British Supplements: Clean Genuine 5-HTP 241.2MG + Uptake Blend

October 5, 2023


In every serving of their product, you'll find 241.2mg of 5HTP, a valuable compound, combined with 53.6mg of their unique uptake blend, all thoughtfully encapsulated in vegetarian capsules. They offer clean products that are completely devoid of any undesirable extras like fillers or binders. Their formulation has been enhanced with the inclusion of an uptake blend, ensuring increased effectiveness. Recognized as one of the most potent options available, their product is proudly manufactured in the UK to adhere to stringent quality standards.

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Ingredient List:

Each capsule in their product contains 241.2mg of Griffonia Seed extract, standardized to 50% 5HTP, which is equivalent to 120.6mg of 5HTP. Additionally, there's an uptake blend of 26.8mg per capsule, consisting of Black Pepper extract (with 10% piperine), Ginger extract (with 5% Gingerol), and Cumin extract (in a 10:1 ratio). Their recommended dosage is two capsules per day, providing a total of 482.4mg of Griffonia Seed extract (comprising 241.2mg of 5HTP) and 53.6mg of the uptake blend. This balanced formulation aims to provide you with the intended benefits in an efficient manner.

What You Get?

A product using this uptake blend recipe must maintain a ratio of 9 parts herb to 1 part uptake blend. The product contains 5HTP as well as the uptake blend. This combination of the advantages of the principal herb (in this case, 5HTP) and the supportive qualities of the uptake blend to increase absorption and overall efficacy assures the right balance and effectiveness of the supplement.

  • A pill containing 241.2mg of Griffonia Seed extract, standardized to 50% 5HTP, contains 120.6mg of 5HTP.
  • A 26.8mg uptake blend that combines black pepper extract (with 10% piperine), ginger extract (with 5% gingerol), and cumin extract (in a 10:1 ratio) in a 1:1:1 ratio.
  • Two capsules are the recommended daily dosage, and they give you:


The benefits of 241.2mg of Griffonia Seed extract, standardized to 50% 5HTP, and a special uptake combination of 26.8mg per capsule are combined in British Supplements' clean and powerful 5HTP supplement. The 9:1 herb-to-uptake combination in this well-balanced formulation assures optimal effectiveness by improving absorption. Their dedication to quality is evident in the fact that they offer products devoid of binders and fillers. One of the strongest products on the market thanks to the uptake blend's addition, the product's potency is further increased. Notably, all of their supplements are proudly produced in the UK in accordance with exacting standards of quality. It is simple for people to include this supplement into their daily routine because the recommended daily intake of two capsules provides users with a total of 482.4mg of Griffonia Seed extract (equal to 241.2mg of 5HTP) and 53.6mg of the uptake blend. The monthly packaging offered by British Supplements makes ordering and reordering easier while assuring a convenient and reliable supply of supplements to enhance general well-being.

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