Why Does Spotify Repeatedly Download Songs? (Resolved)

September 18, 2023


Spotify, a giant in the world of music streaming, boasts millions of songs from artists all around the world, providing listeners with an endless array of genres, moods, and curated playlists. With a user-friendly interface and personalized experience, it stands out among its competitors. One of its distinguishing features is its offline listening capability. This function allows users to save their favorite tracks locally on their devices, ensuring uninterrupted music listening even without an internet connection.

Key Features of Spotify's Offline Mode

Spotify's offline mode is a blessing for many. Simply put, it allows users to download songs directly to their devices, making them accessible even without connectivity. This unique feature ensures that listeners have their favorite tracks, albums, or playlists ready at their fingertips, irrespective of their internet status. The benefits of this offline mode are manifold. Most prominently, it obviates the need for a continuous internet connection, saving users from hefty data charges, especially when they are on the go or in areas with spotty internet.

You have mounted a cache-cleansing app

Many users, in a bid to enhance their device's performance, install cache-cleaning apps. These programs target transient files, including those from song streaming apps like Spotify. When such an app clears Spotify's cache, it inadvertently eliminates the stored offline songs. This manner, the subsequent time a person attempts to access their offline playlist on Spotify, the app may re-download these tracks, leading to confusion about why Spotify is downloading songs repeatedly.

You have power-saving settings enabled

Power-saving or battery-saving settings are designed to prolong a tool's battery life. To do that, they could restrict the background activities of certain apps, consisting of statistics usage and storage methods. For track streaming apps like Spotify, this may mean that track downloads are paused or no longer completely completed, particularly while the app is running in the background. As a result, while you open Spotify, it'll restart the download process, making it look like songs are being downloaded day by day or more frequently than is common.

A playlist has been changed

Spotify is renowned for its dynamically curated playlists, which go through everyday changes. These changes might be because of the addition of new tracks or the elimination of older ones to keep the content material clean. When a playlist you've saved for offline listening gets modified, Spotify will download the newly added songs and eliminate those that are no longer part of that playlist. This interest might seem odd because Spotify is re-downloading songs every day, even though it is just updating to align with the modern version of the playlist.

You are strolling out of garage area

Devices with limited storage can pose challenges for apps requiring space for downloads. When your tool is nearing its garage potential, it will start prioritizing critical device capabilities and clearing out what it considers "non-crucial" documents. In such eventualities, offline songs from Spotify might be some of the first to get deleted. Consequently, while you access Spotify the subsequent time and are seeking offline content material, the app should begin re-downloading the songs, leading to the notion that Spotify downloads songs every day or repetitively.

Reasons Spotify Downloads Songs Every Day

Spotify's commitment to keeping content fresh leads to the regular updating of its curated playlists, such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar. These updates mean new songs are added, requiring downloads. Another factor is song licensing. Licensing agreements can change or renew, necessitating that songs be downloaded again to comply with the new terms. Additionally, Spotify, like any other app, receives periodic updates. Sometimes these updates, or occasional bugs, result in songs needing a re-download. Moreover, user-specific settings, like opting for a higher download quality, can initiate re-downloads. Lastly, as devices clear their caches to free up space, some stored songs may be removed and need downloading again.

Impact of Regular Downloads

While Spotify's regular downloads keep content updated, they come with drawbacks. The daily downloading process increases data usage, potentially burdening users with extra costs if they're not on an unlimited plan. Furthermore, constant downloading occupies more storage space on the device, which might be a concern for devices with limited capacity. And not to be overlooked, the repeated downloading activity can drain device batteries quicker than usual.

Solutions and Workarounds

To mitigate the impacts mentioned, users can take several steps. Firstly, regularly checking and optimizing Spotify settings can control unwanted downloads. Keeping the app updated ensures that any bug causing excessive downloads is rectified. Managing device storage and understanding cache behaviors can also help prevent unnecessary downloads. Furthermore, considering a subscription can offer more control over the download settings and additional benefits.


In essence, Spotify's daily song downloads, while providing fresh content, come with their own set of challenges. It's pivotal for users to be conversant with the app's settings and behaviors, ensuring they reap its benefits while optimizing their device's performance and resources.


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