they're here to give hosts the knowledge, advice, and resources they need to do their best.

Airbnb Checklists in

Let's acquaint ourselves with checklists – helpful partners in your journey to becoming a top-notch Airbnb host! At Marvelous Host, knowledge of hosting involving various tasks and details is acknowledged. That's why a set of easy Checklists has been compiled to enhance your hosting experience. Covering everything from preparing your place for guests to simplifying check-in and check-out, these lists are designed to ensure nothing is overlooked. Whether you're new to hosting and require guidance or an experienced host seeking simplification, rest assured that our Checklists have you well-prepared. With Marvelous Host, confidence in hosting comes from being well-equipped for any situation.

Airbnb articles that will help you

Explore a collection of helpful articles on Marvelous Host that offer practical insights for your Airbnb hosting journey. Some of the best articles have been thoughtfully selected to provide straightforward advice and useful tips for succeeding in the hosting business.

Whether your goal is to enhance guest experiences, optimize your property, or gain a better understanding of Airbnb's rules, our articles span a variety of topics to meet your hosting needs. Dive into these informative reads and uncover the knowledge and strategies necessary to elevate your hosting skills. MarvelousHost serves as a dependable resource supporting your growth as a host.

Marveloushost: the ultimate Airbnb host guide

At, they believe that every host has the potential to be amazing. Whether you're just starting or you've been hosting for a while, they're here to help. Explore a range of informative articles on Marvelous Host, such as "Airbnb Automation" , "Airbnb Superhost" "Airbnb Key Management" , "Airbnb Third-Party Bookings" , "Airbnb Instagram Marketing" " Airbnb Welcome Basket" and "Boosting Airbnb Booking Rate" These articles are designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your Airbnb hosting journey.


iGMS is designed to make Airbnb hosting more convenient. It provides a platform for better guest communication, booking management, and more. This user-friendly software allows Airbnb hosts to automate daily tasks through a single interface accessible on mobile devices.

Guest Communication:

iGMS simplifies communication by using common responses to create templates for check-in and check-out instructions. Hosts can simultaneously send customized messages to multiple guests and schedule them for a specified date and time.

Booking Management:

Hosts can easily view future bookings and adjust property availability. Seasonal rate changes can be managed in advance, making pricing adjustments hassle-free. iGMS also helps schedule tasks like cleaning and maintenance, saving time for both hosts and guests.

Key Features

iGMS is designed for Airbnb hosts managing multiple properties and accounts. Its key features include:

1. Multi-Calendar: Sync multiple Airbnb accounts to view all bookings in one calendar, simplifying property management.

2. Integrated Platform: Continuously syncs with Airbnb to manage recurring tasks, preventing issues like double-booking cleaners.

3. Note-taking: Easily note special requests from upcoming guests to enhance their experience.

4. Message Templates: Customize message templates to maintain your brand's personality and streamline guest communication.

5. Automated Alerts: Receive instant alerts for reservation requests and inquiries to improve guest satisfaction.


  • Easy Access: Ideal for hosts managing multiple properties and those who travel frequently, providing access from anywhere.
  • Synchronized Calendar: Simplifies booking management and guest communication.
  • Time-Saver: Automates repetitive tasks and reduces the need for manual monitoring.


iGMS offers three pricing plans based on the number of Airbnb listings you manage. There's a free trial for new users to explore the services. Monthly plans start at $20/month, with a business plan at $40/month, offering additional features like a dedicated phone number and automatic pricing optimization.

iGMS is a valuable tool for Airbnb hosts managing one or more properties online. It streamlines guest reservations, booking management, and task scheduling, making business operations smoother. Recognized with awards such as the Rising Star in 2017, iGMS is a trusted choice for Airbnb hosts looking to enhance their hosting experience.

hospitable website


Hospitable, formerly known as Smartbnb, is a game-changer in the Airbnb hosting industry. It's designed to empower hosts with efficient guest communication, streamlined booking management, and more. As an active user of Hospitable since 2016, I'll provide a thorough, honest review.

