A Beginner's Guide: How to Tell Quality Gold-Plated Jewelry Findings from the Rest

October 14, 2023

You’re going to need a variety of jewelry findings to make your designs perfect. Knowing the material and what they’re made from is vital for quality and style. After all, you want to bring to life your designs and ensure that customers love them for years. Indeed, you wish for your designs to be part of their collection and a much-loved accessory.

If you’ve never considered gold-plated jewelry findings before, you might be curious about whether this is a good choice. The answer is yes, as long as you choose high-quality findings. Here is a beginner’s guide so that you can learn more.

What Are Gold-Plated Jewelry Findings?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of quality assessment, let's begin with the basics. Gold-plated jewelry findings are pieces made by depositing a thin layer of gold onto another metal, like copper or brass. This process allows you to enjoy the glamour of gold without the hefty price tag. But as a beginner, how do you tell the treasures from the trinkets?

The Importance of Quality

Quality matters more than you might think. It's the difference between a stunning piece that lasts and one that fades into obscurity. When you invest in quality gold-plated jewelry, you're not just buying a beautiful accessory; you're securing an enduring and valuable addition to your collection.

Therefore, be very careful and selective about where you buy your jewelry findings from. You need to ensure quality, as this is going to affect your designs. Make sure you do plenty of research and are confident with the company you’re purchasing from. For example, Bluestreak Crystals is a highly-rated store where you can purchase a variety of jewelry findings from. You can also shop for stunning crystals with fast shipping worldwide. You can easily read customer reviews before making a purchase.

Identifying High-Quality Gold-Plated Jewelry

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter: how to distinguish high-quality gold-plated jewelry from the rest.

Thickness of the Gold Plating

Imagine gold plating like a protective armor. The thickness of this armor matters. In the world of gold-plated jewelry, quality often correlates with thickness. Look for pieces with a thicker gold plating. It not only contributes to the jewelry's durability but also its longevity and appearance. In particular, pay attention to the karats. Typically, you can get 14, 18 and 24K gold-plating. You can decide what one you want for your designs.

Hallmarks and Certifications

When you're scrutinizing a piece, keep an eye out for hallmarks and certifications. These tiny marks are like the jewelry's identity card, providing valuable information about its authenticity and quality. Look for recognized standards and certifications to be reassured of the jewelry's quality.

Protective Coatings

Here's a pro tip: some top-notch gold-plated jewelry features additional protective coatings. These coatings act as bodyguards, shielding the jewelry from tarnish and wear. If you spot a piece with protective coatings, you're likely looking at a higher-quality find.

The Role of Base Metals

You might be surprised to learn that the base metal plays a pivotal role in the quality of gold-plated jewelry. The base metal not only influences the overall aesthetic but also affects the piece's longevity and price. Common base metals include copper, brass, and silver. Each brings its own unique qualities to the table. It’s important to learn about this to ensure longevity with your designs.

Tips for Purchasing Quality Gold-Plated Jewelry

Now that you've learned what to look for in high-quality gold-plated jewelry, where should you shop? As a designer, it's crucial to explore reputable sources and ask questions. Seek recommendations from experienced buyers and read reviews to get insights into your chosen piece's quality.

In particular, choose companies that have high ratings and have plenty of information available about their gold-plated jewelry findings. This demonstrates their knowledge, and they want to pass on confidence to their customers. After all, you want to be happy with your purchase and know that you’ve selected quality findings for your designs.

Caring for Quality Gold-Plated Jewelry

Your journey into the world of gold-plated jewelry doesn't end with the purchase. To ensure the longevity of your pieces and ensure the best quality for your customers, you'll want to practice good maintenance. Remember, even the most exquisite jewelry needs a little TLC. Proper storage, gentle cleaning, and mindful handling are key to preserving your jewelry's beauty. Then, when a customer buys your jewelry, it’s going to be in the best condition.


As a beginner, the world of gold-plated jewelry findings may seem like a maze. But by understanding the basics of quality assessment, you're well on your way to making smart choices and finding treasures that enhance your designs without breaking the bank.

In this guide, we've covered the essentials of identifying quality in gold-plated jewelry, from thickness and base metals to hallmarks and certifications. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently embark on your journey to discover the world of high-quality elegance.


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