Concrete Mixing Plant Development History and Future Development Trend

October 27, 2023

Concrete mixing plant is mainly used in railway, highway, bridge, airport, tunnel, hydropower and water conservancy projects, soil industry, mining and civil construction, as well as commercial concrete and concrete products production. Concrete mixing plant layout in many forms, specifications are different. For example, according to different uses, it can be divided into hydraulic station, nuclear power station, high-speed rail station, pipe pile station, engineering station and commercial mixed station; According to the convenience of relocation can be divided into mobile station and fixed station; According to the number of mixer configured, the system can be divided into two-mixer and single-mixer stations.

Development of concrete mixing station

In 1796, after the British Asptin invented "Portland cement" and the British Parker (J.Pidker) invented "Roman cement", the concrete mixing station was born. Germany was the first to use commercial concrete, and the world's first commercial concrete mixing station was established in Stasbel in 1903. From the 1960s to the 1970s, the economic development of all countries in the world was rapid, and commercial concrete also developed rapidly. By 1973, there were 3,533 commercial concrete mixing stations in Japan and 10,000 concrete mixing stations in the United States. In the 1980s and 1990s, Japan's commercial concrete fell by 21% compared with 1973 and tended to be saturated. So far, the number of mixing stations in Japan has remained at about 5,000.

Development trend in future

Although the concrete mixing plant has achieved rapid development in recent years, there are still some shortcomings in its reliability, safety, environmental protection and humanization. In the era of "Internet +", people put forward higher requirements for the intelligence of concrete mixing station, so the concrete mixing station will be further developed in intelligent, environmental protection, efficient and reliable.

1. The degree of intelligence is getting higher and higher

Under the promotion of "Internet +", concrete mixing station needs to establish a perfect ERP management system, GPS scheduling system, mixing station control system integration. By opening up the concrete mixing station product online function, the product data can be uploaded to achieve remote control of the concrete mixing station, fault diagnosis, program upgrade, maintenance, etc.

2. Environmental protection technology continues to develop

Environmental protection technology has always been one of the core technologies of concrete mixing plant, and it is also an important factor affecting product performance. In the future, more environmental protection technologies will be widely used in concrete mixing stations, such as combined dust removal technology, residual concrete and wastewater recycling technology, waterproof and oil-proof dust cloth technology, intelligent pulse dust removal technology and intelligent control spray dust removal technology.

3. Energy-saving technology is widely used

Energy saving is an important indicator of environmental protection of concrete mixing station, the future frequency conversion energy saving technology will gradually expand from the screw machine to the belt conveyor, and even the mixing machine motor. At the same time, more energy-saving new materials, new technologies, new processes, new energy, etc., will gradually be applied to the concrete mixing station.

4. Continuous improvement of production efficiency

With the continuous improvement of the production efficiency requirements of concrete mixing stations, concrete mixing stations with high efficiency will continue to emerge. With the continuous improvement of the design of the mixing machine and the wide application of the double intermediate bin technology, the production efficiency of the concrete mixing plant will be further improved in the future.

4. More fit concrete development

In the future, high performance concrete with obvious advantages in construction and economic performance will become the trend of market development. Therefore, concrete production equipment needs to meet the needs of the development of concrete. Only by mastering the new process and formula of concrete production and preparation, the factories can effectively guide the technical upgrading of concrete mixing station, continuously improve the quality of concrete production and reduce production costs.


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