How to Choose Roof Color for a Red Brick House?

October 6, 2023

The outer brick structure of your house and other colors on the exterior play an important part in making the outer of your house a lively one. The roof color is very important because it defines the overall look and appearance of your house.

Color Combinations for Red Brick House

The exterior of your house is as important as its interior because after all this is what everyone going to see first when they come to your house or pass by it. Therefore, it is important to choose the roof color of your house very carefully because it should be in compliance with the other exterior. For this purpose, contact the best roofer in Norwich to ease your tasks.

There are numerous color combinations that work best with a red brick house. Choosing the roof color is not an easy decision and there are many other features that need to be considered before selecting the final color.

If you are the one with a red brick house and your roof needs to change color, then the following text will be very helpful in finding the best color for your roof.

Black Colored Shingle roof

The first suggestion is to pair your red-colored brick house with black colored shingle roof. This is a timeless color combination that never gets old. A single tone of solid black color goes perfectly well with the red exterior. The house will definitely look more beautiful with this combination if it has greenery and open lawns and trees around it. You can add a more aesthetic appearance by adding other things like a lamppost, a stone pathway, etc.

Bronze Colored Gable Roof

A gabled roof looks premium when combined with a red brick house. The architecture of the house will complement this style of roof. You can color the gabled roof in dark bronze to give it a striking appearance. This will be a bit expensive choice but it will be worth it. The final look will be a beautiful mix of both modern and traditional design.

Multi Colored Roof

For those who like a twist in the appearance of their house, they can choose this color option with a red brick house. The multi-colored option is a brilliant choice as it gives the house a unique and peculiar appearance. This color combination will work perfectly well for those who like classic colors with a twist. However, while making this choice make sure that all the colors should be in a lighter tone as compared to the red bricks so that they do not outshine the other exterior. The house will look amazing on sunny days.

Hues of Green and Red with Grey Colored Roof

This is another stunning combination that works harmoniously well with the red brick house. The main idea is to use the hues of red and green and make a gradient of these two colors on the roof. The house will be clearly visible even from the start of the street and your house will be a showstopper in the street! You can complement the look further with the help of nice lighting.

A mix of Metal and Gabel Roof

Another idea is to mix different materials instead of mixing colors to create an attractive look for your red brick house. You can mix the metal roof with a gable roof to create a contemporary and industrial look. The gable roof can be dark brown in color to match with red color of the bricks. The metal part of the roof can be colored dark bronze. The combination of three colors; red, brown, and bronze will give an astonishing look to your house.

A Beige or Drak Brownflat Roof

Another option to go with is a flat roof. You can use dark brown or beige color for the flat roof and its trimmings. They will complete the look with red bricks making the appearance of the house more stunning and fabulous. The light-colored flat roof and trimmings will create a funky vibe of the red bricks.

Gray Colored Slate Roof

The gray color complements very well with red. You can color the slate roof in a fading grey color and then add a bit of white as well on the trimmings. These two lightly toned colors will help to enhance the red on the bricks. Not only do these color combinations give a huge look to your house but it will also look very classic as well.

Black Colored Slate Roofs

Black color has a charm of its own and you can not deny this fact. Black when combined with red will give a modern look to your house. You can make a slate roof and paint it black to complement it with the red color of the bricks. The black color is a timeless choice that will enhance the look of your house and make it more pleasant.

Green Colored Gabled Roof

Gabled roofs are a way to give a traditional look to your house. Now that you have to complement the red brick house with the gabled roof, you should try using green color on the roof and then witness the magic. The lightly toned green shade will give a pleasant and welcoming look to the house while the red ricks will give more of a decorative look. The bright red and the faded green will complement each other and present a more stunning appearance.

Greyish Blue Tiled Roof

Tiles can never fail to impress us when it comes to the overall look or appearance of a house. The blue color is more on the greyish side to complement the red color of the bricks. These are two most classic and charming colors that will give a fantastic look to your house.

Summing Up

A red brick house is like an open canvas especially when you are decorating or renovating your house. The above-mentioned color combinations for the roofs of a red brick house can provide you with amazing ideas to give your house a more stunning and exquisite look. Also, ensure regular roof cleaning to make these combinations shine more bright


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