What is the peculiarity of grinding coffee beans and what must be taken into account?

September 14, 2023


To get the best coffee, you need to use high quality coffee beans. Even so, however, the result can be disappointing if you opt for pre-ground coffee or grind the beans to the wrong size. It turns out that the degree of grinding plays a decisive role in revealing the true taste of coffee. If you want the next cup of this drink to give you maximum pleasure, you need to learn how to choose the grinding of the desired size. How to do this, we will figure it out together.

What is the secret of coffee grinding and how does it affect the taste of an invigorating drink?

According to the convincing opinion of experts and gourmets of coffee art, for those who really appreciate the taste of coffee, undoubtedly, "the size of the grind matters." If you delve into the intricacies of preparing this drink, then two most important factors come to the fore, which depend on the correct choice of grinding size: contact time and extraction rate. Let's delve into the essence of these concepts and their role in making delicious coffee.

It should be emphasized that contact time, an important aspect of the coffee brewing process, determines the length of time the water is in contact with the coffee grounds. And the degree of extraction, in simple terms, reflects the percentage of characteristics inherent in coffee: sweetness, bitterness, caffeine and aroma.

Coffee experts explain the inextricable link between grind size and aroma extraction. Depending on what kind of aroma you want to get, you need to choose the right brewing method. By the way, each of them requires a certain grinding setting to get the most subtle taste from coffee beans. The notion of a universal grinding method is clearly erroneous, since in this case, coffee can acquire a bitter or sour taste. That is, in order to fully enjoy the taste of your favorite invigorating drink, you need to master the art of choosing the grinding size.

Making the perfect coffee requires a personal touch

Determining the ideal grind size for coffee beans can be a daunting task. Coffee connoisseurs advise not to use too fine grinding beans, as this will lead to the fact that you will end up with a very extracted and bitter drink. On the other hand, if the beans are ground too coarsely, water will easily pass through them without extracting the desired flavors. How to find the "golden mean" at home?

When it comes to grinding coffee beans, you need to purchase a coffee grinder. Looking through the range, you can find both coffee grinders with burrs and blades. However, don't be fooled by the attractive marketing tactics and low price of blade grinders - they are not suitable for grinding coffee. Experts advise using a high quality burr grinder. The reason is simple: this option allows you to fine-tune the grind to suit your preferred brewing method.

To achieve the perfect taste of coffee, it is recommended to monitor the condition of the coffee grinder and other utensils that are involved in the coffee ceremony. They must be regularly cleaned of coffee oil residues and deposits to avoid negatively affecting the taste of the drink.

Another possible reason for coffee that doesn't taste right could be the quality of the beans used. Try to choose freshly roasted ones that are suitable for your favorite way of preparing the drink. Also note that dark roasted coffee beans generally have less acidity than light roasted coffee beans. These beans typically have a fuller, richer flavor, with less acidity, which may be preferred by many coffee drinkers.

Finally, experiment with the proportions of coffee and water to find the perfect ratio for your taste. Some may like a stronger drink, while others may like a weaker one.

That is, in order to grind and prepare the perfect coffee at home, you need to seriously get confused. However, we admit to ourselves that not all of us are experienced baristas, and sometimes the results of making coffee at home may not meet expectations. In this case, it is better to trust professionals. If you are in Romania now or are going to visit this unique country, you can find coffee ideally ground for you in stores hotspot coffee. Here, your perfect invigorating drink will be prepared and prepared. Individual grinding adjustment, which you will be offered, will help you choose coffee in accordance with your preferred brewing method and the desired flavor notes.



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