Feeding the Frugal: A Guide to Scoring Cheap Food at Pound Shops

October 9, 2023

Tightening the belt is always necessary when living on a budget. Ideally, when financially constrained, many often prefer to rely on fast food options for an affordable meal; however, did you know that there is an alternative way of grabbing tasty and nutritious food even with a strained budget? One can significantly reduce their weekly food expenditure with pound shop food purchases. But where does one begin when they've never explored the frugal world of pound shop feeding? Right here, with this guide to maximizing your shopping spree at pound shops and finding the right food items to match your budget. Read on for the scoop.

Go for bargain buys

Pound shops are renowned for their bargain buys, especially when it comes to food. So watch out for deals like buy one get one free or multi-buy offers in your local pound shops when you're stocking up on essentials like bread, cereal, and tinned goods. Just be careful not to buy items you don't need just because they are on offer.

Compare prices

While pound shops are typically cheaper than other retailers, comparing prices to ensure you get the best deal is always a good idea. Please take note of the prices of your usual items at other supermarkets and compare them to the prices at the Pound Shop. You may find that some items are cheaper elsewhere, whereas others are significantly cheaper at the pound shop. If you prefer shopping in one place, we'd recommend taking advantage of coupons and discount codes on those slightly higher-priced items at pound shops.

Look for bulk items

You'll find remarkably great deals on bulk items in pound shops, particularly canned goods, pasta, and rice. These pantry staples are quite popular for their reasonable pricing, although you need to ensure that you have the storage space for them before going crazy. Another bulk purchase that could save you some coins is grains and flour; not only are these two non-perishable, but they're also highly nutritious and make for a versatile range of meal options.

Note: While bulk buying is budget-friendly, it is advisable to do the math and compare bulk prices to one-size prices before making any purchases

Don't forget about brand names

Don't discount brand-name items when shopping at a pound shop. Stay open to trying out brands that aren't your typical go-to; for instance, import labels and generic brands. While you're most likely to run into these lesser-known brands at discount stores, you can also find big brands, such as Kellogg's or Nestle, at incredibly low prices. If you're the type that prefers sticking to certain brands, be sure to keep an eye out for them when shopping at a pound shop.

Be adventurous

It's important to be open to trying new things. We know most people are probably accustomed to a particular brand; however, pound shops are known to stock up on items you might not find at a regular supermarket. So, if you've never considered European spice imports and exotic snacks, now might be the time to keep an open mind as they are relatively cheaper. Besides, who's to say they might not grow into a new favorite during your tryouts?

Check the expiration dates

Before you feel discouraged, we must point out that pound shops have strict policies regarding food near its sell-by date. Nevertheless, if the food is still safe for consumption, you can find it on the aisles at a relatively affordable price as the shop is keen to clear up the inventory before its expiration.

Note: Stay away from anything out of date, and ensure you double-check the dates on the labels- this is an important step to avoid getting sick from eating expired food.


Shopping for food in pound shops is a fantastic way to save money and enjoy good quality, nutritious food. The key successes to maximizing your purchasing power on pound shop trips are to do your research, make a list based on your priorities and dietary needs, and employ the mentioned tips. With a little creativity and a pragmatic approach to spending, you can make your pound shops experience a great way to feed your family on a budget. So next time you shop, give your local pound shops a chance; you might be astonished at what you can find.


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