Ideas for themed nights at your pub

October 19, 2023

Looking to attract more punters? Themed nights might just be the way to go. Pubs and clubs up and down the country put on special deals and events throughout the week to encourage more business on those quieter nights. If you think this is something your pub could do more, here are some ideas to help you get the pints flowing.

Live music nights

One option to help bring more atmosphere and energy to your pub is live music. As a landlord, you can source local performers or pay for bigger names to grace your stage in an attempt to draw in the crowds. Be sure to check if you need a licence before you arrange anything, though.

Whether you stick to a certain genre or showcase a variety of styles, live music is great at attracting a diverse range of people who perhaps wouldn’t normally come into your establishment. Why not add a few live music nights to the calendar?

Thirsty Thursday

There’s no denying it: Brits love a special deal on drinks. Thirsty Thursday, two for one, happy hour and many more offers help to attract customers looking for a good time. Many establishments run these sorts of nights throughout the week to increase footfall when it’s needed most.

It doesn’t have to be Thirsty Thursday; how about Tequila Tuesdays or a special happy hour on Friday nights? Consider what gaps you need to fill and design something to bring in the punters.

Sports nights

There’s always some form of sport on, whether it be football, rugby or F1. Making these events central to your weekly schedule is a good way to attract customers who are interested in watching live sports as much as they are drinking.

Many bars and pubs invest in bigger or more TVs for this exact reason, although pub insurance documents often have to be updated accordingly. If your entertainment systems are a little outdated, why not upgrade and run a few nights focused on big sporting fixtures or events?

Quiz nights

Attract groups with prizes, drinks and a great atmosphere during your very own pub quiz nights. Few people can turn down a trivia night, with many keen to prove their worth when it comes to general knowledge and all kinds of specialist categories – you could even look at entire quizzes themed around specific topics like films, the 90s or video games.

You can offer prizes for the winners or just leave them to revel in the glory of victory; either way, it’s a great way to keep people in your pub and buying more drinks. Be sure to get a good quiz master, though!


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