5Must-Haves in A Luxury Kitchen For 2023

October 17, 2023


A luxury kitchen provides a modern look, improves the home's resale value, and ensures a space for family members and friends to gather and cook together. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "luxury"is expensive, but a luxury kitchen doesn't necessarily carry an astronomical price tag. As a matter of fact, achieving a luxury look in the kitchen is surprisingly simple. If you get it right, you'll have a kitchen that incorporates all your wants and needs into an exquisite and purposeful space. Make the space your own to reflect your individuality and deliver a luxurious touch.

The following ideas can inspire your makeover. You can choose to invest in the real thing or use clever copycats.

A Timeless & Versatile Design

Luxury kitchens favor premium options, epitomizing refined functionality and timeless aesthetics. You can tastefully combine luxury and a timeless style into a beautiful kitchen design, so ensure your money won't create a kitchen that you'll want to update in a couple of years. Pick out features that stand the test of time, and you'll save yourself trouble. If you're serious about embracing modern simplicity in your home, take inspiration from shaker kitchens. The timeless beauty of a shaker kitchen can be attributed to its versatility, resilience, and ability to blend in with any architectural aesthetic. A shaker-style kitchen can work well in large and small spaces alike.

Wood is the chief material in the shaker kitchen, but be careful not to exaggerate; otherwise, your place will look vintage or country. Any furniture you add must have a simple design with a matte finish if painted. Seek spindle-back chairs and a square or round table, which have an intimate feeling to them while being firmly in their aesthetic. Bar stools will complete the look. The shaker style used to be more expensive, but now you can achieve the classic look on a budget –you don't have to follow the "rules" to the letter.

Custom Cabinets

The quality of the cabinetry is probably the most important element in a kitchen. Every day, the cabinets are exposed to temperature changes, moisture, and the weight of dishes, utensils, tools for preparing meals, and so on. High-quality kitchen cabinetry is characterized by a due combination of materials, styling, and craftsmanship. You can opt for custom cabinets that can be perfectly fitted to your kitchen; they fill the space unerringly, making the best use of corners, spaces between the windows, etc. You can ensure the wood you use doesn't impact the environment designing sustainability into the kitchen.

A Chef's Grade Stove

A chef's grade stove offers more features than its traditional counterpart, and it's designed to do so without taking up the entire room. You'll feel like a professional chef in your kitchen, preparing dishes with flair. Many gas ranges feature an additional burner, which comes in handy when cooking big meals, and a built-in griddle for pancakes or grilled sandwiches. Pro-style stoves operate on gas, even if some come with dual fuel choices like gas and electricity or electricity and wood fuel. With plenty of capacity, the oven offers sufficient space to cook for a big family or entertain guests with absolute ease.

If you love to cook, have a kitchen that reflects your passion (and big bucks to spend on a statement piece). Brands such as Bosch, Dracor, or Micele offer high-end luxury choices; the stove is an investment you're going to hang onto for at least a decade. Find a product that fits into your current setup unless you're on the verge of a big renovation. Attention must be paid to the fact that some appliances cost as much as a year's salary, so know what you can afford. You can find a good stove at just about any price.

A Functional Kitchen Island

A kitchen island ensures much-needed space for food preparation and can be used for dining purposes as long as there's space for chairs. If you have a busy household, having everyone present for a meal is the exception and not the norm, so the island encourages social interaction. Maybe you'll throw more gatherings from now on. Here's an idea to inspire your next kitchen remodel: get an island with a wine cooler. It's convenient, to say the least, if you want a glass of wine while cooking. You don't have to run back and forth to the basement every time.

Smart Technology

Smart technology makes your life easier with appliances that synchronize to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or WiFi so you can control them remotely. Owing to an array of innovative appliances hitting the marketplace, dishes that were once the preserve of professional chefs are now more widespread. If you love cooking and technology, it's a match made in heaven. No matter if you're amongst those for whom the kitchen is a sanctuary or you just brew coffee and toast bagels, there's an appliance out there for you. Building the ultimate kitchen doesn't just mean turning on WiFi and connecting to the Internet.

Smart kitchen technology helps you and your family save time and energy, stay in control, and organize. There are countless groundbreaking options to discover. You may already be familiar with using a voice assistant when you cook to avoid looking back and forth at recipes, but there are other technology options that can make life more comfortable. Take smart refrigeration as an example. By connecting your refrigerator to the Internet, you can control it with your smartphone, meaning you can see the items inside and monitor expiry dates. Many fridges can connect to your music streaming service.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, investing in a luxury kitchen design can bring numerous advantages to your lifestyle; it's a once-in-a-lifetime investment designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. Incorporating high-end features into the kitchen design takes time, effort, and money, but with careful planning and consideration, you can have the kitchen of your dreams. If you've never done any kind of remodeling before, brace yourself for the decisions and selections you'll have to make.


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