Discover Hidden Filipino Skincare Gems through Geessentials' Curated Selection

October 19, 2023

In the vast world of skincare, the Philippines remains an overlooked treasure trove bursting with lush botanicals, artisanal craftsmanship, and beautifying secrets honed over generations. That's why New Zealand-based ecommerce retailer Geessentials makes it their mission to curate the best skincare finds from top Filipino brands for customers worldwide.

Keep reading to uncover the skin-nourishing ingredients, century-old beauty rituals, and luxurious products that make Filipino skincare products a hidden gem. Geessentials gathers the greatest hits so you can discover them all in one place.

Natural Filipino Skincare Ingredients for Healthy, Radiant Skin

Lush native botanicals form the base of exceptional Filipino skincare. Local plants utilized for centuries contain vitamins, antioxidants and nourishing compounds that tend to skin gently yet effectively. Here are some iconic ingredients and why they beautify Filipina complexions:


This tangy Filipino lime contains ultra-high vitamin C levels to even skin tone, boost collagen, and fade dark spots for brightness.

Coconut Oil:

Smooths and deeply moisturizes without clogging pores thanks to its signature medium-chain fatty acids like lauric acid. Also provides antioxidant vitamin E.


A Filipino skincare staple, rice water and rice bran oil nourish and calm sensitive skin while helping fade marks from acne or sun damage.

Tropical Fruit:

Papaya, banana, and pineapple offer skin-friendly vitamins and enzymes to gently exfoliate and renew radiance.

The botanical bounty of the Philippines offers a skincare treasure trove. By curating products harnessing native extracts like these, Geessentials makes it easy to access their beautifying benefits.

Timeless Filipino Skincare Traditions Passed Down Through Generations

Equally important as ingredients are the enduring skincare rituals and innovations unique to Philippine culture. Two principles have shaped homegrown skincare practices for centuries:

DIY Skincare:

Filipinas have long handcrafted skincare using food-based ingredients like milk, fruit, and vinegar. This DIY ethos to create personalized formulas persists today.

Fresh Ingredients:

Only fresh, natural ingredients right from the source make it into traditional concoctions. Modern brands uphold this commitment to raw, regional ingredients by sourcing from local farmers.

Respect for these rituals runs through the best Filipino skincare brands curated by Geessentials. By upholding food-based recipes and local sourcing, their products evoke radiance the traditional way.

The Finest Treasures of Filipino Skincare Curated Just for You

After learning about the botanicals, rituals, and craft behind the Philippines' unique skincare approach, discover products that embody it best. Geessentials' carefully curated lineup represents the gems of this often overlooked region so you can try them yourself.

Here is a preview of top Filipino skincare finds available through their ecommerce shop:

Kanela Skin:

Organic plant oils like calamansi andessential oils perfect for sensitive skin. Try their Pure Calamansi Oil.

Oka Living:

Natural coconut oil-based scrubs and masks harnessing rice, mango, coffee, and more Filipino ingredients. Must-try: Buko Pandan Body Polish.

Human Nature:

Eco-friendly skincare featuring plant-based formulas like banana hair conditioner and calamansi toner. Fan favorite: Tomato Serum with salicylic acid.

These examples only scratch the surface of Geessentials' expansive collection of luxury to drugstore skincare picks representing the diversity of the Filipino skincare landscape. They do the curation work so you can easily discover new brands.

Geessentials: Your Ecommerce Destination for Hidden Filipino Skincare Treasures

For too long, the world overlooked the natural skincare treasures of the Philippines. But Geessentials is on a mission to bring these finds out of obscurity so everyone can access their benefits.

Skip the long-haul to Manila with Geessentials' curated ecommerce shop. Their passion for showcasing top Filipino skincare shines through in the boutique selection they offer international customers.

Discover your next skincare gem through the Filipino brands and products Geessentials has carefully gathered just for you. From indie artisans to global favorites, their shop unveils the region's botanical secrets and time-honored beauty wisdom so you can pamper your skin right at home.

Explore the nurturing, glow-giving world of Filipino skincare for yourself at You'll find these lush islands had the radiant complexion secret you were looking for all along.


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