Weight Loss with the Gastric Balloon of Spatz 3

September 25, 2023

The Spatz medical adjustable gastric balloon is a unique weight loss system that offers patients a holistic approach to long-term weight management. This includes diet/nutrition and behavior change support.

Balloon insertion is done via gastroscopy under sedation, and it is filled with saline through a filling tube attached to the balloon. This is done periodically, which is not always the case with other saline intragastric balloons.

Spatz3 is the only adjustable gastric balloon in the world

A gastric balloon, such as Spatz3, can help you achieve optimal weight loss results by changing your attitude towards food and encouraging you to adopt long-term lifestyle changes. It also provides a sense of accountability and support throughout your weight loss journey.

The saline-filled Spatz3 intragastric balloon occupies one-third of the stomach cavity, resulting in decreased appetite and helping you learn to control your portion sizes. It is left in place for 6 months to give you the time and practice needed to form new eating habits and curb impulsive eating.

The procedure involves a standard endoscopy under sedation and can be performed in less than 15 minutes. It is also a non-invasive alternative to bariatric surgery. Unlike other gastric balloons, the Spatz3 balloon can be flexibly adjusted to your needs, allowing you to increase or decrease its volume. This can increase the effectiveness of the treatment, especially in cases of balloon intolerance. The balloon can also be drained and removed without surgical intervention.

It changes your attitude towards food

The Spatz3 is a medical grade, saline-filled balloon that rests in the stomach cavity and decreases appetite. It also reduces hunger pangs and slows down the stomach emptying process. It helps you feel full faster than other weight loss procedures. However, the success of this procedure depends on your commitment to a permanent lifestyle change.

Intragastric balloon placement should only be performed after you have tried dietary modifications and other weight loss techniques without positive results.

Non-adjustable intragastric balloons lose their effectiveness after four months. In contrast, the Spatz3 can be up-adjusted, allowing you to maintain your results longer. Moreover, it is the only dynamically adjustable balloon in the world. This means that it will be able to meet your changing needs, reducing the need for surgery. Furthermore, it has a longer implantation time, allowing for behavior modification over a longer period of time.

It helps you maintain your weight loss

A successful weight loss program is dependent on a commitment to diet, exercise and long-term lifestyle changes. While average weight losses of 16 kg to 25 kg have been reported, the outcome will vary depending on your initial weight and motivation.

In the first 3–5 days following insertion, patients will follow a liquid-only diet and then gradually progress to a semi-solid food. Medications are available to alleviate any discomfort and nausea that may occur. For the remainder of your treatment, you will meet with our team weekly to learn healthy eating and living practices that will allow you to maintain your newfound weight loss results. This holistic approach ensures that you will lose and keep off your excess weight long after your balloon is removed.

If you want to know about the cost of the gastric balloon, keep reading. The gastric balloon is a safe, effective and affordable weight loss solution. It is also used to lower surgical risks in patients with high BMIs before gastric bypass surgery.

While the cost of the procedure can vary, it is important to prioritize the quality of care and surgeon experience when comparing prices. Choosing the cheapest option may not be in your best interests, especially if the doctor isn’t qualified or experienced enough to perform the operation.

The procedure involves inserting a small, soft silicone ball in the stomach through a tube. The balloon is filled with saline, which takes up space in the stomach and helps you feel full after small meals. It can also help you maintain your weight loss goals by keeping you from reverting to old eating habits.

The cost of the hospital stay can be significant and should always be considered when selecting a bariatric procedure. This is especially important if you are planning to travel for the surgery. The cost of travel, accommodation, and medical services can quickly add up and make the procedure more expensive than expected.

The cost of a gastric balloon surgery can be significant, especially when it’s not covered by insurance. However, the investment in a healthier lifestyle and long-term weight loss can be worth it. If you’re considering the procedure, speak to your doctor about pricing. They’ll be able to determine whether you’re a good candidate and help you find the best treatment option.

Find a Spatz3 Gastric Balloon Clinic near You

The procedure is outpatient and requires little recovery time. You will work closely with a nutritionist and dietitian to help you maintain portion control. Many clinics include nutritional coaching in their pricing.

When you choose a provider for your Spatz3 balloon procedure, make sure to ask about their pricing. This is an important factor to consider, and you want to ensure that the price of your procedure fits within your budget. If you want to find a Gastric Balloon Clinic near me, visit here.

The balloon occupies space in your stomach, which helps you feel full and eat smaller portions of food. You’ll be on a liquid diet for a short time after the procedure, and you can gradually resume your normal meals over time. The average person loses 10% to 15% of their body weight while the balloon is in place, but maintaining a lower weight depends on your commitment to healthy eating and exercise habits.

When you are choosing a weight loss clinic, it is important to look for one that has an experienced team. You can find this information by searching online or asking in person. You should also ask if the doctor has experience with other weight loss solutions. This will help you determine if a Spatz3 gastric balloon is the right choice for you.

The Spatz3 intragastric balloon is a temporary, non-invasive weight loss solution that can be used in conjunction with a comprehensive diet and exercise program to promote healthy eating habits and sustainable lifestyle changes.


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