Where is Medici Filmed?

September 28, 2023

After a huge success, the Netflix series Medici Masters of Florence returned for two more seasons with the title Medici the Magnificent. The second and third season tell the story of Cosimo de Medici’s grandson, Lorenzo the Magnificent. The show has a strong local element. The producers and writers have wanted to be as authentic as possible. This was especially true of the costumes. Alessandro Lai, costume designer, seized the opportunity to work with Tuscan designers and manufacturers. Hats and jewellery were made in Florence, shoes and boots in Lucca. Soft leather was supplied by fashion brand Bottega Veneta and fur by Fendi.

The cast of the show features many Italian actors. Alessandro Sperduti plays Piero il Gottoso, son of Cosimo de Medici, and Valentina Bello is Lucrezia Tornabuoni, wife of Cosimo’s brother. Daniel Caltagirone is the Medici’s enemy number one, Andrea de’ Pazzi, supported by Rinaldo degli Albizzi. However, many details about the show have been changed for dramatic effect. For example, Cosimo’s father Giovanni was not poisoned, and the soapy Pazzi conspiracy does foreshadow a real event a generation later.

Filming in Florence, a city crowded with tourists all year round, was difficult. The team had to fight for permission to close streets in the center of town. It took nearly a week to film a single defining 10-minute action sequence. In the end, the location managers opted for smaller Tuscan towns such as Pienza and Montepulciano to get the shots they needed.

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