Hospitable's Mission

Hospitable's mission is to simplify the lives of Airbnb hosts by offering an affordable yet robust platform. It brings almost all the functionality of market leader Guesty at a fraction of the cost.

Key Features

Here are the standout features that make Hospitable a top choice for Airbnb hosts:

1. Heartbeats: Notifies Airbnb that your calendar is up-to-date, positively affecting your search rank.

2. Market Reports: Provides daily updates on your listing's rank in your market, enhancing your strategy.

3. Stealth Mode: Allows you to unlist during specific hours while remaining available on weekends.

4. Checkpoint: Ensures guests verify their IDs before sending you messages, preventing booking issues.

5. Messaging Templates: Hospitality offers pre-set templates for guest communication, making it easy to deliver information when guests need it most.

How Hospitable Works

Hospitable is a cloud-based software primarily for Airbnb hosts managing multiple properties. It's accessible on various devices, ensuring hosts can manage their operations from anywhere.

Hospitable's Messaging Component

This is where you'll spend most of your time, with five message flows:

- Events: Handle inquiries, booking requests, reservations, and pre-approvals with pre-populated templates.

- Questions (Beta): An AI-based feature that edits message templates based on your answers to common guest questions.

- Reservations: Communicate with guests before, during, and after their stay based on check-in and check-out times.

- Team: Coordinate with service providers, such as cleaners or check-in personnel.

- Reviews: Automate guest reviews with customized templates, specifying when they should be posted.

Hospitable Support

Hospitable's customer support is exceptional, with founder Pierre and knowledgeable team members responding promptly to chat requests.

Suggested Improvements:

  • Option to manually activate the software.
  • Option to turn off email notifications.

Hospitable is a trusted choice among Airbnb hosts, known for its efficient setup and fixed pricing. It offers excellent value, especially if you manage multiple properties. If you decide to use Hospitable, consider my specially designed message templates to enhance guest satisfaction and increase review rates.


Hostaway is a unique vacation rental software that stands out for user-friendliness and in-depth channel integrations. The user-friendly dashboard and mobile app allow you to manage marketing, sales, accounting, reporting, payments, and communication from one convenient place. As a trusted partner of channels like VRBO,, Airbnb, Homeaway, and Expedia, Hostaway gives you unparalleled control and peace of mind. It's designed with teams in mind, making staff training a breeze while improving your business. Hostaway also provides a booking engine, a WordPress website, and tools for managing direct bookings. In addition to its powerful Property Management System (PMS) and Channel Manager, Hostaway offers over 40 integrated software partners to streamline your daily tasks.

Problems Hostaway Solves:

Hostaway simplifies communication by centralizing client messages, allowing users to change reservations. The Owners portal saves valuable time when sharing financial reports with property owners.


Lodgify is your all-in-one solution for simplifying the management and marketing of vacation rentals. It enables users to create a bookable website, sync property data across various platforms, and efficiently handle guest reservations and communications from a user-friendly interface.

Key Features

Lodgify offers comprehensive features, including a Channel Manager, Property Management System (PMS), Website Builder, Payment Processing, and Booking System, among others.

Lodgify Pricing

Lodgify provides flexible pricing options to accommodate various needs:

  • Starter: Starting at $13.00
  • Professional: Starting at $38.00
  • Ultimate: Starting at $59.00


Whether you're automating guest communication, managing bookings seamlessly, or enhancing your property's visibility, these tools have you covered. And when you seek valuable advice and practical tips, host guide websites like Marvelous Host offer a treasure trove of resources.

As you embark on or continue your Airbnb hosting journey, remember that you're not alone. With the right tools and guidance at your fingertips, you're well-equipped to thrive in this ever-evolving hospitality landscape. Here's to your success as a remarkable Airbnb host! We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below – your insights could inspire and help fellow hosts on their journey.

In this article, we tried to introduce you to the top 5 airbnb hosting websites. These 5 websites will help you a lot as Airbnb hosts. For example, you can download the important airbnb checklists on Marvelous Host Website (


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