Where is 1000 Lb Sisters Filmed?

September 2, 2023

After securing a spot on TLC’s reality hit series 1000 Lb Sisters, sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton experienced a lot of ups and downs in front of the cameras. The show documented their weight loss journey, their relationships with husbands, children, and even one of their bariatric surgeons. The show also captured their struggles with weight issues and other personal challenges, including Tammy’s near-death experience in 2022.

Since the finale of 1000 LB Sisters season 4 wrapped with Tammy Slaton’s big wedding to Caleb Willingham in November of 2022, fans have been eagerly awaiting news about when the series would return for a new season. While the sisters haven’t made any official announcements, Tammy’s Instagram and TikTok followers have kept up with their family’s latest updates. In fact, it seems that filming for the next season of the show has already started!

Tammy and Amy live in Dixon, Kentucky, which is a three-hour drive from St. Louis, where one of the sisters’ bariatric surgeons resides. Besides that, the sisters often travel to Atlanta, Georgia for the show’s filming.

In addition to visiting their doctor, the sisters have been spotted in Florida on several occasions. In fact, one TikToker named mamatgar50 recently posted a clip that showed the sisters on a beach in Florida. The video received more than 7 million views. The sisters are no stranger to getting attention on YouTube, either, with a series of lighthearted videos featuring their humorous antics going viral. The most popular was a challenge in which the sisters try to stuff marshmallows into their mouths while uttering “chubby bunny.”

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