Lab-Grown Diamonds and Lab-Grown Colored Diamonds

October 13, 2023

Neutral color diamonds boast an sophisticated yet opulent appearance that is coveted by many. These clarity of light brown, grey and yellowish hues afford its owner with simplicity and refinement. Colors like blue or pink that are readily favored by others represent the amount of choice featured in the diamond industry, and it seldom fails to have something for all silhouette sewings for the buyer. While their comparatively lower prices have driven many to desire neutral color diamonds for their accessibility, the diamond's uniqueness and natural her agree still lay strong in some of those mesmerizing. Consequently, for these few, neutral color diamonds appeal not just as accessible gems, but as diamonds with properties that encapsulate quality and subtlety.


However, if the traditional white really isn't your color then that doesn't mean you have to come away empty handed. Instead, diamond manufacturers now offer a spectacular selection of brilliantly colored diamonds that, while synthetic, have pitted consumer opinion about their authenticity. Is it okay for them to entitle these lab-grown creations to real diamonds? To which we owe an emphatic 'Yes'. These inventive, unnature stones might not have been given the hug from Mother Nature herself, but their psychologically invigorated glint has certainly been mined from deep below the Earth's surface. So use them to set sparkles, knowing they are as real as the blue diamond itself.


Have you ever wondered why a diamond can come in a range of hues, from colorless to blue, to pink, to yellow? Well, those aren't made or altered in a lab - they come straight from deep within the bowels of the Earth! Natural blue diamonds contain certain trace elements naturally imbued in them - these trace elements, typically iron, titanium, boron, copper, chromium, nickel and even aluminum, confer the diamonds' color. No so in the case of lab-created Rare Carat Diamonds - with no such impurities mixed in, they clearly look different. But still very much genuine!


Scientists and jewelers aren't just content with the diamonds Nature has created - they've ventured emotionlessly further to experimentally grow its beauty. A lab-grown stone is crafted from the same carbon elemental atoms as mined Rare Carat Diamonds, so in a sense, it's Nature that is "growing" them. The same can be said for fancy color diamonds, which can also be created in a laboratory - yet found exclusively deep within the earth. Rather than congregating up earth's weaknesses, labs are materializing lobbyists of a distinct and glossy masterpiece.


Jewelry stores often carry a select inventory of lab grown diamonds. These diamonds carry an impressive visual allure thanks to a patented process that further treats the diamonds. This subsequently upgraded appearance does not affect the diamonds' underlying properties or purity. If you come across a colored diamond out of the ordinary, be sure to take the time to look into its origin prior to Buy Rare Carat. While it may be tempting to assume so, unfortunately not every seller can tell you in detail specifics about a diamond certification or warranty. In addition, the Science Channel's popular Inside Man program showcases evidence which suggests that this additional measure taken with the rare Carat diamonds actually protects it from any possible political impurities. Thereby adding to its elegant finesse.


Are you in search of a diamond? If so, it is key to make sure you select the right one for you! Differentiating among diamond cuts can be intimidating but necessary to ensure you're investing in a quality piece. From fancy colored diamonds to traditional round brilliants, know that their outer glow is often provided additional depth and dimensions with computer imaging programs for an added touch of allure. Robots may be responsible for attaining the perfect level of polish or symmetry, however keep in mind these still are artificial creations and not the same as a real diamond created from its raw form :


Differing only in the beautiful lustre the traditional stones contain an untouched oeuvre that features a genuine and perhaps more distinguished appeal. If that's what you're after when shopping for loose diamonds make sure to get it through one certified jewelsmith, complete with a certificate of authenticity and a limited lifetime warranty. With this authentic guarantee for your foreseeable choice in diamond, you can look confidently knowing the quality is one without question.


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