What Mistakes Do Business Leaders Commonly Commit When Building Teams?

September 11, 2023



There are many different mistakes, and they're not related to finances, strategies, or technologies. Team spirit remains the ultimate competitive advantage because it's quite rare, and there are often gaps in this area. As someone once said, "Achieve a situation where all your company employees are looking in the same direction, and you'll succeed in any industry, on any market, anytime, anywhere."


Mistakes in team building can be diverse. Firstly, there's mutual distrust. This usually arises from the fear of revealing vulnerability or weakness in front of others. When team members are afraid to openly admit their mistakes and shortcomings and hide them at all costs, an atmosphere of mutual distrust and suspicion is created. So, how do you create an atmosphere of trust? Unfortunately, genuine trust based on vulnerability doesn't develop overnight. It requires long-term collaboration, numerous examples of usefulness, mutual respect, and mutual support, as well as explaining the intricacies of teamwork.



According to Vage Zakaryan, the Head of Development at Gem Space superapp, it's essential to carefully select team members to increase trust: "One of the most effective methods of building trust in a team is to create profiles of the personality and behavioral preferences of team members. Feedback is also crucial. Periodically assessing each team member's achievements in gaining trust is important. Even in strong teams - and perhaps especially in them - the loss of trust can lead to catastrophic results."


Avoiding conflicts is another mistake. People who don't trust each other are not capable of sincere, open discussion; they're afraid of offending someone or getting trapped. Instead, they engage in neutral comments, sometimes moving on to sarcasm, and end up making unanimous decisions that satisfy no one and lead nowhere.


Emily Mitchell, the executive director of the BrandWave Media agency, believes that open discussions resolve many problems: "Leaders do everything to avoid open discussions, which are vital for any strong team. A leader's mistake is when, like a 'parent,' they don't try to initiate healthy conflict within the team, wishing to protect team members from stress. Yielding to this desire, the leader artificially eliminates any disagreements, preventing team members from acquiring conflict resolution skills."


Being undemanding of others also doesn't help strengthen team spirit. Even when employees understand that certain actions (or inaction) are harmful to the company, they often operate on the principle of "it's not my problem." To be effective, clear boundaries need to be established, and employees must learn to respect others. The most important recommendation is to teach employees to work from an adult perspective and to think and act independently.


To achieve this, follow these tips:


1. Minimize overprotectiveness, total control, lecturing, and evaluating behavior. Positioning your point of view as the only correct one without allowing independent decision-making is counterproductive.


2. Build a feedback system and a culture of development - teach employees to come with problems, tasks, and questions along with their own solutions.


3. Adhere to the working principles (punctuality, seeking permission, meeting deadlines) that you establish together with the team.


What leaders and teams gain:


- Employees stop saying they can't do something and more often say "I can."

- They don't complain about a lack of time but seek ways to make it more efficient.

- They don't shout about their inability to cope; instead, they invent ways to find the necessary information.


And most importantly, when returning from vacation, there's no need to worry that instead of a functioning business, there will be ruins and a pile of mistakes to sort through. The business will be stable thanks to everyone taking an "adult position." In this way, the team gets used to the fact that they have their own brains that can operate independently.


The leader is responsible for sales in the team, but in the context of team discussions, everyone is responsible for the results. However, salespeople are a unique group. They are all somewhat selfish, and their personal results matter to them.


You can make all processes convenient for yourself; the key is to set the right goal and consciously choose the steps towards it.

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