5 Reasons To Buy Essential Oils Wholesale

October 11, 2023

Essential oils wholesale have various uses, gaining popularity in aromatherapy, skincare, and household cleaning. When considering purchasing essential oils, buying wholesale presents several advantages. Here are some reasons why you ought to purchase oils in bulk and some tips on how to store them:

What Are Essential Oils Wholesale?

Essential oils wholesale means buying these oils in bulk, usually with a minimum order requirement. Wholesale suppliers typically sell to businesses, but some also sell to individuals. The prices may be lower than retail because suppliers can sell large quantities. Essential oils are versatile and in demand, so buying them wholesale makes them accessible to small businesses and individuals who use them frequently.

Reasons to Purchase Essential Oils Wholesale

Large Selection

Wholesale purchasing of essential oils offers a diverse and extensive selection, providing more options in one place than buying smaller quantities. This method allows you to choose from various scents. This guarantees access to an array of fragrances and blends that might not be readily available elsewhere.

Packaging To Help Promote Longer Shelf-Life

Essential oils extracted from various plants, flowers, and herbs are highly concentrated, requiring only a few drops to be effective. Purchasing Essential Oils, Wholesale promotes a longer shelf life when stored properly. Darker bottles stored in a cool, dark place can help preserve the oils' potency over time, saving you money by reducing the need for frequent purchases.

Business Supply

Businesses like spas and therapists require essential oils in large quantities. Wholesale purchasing is cost-effective for business owners and independent consultants. They provide economies of scale and discounts. You can purchase personalized business labels and other packaging through their sites, making it easier to have your items ready to sell.

Storage Tips for Essential Oils

Once you have your essential oils and you're ready to package them for sale, there are a few ways you can keep them fresh. Here are a few tips on keeping them smelling fresh.

Keep Your Oils in Cool Place

Light, heat, and air are the enemies of essential oils, as they can cause the oils to break down and lose their potency. Therefore, storing your wholesale essential oils in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight is imperative. A cupboard or drawer in a shady room is ideal, but if you have a more extensive collection of oils, consider storing them in a wooden box or cabinet that can help block out light and heat.

Use Amber Glass Bottles

Once you purchase wholesale essential oils, they come in clear glass bottles or plastic containers. When it comes to essential oils, plastic is not an option. Essential oils are highly concentrated and can interact with plastic containers, leading to contamination and a shortened shelf life.

To protect your oils from degradation due to light and air, transfer them to dark-colored amber glass bottles. Amber glass bottles also look stylish and provide a protective barrier to shield your oils from accidental damage.

Label Your Bottles

You can mix up your oils if they are not labeled correctly. To avoid any mix-ups and potential disasters, label each of your amber glass bottles with the name of the oil and the date you purchased it. This can help you keep track of which oils you have and when it's time to replace them.

Since essential oils are potent substances, keep them out of reach of children and pets. Store them in a safe and secure place, away from areas where kids and pets can reach them.

Store Your Oils Upright

If oils are not stored upright, they can begin seeping into the cap, leading to leakage or evaporation. Storing them upright can confirm that your oils are kept safe, secure, and ready to use whenever you need them.

To maintain the quality and potency of your wholesale essential oils, check them regularly for any signs of degradation or contamination. Monitor the color, aroma, and viscosity of your essential oils regularly. If you notice any changes, such as a change in color or an off odor, it's time to replace them.

Buy Essential Oils From Wholesale Suppliers

Essential oils are more than just pleasant fragrances. They can invigorate the senses, promote well-being, and support holistic health. By purchasing these precious oils wholesale, you can embark on a rewarding journey of self-discovery and wellness while enjoying significant savings.


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