Deep Dive into Deep House Cleaning: Perfect Clean Insights

October 5, 2023

What Is Included in a Deep House Cleaning?

When it comes to house cleaning, many believe they've got it all covered. However, what most fail to realise is the distinction between regular cleaning and deep cleaning. For those in search of comprehensive cleanliness that reaches every nook and cranny of the home, it's vital to understand the depth and breadth of a deep house cleaning. Perfect Clean, an expert in this domain, sheds light on the topic.

Understanding the Basics of House Cleaning

At its core, cleaning is the process of ensuring your living space is tidy, organised, and free of dirt. Regular cleaning is something most of us undertake weekly or even daily. It involves vacuuming, dusting surfaces, cleaning the bathroom, and ensuring the kitchen is free from leftover food particles. However, deep cleaning takes it a notch higher.

Diving Deeper: The Comprehensive Cleaning Checklist

Deep cleaning, as the name suggests, is about delving deeper. It ensures areas that are often overlooked or hard-to-reach are attended to. Perfect Clean's cleaning services offer a glimpse into what's truly involved.

Living Room and Common Areas:

Curtains and Drapes: While regular cleaning might involve giving them a shake or a quick vacuum, deep cleaning ensures they are taken down and either washed or dry cleaned.

Behind Appliances: This includes spaces like behind the television, refrigerator, and even large pieces of furniture. Over time, these areas accumulate a significant amount of dust.

Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures: These are often overlooked but gather a substantial amount of dust over time. A deep clean ensures they are wiped clean and free of any accumulated grime.


Oven and Stove: This goes beyond a quick wipe. The oven is cleaned inside out, ensuring all grease and burned food remnants are removed.

Inside Cabinets: While the exterior of kitchen cabinets might appear clean, the interior often tells a different story. A deep clean ensures they're emptied and every shelf is cleaned.

Refrigerator: Not just the shelves, but also the vegetable drawers, side panels, and even the freezer section undergo a thorough clean.


Tile Grout: Over time, the grout between bathroom tiles can become discoloured. Deep cleaning ensures they're scrubbed and look as good as new.

Behind the Toilet: It's perhaps the least favourite spot for many, but deep cleaning ensures even this space is spick and span.

Exhaust Fans: Often overlooked in regular cleaning, these fans can accumulate a significant amount of dust, affecting their performance.


Under the Bed: The space beneath the bed can become a storehouse for dust, lost items, and sometimes even pests. A thorough vacuum and wipe-down are essential.

Inside Wardrobes: Just like kitchen cabinets, wardrobes need their interiors cleaned out, especially if it's been a while since the last tidy-up.

Window Sills: These can accumulate dust and sometimes even mould, especially during damp conditions.

The Value of a Deep Clean with Perfect Clean

Understanding what's involved in a deep clean is the first step. The next is recognising the importance of such a comprehensive service. Deep cleaning ensures:

Longevity of Household Items

Regular deep cleaning can increase the lifespan of appliances, furniture, and even the fabric items around your home.

Better Health

A cleaner home means fewer allergens, fewer bacteria, and a healthier living space.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that every corner of your home is clean provides a peace of mind that's truly unparalleled.

The Science Behind Effective Cleaning

Understanding Cleaning Agents

Delve into the different types of cleaning agents and their specific uses. Learn why certain agents are preferable for specific tasks.

Microbes and Sanitation

Discover the role of microbes in our living spaces and the importance of ensuring thorough sanitation to maintain a healthy environment.

Effectiveness of Mechanical Cleaning

Highlighting the importance of tools and machinery, such as vacuum cleaners and steam mops, in enhancing the cleaning process.

Chemistry of Cleaning Solutions

An exploration into how the chemical components in cleaning solutions work to break down dirt, stains, and microbes.

Maintaining Sustainability in Cleaning

Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions

Explore the world of green cleaning products and understand their benefits not only for the environment but also for your household.

Waste Management and Recycling

Learn about the importance of proper waste disposal after cleaning and how recycling can play a pivotal role in promoting sustainability.

Conserving Water in Cleaning

Tips and strategies for ensuring efficient cleaning without wasting precious water resources.

Sustainable Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Understanding the advantages of using tools and equipment made from sustainable or recycled materials in the cleaning process.

Ready to Dive Deep into Cleaning Excellence?

Transforming your home into a haven of cleanliness doesn't have to be a daunting task. By embracing the science of cleaning and prioritising sustainable methods, you not only ensure a pristine living environment but also contribute positively to the planet. Remember, with Perfect Clean by your side, you're not just getting a cleaning service; you're investing in a brighter, cleaner future for your home. Dive deep, and let us help you elevate your cleaning standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should one opt for deep cleaning?

While regular cleaning should be a weekly affair, deep cleaning can be undertaken every 3-6 months. This ensures that no area of your home becomes a long-term repository for dust and grime.

Is deep cleaning more time-consuming

Yes, as it covers areas often overlooked in regular cleaning. However, the results are worth the investment of time.

Do I need special products for deep cleaning?

While regular cleaning products can be used, there are specific products designed to tackle stubborn grime and stains, making the process more efficient.

Can I do it myself or should I hire professionals?

While deep cleaning can be a DIY task, hiring professionals like Perfect Clean ensures the job is done efficiently and thoroughly, saving you time and effort.

Are there any areas of the home not covered by deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning aims to cover every nook and cranny of your home. However, specifics can vary based on service providers.

What makes Perfect Clean’s deep cleaning different?

Perfect Clean prides itself on a comprehensive checklist and a team of trained professionals who ensure your home shines from every angle.


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