6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Dog

October 31, 2023

Adding a furry companion to your life can undoubtedly bring immense joy. However, this is a big responsibility similar to adopting a baby who will require your attention and care every day. So, taking the time to assess your readiness before taking the plunge is a wise move. This is only possible if you ask yourself certain questions before visiting the pet store to adopt a furry buddy. This article discusses these important questions so continuing to read will be highly beneficial for you.

1. What is the Purpose of Adopting a Furry Friend?

Before you decide to welcome a dog into your life, it's important to explore your reasons deeply. You must take a moment to question yourself about why you desire a dog and the specific function you anticipate them fulfilling in your life. Are you seeking companionship, security, or perhaps a running buddy? Understanding your reasons will not only help you select the right breed but also prepare you for the level of commitment required. For instance, if your primary motivation is companionship, you may want a breed known for its affection and sociability. On the other hand, if security is your main concern, going for a protective breed like German Shepherds would be a good move.

2. Is Your Current Lifestyle Suitable Enough to Add a Furry Friend?

Your daily routine and lifestyle play a pivotal role in determining whether you're ready for a dog. So, you must assess your work hours, social activities, and how much time you spend away from home. Some dog breeds are more adaptable to varying lifestyles and can tolerate longer periods alone, while others thrive on constant human interaction. If you have a busy work schedule that keeps you away from home for extended hours, you might want to lean towards breeds that are more independent and require less attention. Conversely, if your schedule is adaptable or you work remotely, you might find it easier to meet the social and exercise requirements of certain breeds.

3. Can You Afford to Adopt a Dog?

People often underestimate the financial aspect of adopting a dog. Always keep in mind that after the initial adoption or purchase, there will be continuous expenses to account for. These include high-quality dog food, regular vet visits for check-ups and vaccinations, grooming, training, and potential emergency medical bills. These are the costs that you must account for before getting a new furry buddy. You must ensure that you have a stable source of income and can comfortably accommodate these costs without sacrificing your financial stability. You must also not forget that certain unexpected expenses can arise as well, so having a financial safety net is crucial to ensure your dog receives the care it needs.

4. Can You Commit Daily Time to Your New Companion?

Dogs are inherently social beings, benefiting from both companionship and a structured routine. Remember that dogs need daily exercise, mental engagement, play, and training to stay physically and mentally healthy. So, think about your daily routine and whether you can consistently dedicate the time and attention a dog needs. If your work or other commitments consume most of your day, think about how you can accommodate your dog's needs. You may need to decide on dog walkers, pet sitters, or daycare services to ensure your dog receives the necessary care and interaction.

5. Which Breed and Dog Size Will be Ideal for You?

The variety of dog breeds encompasses diverse sizes, temperaments, and energy levels, so you must check which breeds suit your preferences the most. Invest the time in thorough research on various breeds to identify the one that's right for you. For instance, if you live in a small apartment, a smaller and less active breed, such as a French Bulldog or a Yorkshire Terrier, may be more suitable. Conversely, if you're an active individual or family who enjoys outdoor activities, a larger and more energetic breed like a Border Collie or a Labrador Retriever could be a better match. It's essential to consider not only the dog's size but also its specific characteristics and requirements. Some breeds are more low-maintenance, while others demand regular exercise, mental stimulation, or specialized care.

6. Do You Have Accommodations Available?

Your living environment plays a pivotal role in ensuring your dog's well-being. This encompasses having adequate indoor and outdoor space while maintaining a pet-friendly environment free from potential hazards. You must evaluate if you have the pat space for your doggo. The use of a dog crate can be beneficial; it provides a secure and familiar space, aiding in house training, curbing destructive behavior, and offering a sense of security, especially when you're away. You may also consider your dog's breed-specific needs and judge whether you have enough space to entertain them. With the aid of the internet, it has become easier than ever to find puppies and dogs of any breed. For example, if you’re looking for a European Doberman, a simple search for “European Doberman puppies for sale”, can provide you with plenty of options to choose from.


In conclusion, answering these six questions in detail and with careful consideration will help you make an informed decision about getting a dog. Responsible dog ownership requires a deep understanding of your lifestyle, needs, and the needs of the dog you choose. So, take the time to thoroughly assess these factors so that you can ensure a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship with your canine companion.


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