Deep Cleaning Your Home Including Expert Window Cleaning

October 3, 2023


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There are all kinds of situations where you might need to consider doing a deep cleaning of your property or another’s. People downsize and need to clear out and clean a place, you might have just not done a deep clean in a while, or maybe certain things in life have happened to interfere. It is very easy for clutter to build up and to ignore fingerprints and grime on windows. Window cleaning, de-cluttering and deep cleaning help to give you a space you feel better living in. You are better physically and mentally in a clean and looked after home. Here is a look at how to approach deep cleaning your home when you are ready.

Step One - Have a good and clear plan for your deep clean!

It really will go a lot better, quicker and easier when you create a good plan and stick to it. Without a plan of what you want to achieve, what needs to be done and even details like finding professional residential window cleaning in Melbourne to help with aspects of it. It is easy to either go too hard and then burn out, or to find it hard to be motivated. A plan and a good checklist give you something to focus on, you can split things into more manageable sections and maintain progress. Are you cleaning the whole home? Is there a time constraint on getting it all done? Are you going to need to arrange time to sell things you are getting rid of?

Step Two - Work on all of the clutter you have room by room

Before you start the actual cleaning you need to deal with the clutter. Things that are sitting on shelves, in closets, on floors, are in the way. Take it room by room if you have a lot of things. Find somewhere you can start to move things into three piles, things you want to keep, things you want to throw and then things you want to sell or donate. Try to be focused and ruthless! If you have tried to get rid of some things and found it hard have someone to help. If you have not used it recently or it does not make you feel good let it go. Try to get rid of things right away so you are not tempted to move them back into the keep pile. Take it to a charity shop, have a car boot sale and so on.

Step Three - Start high in each room and then clean your way down

When you have de-cluttered you need to start the process of cleaning so the best way to manage that is to start up high and then work down. That way you do not mop floors, then dust the cobwebs from the ceiling and watch things fall down on your clean floor. It is a good way to stay methodical so you do not miss anything. Do not skip anywhere, even those hard-to-reach places. You might not clean them during your daily cleans, but this is a deep clean after all!

Step Four - Have a plan for your windows both inside and outside

One of the most often forgotten parts of a home is the windows. Many people avoid window cleaning because it is hard work and a lot of people leave streaks and get frustrated. It is easy to ignore them as usually you look through them rather than at them. But you might be surprised how much dirt is on them, inside and outside. It affects how your home looks, the light coming in and the view you have. They can also be a place for the buildup of mould and mildew and for allergens building up. You can clean them yourself or you can choose to hire a residential window cleaning in Melbourne service. You can find window cleaners for both inside and outside if you want, or just for outside. You also need to clean any window treatments you have, the blinds, curtains and so on.

Step Five - Get all the dusting done

Dust builds up quickly so it is an important part of a deep clean. Depending on what needs dusting it might need polish, a soft rag or a duster. Remember bookshelves, furniture and furniture legs, lampshades, speakers, ornaments and photo frames. Also be sure to wipe down skirting boards, light switches and other such places that are not often dusted. A great tip for certain things like furnishing is to use a lint roller. They will also help you with pet hair if you have animals in the home.

Step Six - Clean all of your floors

One of the final places you will need to clean is the floors. What you do depends on the type of flooring you have in that room. Mop tiles and laminate and hardwood flooring. Vacuum rugs and carpeting and consider doing a steam clean or a carpet clean. Remember to move the furniture around so you get to all the spots you might normally miss. Even move your couch out. If you need to ask for help it is worth doing so. That way you know everything is properly done.


Unless you are yourself a cleaner then in all probability you do not normally clean this way. But this is how to get things done properly so that you know you did not miss anything. Of course, you could also choose to hire professionals to help. There are people who will come and take everything you are throwing away or recycling. You can hire a professional service for residential window cleaning in Melbourne, or you can hire a cleaner for the house that handles deep cleaning like this. Being experts at this they know what to do, what the most efficient approach is and will have the tools for every job. But if you choose to deep clean some or all of it, use this guide to tackle the different things so you can do it right.


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