How to Measure Your Windows for Custom Blinds

October 5, 2023

Window blinds are instrumental in enhancing the beauty of your home, offering a wide variety of choices in styles, fabrics and colors. They also prove practical in controlling the amount of light entering your space.

But for them to look and function their greatest, custom fit blinds are mandatory. Accurate measurement of windows is thus crucial to achieving this optimal setup.

Selecting Your Blind Style

Before beginning the measurement process, it is crucial that you determine what style of blind you will be installing. Different styles might require varying measurement techniques.

For instance, roller blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds often have unique fitting aspects that would affect how you measure your window for blinds.

Knowing which style you prefer not only helps narrow down the measuring method but also assists in deciding whether you want inside mount or outside mount blinds.

Outside vs Inside Mounts

This is another essential concept that necessitates proper distilling before commencing measurements. An outside mount is where blinds hang outside your window recess - generally over the trim - mostly preferred when there’s deep obstruction within your window casing or if greater light blockage is desired.

An inside mount is where blinds hang inside your window recess, preferred for its sleek, clean and built-in look. Your final choice between these two depends on personal taste and your home’s window setup.

Measuring for Inside Mounts

Having decided on an inside mount due to its neat appearance, the measuring process differs from that of outside mounts. Begin by measuring the width at three different points: top, middle and bottom of the inside of your window frame.

Next, measure the height also at three different points: left, right and middle of the inside frame. Record the smallest measurement among your width measurements as your final width. Also, record the longest measurement among your height measurements as the final height.

Measuring for Outside Mounts

If you desire more light blockage or have deep obstructions in your window casing, an outside mount would be preferable. Start by determining where you want the blind to rest above your window; typically around 3 to 6 inches.

Next, measure the exact width from point to point where you want the blind's brackets to be installed. Lastly, measure your desired height starting from top of where you want the bracket down to where you want the blind hemmed. It is noteworthy that adding a few inches to both dimensions is always a good idea for optimum coverage.

Taking Depth Measurements

Blinds sit nicely within your window frame when there's adequate mounting depth. And measuring this isn't complicated either.

Just run a tape measure straight back from near your window glass to where it hits your window trim (for inside mounts); or from front side of your molding to back side (for outside mounts).

A minimum unobstructed depth of around 2 inches is generally needed with most types of blinds – consult with manufacturer specifications to confirm.

Measuring for Vertical Blinds

The process of taking dimensions for vertical blinds differs slightly from other blind types. With inside mounts, measure width and height at different points as previously described.

While on outside mounts, measure width from where you would want one edge of your track to the other, then measure height from where top of headrail will be installed down to your desired length. Always include an extra inch or two in both dimensions when dealing with outside mounts.

Double Checking Measurements

It is always a good practice to double-check measurements before ordering your custom blinds. This includes rechecking all width, height and depth measurements, ensuring none seem unusually small or large.

Verifying iterations of each measurement that you noted earlier and confirming that the smallest width and largest height for inside mounts (and vice versa with outside mounts) are correctly identified would save you from potential redoing costs.

Professional Measurement Services

In the event that measuring your windows for custom blinds appears daunting or you prefer detailed accuracy, many blind manufacturers and independent professionals provide comprehensive measurement services.

These professionals come equipped with precise tools and have extensive industry knowledge to measure your windows accurately, addressing any specific obstacles like uneven window frames or uniquely shaped windows.

The Essential Role of Accuracy

As reiterated throughout the guide, accuracy in measurement plays an essential role in ensuring fitting of perfect custom blinds. Inaccurate measurements can result in ill-fitting blinds, detracting from both functionally and visually.

Furthermore, poorly measured blinds can allow unwanted light leaks or potentially damage the window structure over time due to forced adjustments.

Purchasing Your Custom Blinds

Armed with your precise measurements, you are now ready to purchase your custom blinds. Most retailers offer options to input precise dimensions, and some even provide virtual room viewers for a preview of how different styles will look in your home.

Remember to double-check your measurements one last time before finalizing your order as most companies do not accept returns on custom made products due to incorrect measuring.

In Conclusion

Inadequate measuring for custom window blinds can lead to subpar performance, making mastering this task pivotal. With patience and precision at hand, using the outlined steps will yield effective results. Then, all there is to relishing the beauty of your new custom blinds is merely waiting for delivery and installing them.


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