Can You Send Food to Australia?

October 27, 2023

Sending food items through a parcel service is becoming common, especially in our modern, interconnected world where we're eager to share our favourite foods or homemade delights with our loved ones. So, can you send food through a courier without any hassles or worries? Find out the answers here!

Can you send food to Australia?

Although the Australian diet is similar to that in the UK, some foods aren't readily available in Australia. Your loved ones who relocated here keep hankering for biscuits, chocolate, and tea from their home country. So, if you have a close friend or family member living in Australia, make them happy by sending food through the best parcel services.

It might be great for you to know that you can send food items without any worries to Australia. You can surprise them by sending them comfort food at very affordable prices. The best delivery services try their best to deliver your food parcel in minimal time.

Make sure to know what food items are allowed when you parcel to Australia.

Every country has its own distinct range of items that it permits to import. Australia is no exception. It's crucial to ensure that you don't try to send anything that Australia has listed as restricted or prohibited goods. You can send some items, but it may require a little more paperwork.

Since Australia is an island-like nation, they pay more attention to ensuring they're not infected with diseases or vermin that aren't native to their nation. This means their list of restricted food items can be slightly longer than expected.

Also, don't forget to note the ban on using wood, which the authorities strictly comply with. You must keep away from any pallets, wooden boxes, or crates.

What kinds of food items can you ship to Australia?

Endless Possibilities! You can send various delicious food items, including some traditional delicacies. But it's crucial to consider the food's perishable standards. Non-perishable items sealed with a vacuum are generally better suited for shipping long distances. Check for any additional restrictions on particular items to avoid customs issues.

Common food items that meet Australia's requirements for customs include: sweets, chocolates, biscuits (packaged), preservers and spreads (such as jam, marmalade, etc.)

  1. Store-bought food items in their original, unopened packaging.
  2. Send items with expiration dates more than six months after the shipping date.
  3. Food products with labelled ingredient lists
  4. Food must not contain dairy, alcohol, poultry, meat, fish, or seafood-related ingredients.

If you are still confused, check the current Australian rules to better understand the rules and regulations regarding sending food items to Australia.

Ideas for Packaging Food Items for Sending to Australia

The manner in which you pack your parcel is of utmost importance when it comes to safeguarding the integrity of food items during transportation. Proper packaging is a fundamental aspect in preserving the quality and edibility of food. It is imperative to invest in robust packaging to securely convey food items, incorporating ample insulation and cool packs to maintain the cold chain throughout the journey.

These precautions are indispensable when send parcel to Spain.

The most effective insulation materials are styrofoam sheets, bubble wrap, and air-filled liners. If you're searching to purchase environmentally friendly products, think about straw, wool recycled paper, and packing peanuts made of starch to make insulation.

Also, consider whether the food items will come into contact with your shipping material. If yes, are those materials food-safe? Do you require an additional piece of food-safe packaging if you cannot prove that the materials used for shipping are safe to use with food?

Check for a food-safe symbol or indications that indicate the packaging and cooling techniques are safe for contact with packaged food items.

How can I send frozen food items to Australia?

Check out these easy-to-follow guidelines to pack the frozen food items for shipping to Australia:

Step 1: Preparation of the product and packaging

Step 2: Secure food items that melt with watertight plastic bags.

Step 3: Use dry gel packs or ice to cool the food you are eating.

Step 4: Cover and put your item into the insulated box.

How do I pack frozen foods for shipping to Australia?

Follow these important packing tips for packing frozen food items:

Wrap frozen food properly.

When preparing frozen food items for shipment, it's essential to take precautions against potential leaks or damage during transportation. To do so, ensure that these items are securely wrapped in waterproof bags, especially those that have the potential to leak. Additionally, the use of bubble wrap can offer an added layer of protection to prevent any spillage or damage during the journey.

These measures are crucial when send parcel to South Africa.

Pick a suitable packaging box.

Using an insulated container to pack frozen food can be a great idea. This allows your items to not move around in your container during delivery. Additionally, an insulated container for frozen food items ensures that your product is kept cool while being transported.

Include dry, ice, or gel packs in the box.

Gel packs and dry ice are essential when shipping frozen food items. Dry ice is best when you need to keep frozen while in transportation (i.e., steak, for instance), and gel packs are best for items you need to keep cool but not frozen (i.e., baked products).

Make sure to inquire about any shipping restrictions with your parcel delivery services if you use dry ice in your package.

Shipping Food Best Practices: Consider the Best Parcel Delivery Services

Looking Send Parcel to Australia? Worldwide Parcel Services UK offers a door-to-door parcel service to make posting as fast and easy as possible. Our team of experts delivers each parcel with the utmost care. We're committed to our parcel delivery and personal service reliability. We offer an extensive range of options and points of access.


Sending food to Australia is a wonderful way to share culture and convey love and appreciation across borders. With the right understanding of food items, packaging, and shipping options, you can be sure that your package arrives at its destination in perfect condition and brings joy to your loved ones.


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