3 Home Improvement Projects Perfect for Winter

October 28, 2023

Have you been planning to make improvements in your home for a long time? Then winter is the right time to tackle home improvement projects. When the temperature drops, the air becomes less humid, which fastens the drying process. Ultimately, this allows homeowners to complete renovation projects in a short time.

In the northern states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, temperatures drop to -22°F. With an annual temperature of 30.7°F, Alaska is the coldest place in the U.S. North Dakota is a close second with an average temperature of 42.4°F. With an average temperature of 49.9°F, Oregon is the 17th coldest state in the US.

Whichever state you reside in the U.S., rest assured that your project will be completed quickly. Besides, many stores offer hefty discounts on home improvement products during winter.

Winter season, generally reserved for holiday celebrations, is also a time when contractors are short of work. That means you can hire them at lower prices than at peak season, i.e., summer.

Having said that, here are a few home improvement projects that you can complete before the spring equinox.

#1 Regrout Your Bathroom Tiles

Have you been putting off regrouting your bathroom tiles for a long time? Well, winter is the perfect time to give your bathroom the visual refresh it needs.

If you live in Florida, Alabama, or Arizona, the increased humidity and warmer temperatures of other seasons could take a toll on the squeaky clean image of your bathroom.

Similarly, with temperatures averaging 82°F in Oregon in summer, it’s impossible to regrout your bathroom tiles in the hot, humid weather. That’s why you should consider regrouting your bathroom tiles in the winter season.

As you begin to apply bleach to stained tiles, crack open your bathroom’s windows. That way, the cool air will fumigate the powerful and potentially harmful odor of the bleach. After you’ve completed regrouting the tiles, keep the bathroom windows ajar. Doing so will fasten the grout drying process.

#2 Replace Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen is the place where not just food, but memories are also made. A recent study reveals that Americans spend more than 400 hours in the kitchen. It makes sense to spruce up the kitchen space.

Simply replacing kitchen countertops can make cooking a joyful experience, and the best time for this home improvement project is winter. We say so because many people prefer dining at home to eating out due to bad weather. If you’re anything like them, winter is just the right season to upgrade your kitchen countertop.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to kitchen countertops because the market is saturated with tons of options. Granite? Check. Soapstone? Check. Marble? Check. Quartz? Check. Ceramic tile? Check.

Of all variants, countertops made of quartz are the most sought-after option by homeowners.

In a 2022 Statista survey, it was revealed that around 42 percent of homeowners favored quartz countertops for kitchen renovations. It’s easy to see why: quartz countertops are resistant to stains, mold, and mildew, easy to clean, and available in a variety of color options.

Installing a new countertop may seem easy, but it isn’t. Simply having the right tools isn’t enough to replace a kitchen countertop. You need to have a very good understanding of the way countertops are installed. Otherwise, the installation process will result in stress fractures or cracks, damaging the entire countertop.

Therefore, it’s best to hire construction services offering remodeling contractors. Be it Oregon, Arizona, Florida, Montana, or Wisconsin, finding a licensed contractor is easier in winter than in summer. Besides, many contractors offer off-season discounts, so you can save more on kitchen remodeling. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

As of 2022, there are 577,946 home remodeling businesses in the U.S. With 72,704 businesses, California ranks at the top, followed by New York, with 61,265 businesses.

Oregon, the ninth-largest state in the United States, also has a good number of contractors. Reportedly, there are about 41,000 licensed contractors in business. Whether you live in Portland or Salem, finding a contractor for kitchen remodeling in Oregon won’t be a hassle.

Simply looking for the best construction services offering remodeling in Salem, Oregon, on Google will bring forth tons of options. If you live in any other city, add that city and hit enter.

Q&R Construction Services advises homeowners to consider the experience level and check the license and insurance of the contractor before hiring them. That way, you can rest assured that your project will be completed without any blunder.

#3 Repaint Walls

Want to brighten up your old, dingy rooms without spending too much? Paint the walls with a cheery color, and your space will be transformed from blah to beautiful in no time.

As the air is relatively low in humidity in winter, the paint can dry quicker and evenly, which isn’t possible in summer. What’s more? Many manufacturers sell paint at lower prices during winter, so repainting interior walls won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Wrapping Up

While summer is the most preferred season for renovating homes, doing so in winter is cost-efficient. Be it regrouting your bathroom tiles or refreshing the paint of interior walls, you can get everything done without spending much.

Whether you prefer taking the DIY route or hiring a contractor is totally your call. However, many contractors charge less for home remodeling projects in winter due to increased availability. If you opt for them, make sure to do thorough research before sealing the deal with a contractor. That way, you will hire the best of the best.


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