An Overview of Au Pair Responsibilities

October 27, 2023

Au pairs provide host families with quality child care and some light housework. They should have a schedule that allows them to complete tasks efficiently.

An au pair may be expected to help with grocery shopping and running other light errands such as picking up or dropping off dry cleaning. They may also be asked to cook meals for the family and clean their room and, if available, other rooms they use.


The most important part of being an au pair is childcare, which focuses on caring for your host family's children. This could include preparing meals for them, dropping them off at and picking them up from school, taking them to extra-mural activities or doctor appointments, and playing games with them in the evenings when they come home from a long day at school.

Au pairs can also be expected to help with other tasks, like preparing and cleaning for mealtimes, helping children with homework or projects, washing and ironing their clothes, and vacuuming (as long as these aren't regular chores). However, au pairs must refrain from taking on any heavy household work such as yard work, pet care, or laundry; they should not be asked to cook meals for the entire family and should only be responsible for the cooking and feeding of their children.

An au pair should be allowed time off and free weekends, which can be used to explore their new country and make friends or for leisure activities such as sports, reading, cooking, shopping, or visiting relatives. This is essential to ensure the au pair feels a sense of freedom, but they must be aware of their responsibilities and be careful with the host children at all times.

Light Housework

Although childcare is the primary responsibility of an au pair, host families may also request light housework to help ease their household workload. Generally, this will include daily chores such as washing up after meals, cleaning children's rooms, and tidying the kitchen area.

A host family may also ask an au pair to help with grocery shopping or errand running. In the case of school-age kids, au pairs may also be asked to transport them to and from activities such as sports practice, games, music lessons, and homework sessions.

In addition, some hosts may ask their au pair to take care of house pets or provide general gardening or yard work. It's always a good idea for au pairs and their host families to discuss any specific chores or duties before the placement begins. This way, both parties can ensure the au pair responsibilities are transparent and fair to all involved.

Finally, the family might ask an au pair to participate in any family vacations or outings they plan for weekends or holidays. Au pairs must remember that they are a temporary family member and should be treated as such. This includes accepting family rules such as curfews or household chores unless they do not like you.


Host families expect au pairs to help with various housework, mainly those related to the children. This means au pairs may prepare meals for the family, clean children's rooms and other household areas, fold laundry, or weed the garden. However, it's important to note that au pairs are not expected to perform heavy cleaning or maintenance tasks such as deep cleaning the home and scrubbing the floors.

Daily childcare duties usually include helping the children prepare for school in the morning, taking them to school, and picking them up from extra-mural activities and appointments. They will also be responsible for preparing the children for bed in the evenings. In addition, au pairs are often required to support the children with their homework and assist them with completing educational activities.

Au pairs are also likely to be expected to help with some of the family's other daily routines, such as attending social events and joining in on regular family outings or holidays. They should be willing to participate in the family's traditions and share their own culture with the children.


As part of their duties, au pairs are expected to help out with light household chores such as putting away laundry, vacuuming, or cleaning the children's rooms. The time an au pair spends on these tasks will vary among host families and should be outlined in their contract. However, this should never be an au pair's primary responsibility.

To avoid misunderstandings, both the au pair and the family must clarify what duties are to be carried out. An excellent way to do this is by writing down a weekly schedule. This should include the au pair's responsibilities and how many hours they are expected to work.

Au pairs should treat their host family like they would another relative when working. This includes treating them with respect and being considerate of their privacy. Au pairs should also be respectful of their host family's property. For example, if asked to use the family car, they should do so carefully.

It is also suitable for au pairs to get CPR and first-aid training. This can help them save lives if they encounter someone in an emergency. In addition, it is a good idea for au pairs to keep a first-aid kit in their room so they can treat minor injuries quickly.


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