Lab Grown Diamonds And Customization

October 30, 2023


All consumers that visit Rare Carat know that it is one of the most comprehensive marketplaces to find quality stones for customized jewelry. One of the best ways to do this is to Shop at Rare Carat for lab-grown diamonds and take advantage of their benefits.


Creating Bespoke Jewelry With Lab-Grown Diamonds.


Lab diamonds are the perfect choice when looking for customizable diamond jewelry because of their advantages over mined stones. With mined diamonds, there are pre-cut stones available to buy at a high price. The chances of finding a pre-existing stone that precisely matches a designer's vision or a statement piece are low. It might have the right color, but maybe not the level of clarity or the shape they had in mind. Or, they might find a radiant cut diamond that's the perfect carat but doesn't have the intensity of color they dreamed of.


These buyers could go around in circles for weeks desperately searching for the right fit in the run-up to an important event. Meanwhile, the best lab facilities are crafting brand-new stones to order within this short time frame. They can take on a request for a specific carat and color, grow diamonds from carbon seeds, and treat them to match these specifications. It is then up to the diamond cutters to create the ideal shape and cut. Buyers can have a bespoke stone in no time and have that one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for their event.


There is some uncertainty and stigma around lab-grown diamonds where some collectors and designs aren't sure about their validity and quality. This is unfounded as these stones are as real as the ones from the ground, graded to the same GIA standards, and can end up with high clarity ratings. The authenticity of these stones also means designers can shape them into any cut they want. Many will enjoy recreating classic looks with these modern stones, such as radiant, round, or cushion-cut diamonds. However, others like to go for a bolder look, such as the emerald, princess, or Asscher cut diamonds. The choice is enormous with new contemporary options too.


Customizing The Perfect Ring With Rare Carat


Anyone that doesn't want to go direct to a laboratory to order a bespoke lab-grown diamond for custom rings can visit Rare Carat instead. This is a simple way to source lab-grown stones of different shapes, carats, and colors and then build a customized ring from scratch. The best place to start is with the main centre stone. The step-by-step platform makes it easy for buyers to determine their preferences based on color, clarity rating, carat, and more.


Once they have the perfect centre stone, they can think about other details for building the ideal ring. The setting is just as important. For example, will this stone stand proud on its own on a simple band or does it need additional secondary stones, a halo, or a pave setting? Those that want to go for additional stones can locate these on the marketplace too. The broad range of options, especially when specifying lab-grown stones, means all kinds of options. For example, couples could go for a 4-carat fancy-colored Asscher cut diamond in a halo of small near-colorless round stones.


Why Shop With Rare Carat For The Best Lab-Grown Diamonds?


Buyers that choose to shop with Rare Carat can enjoy this great customization experience with the added benefits of user-friendly processes and great customer service. Customer service is a strong influence on the 4.9/5 rating on TrustPilot right now. Buyers are impressed with the level of care and the transparency over all the stones on offer.


Every matched stone comes with a detailed report highlighting different qualities and potential flaws. The Rare Carat expert gemologists will pair users with options that best suit their needs and budget, with complete honesty over any low-grade elements. Buyers then get an informed choice and the confidence to find precisely what they need. This is why many will come back and shop with Rare Carat for future purchases.


Rare Carat leads the way in the world of online diamond marketplaces because it is so accessible, trustworthy, and open to the advantages of lab-grown stones. There is no better place to find lab-grown diamonds for customized jewelry.


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