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October 27, 2023, a leading legal platform, provides comprehensive legal tools and information to legal professionals, individuals and businesses worldwide. They aim to simplify the process of obtaining legal advice and services for people who need them. offers a one-stop shop for all legal needs. We offer legal consultations and advice from top attorneys. Our directory also provides document preparation by attorneys. You can research professional practices, or find legal professionals. Legal support is needed by anyone facing legal issues, including businesses. Whoever they are, we can help. Everyone can find something useful on the road to legal knowledge!

The Legal Tech and Legal AI were designed and developed Grandmaster Boris Kreiman and his team. This included Kseniya dzigava-Kreiman as cofounder, Kreiman's wife. Kreiman founded in order to teach children the potential of AI through chess. He was one of the first researchers to study artificial intelligence, and he saw its development and birth. Boris is a technology expert who has been working in the field for over two decades. He develops artificial intelligence algorithms and processes. In the early 2000s, he began to work with AI by using chess server software. He tested machine intelligence against creativity and human intuition. AI legal technology is a combination of AI transformative power and chess experience. Kreiman is convinced that artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool to bring about justice and revolutionize the way legal technology works. is your best legal resource for a number of reasons:

Find the right lawyer

Finding and connecting to the right legal representative can help you resolve legal issues quickly and effectively. developed a local lawyer search tool that is easy to use and allows users to find lawyers based on their location, experience level and practice areas.

The tool allows users to find lawyers based on their location, practice areas, credentials, fees and client feedback. This helps them make an educated decision when choosing legal representation. Users can also post their legal concerns on the platform and receive quotes from multiple attorneys.

Local Lawyer Finder makes it easy and quick for users to find an experienced lawyer who can meet their legal needs.

Document Preparation Resources

For those who lack legal knowledge or expertise, preparing legal forms is a time-consuming process. provides document information to help users create legal documents such as contracts, wills and power of attorney.

Users can customize legal documents by filling out templates with their own personal information and data.

Legal Research Resources’s Legal Research Resources provide users with all the information they need for successful litigation. From articles, blogs and case law to statutes and cases of court rulings and precedents.

The platform includes a simple legal dictionary that explains legal concepts and terms in plain English. The platform also provides access to templates and legal forms for different types of legal documents, such as court forms, business form and others. offers reliable and up-to date legal resources that save you the trouble of having to search elsewhere. provides access to all state laws, legal forms and other documents from the US., the flagship site of, also has two other sites: (for state laws) and (for legal forms). These websites provide users with more resources and tools to navigate state laws and documents.

The platform provides access to statutes, rules and regulations for each US state as well as Constitution of USA for kids. This platform provides state-specific data on estate planning, family law, criminal laws, and other areas. offers detailed information on state-specific legislation, including statutes, court decisions, and articles of law. On the website, users can access news and legal articles about state laws. has a user-friendly website that allows you to easily find relevant information. Not only that, but also boasts a vast network of lawyers across America!

Legal forms and documents provides users with an extensive library of templates and legal forms related to different areas of law, such as employment, family, business and real estate. Users can use customizable forms to create legal documents like contracts. offers templates that are easy to use and tailored for state-specific guidelines. The forms can be used to create legal documents, contracts, or other procedures, such as setting up a business, buying/selling property, creating a legal contract, etc. helps users save time and make the process easier. is a comprehensive source of legal resources, tools, and information. as well as offer easy-to use solutions to simplify complicated procedures. These platforms offer users valuable resources to help them understand state laws or obtain legal documents. provides users with a wealth of information, legal documents and an attorney directory. This allows them to save time and money and ensure that their legal problems are handled quickly and correctly. is a comprehensive resource that provides all the tools and resources needed for anyone seeking legal support and guidance.

Divorce laws and marriage laws: essential resources for relationship matters

Divorce proceedings and marriage disputes can be emotionally draining. provides two platforms that provide comprehensive resources for divorce and marital disputes. These offer users the guidance, resources, and information needed to successfully navigate these proceedings.

Divorce Information Platform. provides information on the divorce laws and their implementation across America. This site offers resources for marriage dissolutions, divorce court cases and issues related to post-divorce such as child support and alimony payments. Divorce.laws also provides detailed information on how to file divorce papers and legal procedures, as well as state-specific divorce laws.

The site provides in-depth information on divorce issues such as property division, child custody, shared parenting, and spousal maintenance. Mediation and Collaborative practice method are also options for settling divorce disputes. offers legal advice, forms and representation for anyone involved in the divorce process. They provide online divorce forms that make it easier for users to file divorce documents. Additionally, they connect them with attorneys who are experts in divorce and family law.

Texas and Louisiana Marriage Laws and Statutes provides legal information and advice on marriage, divorce and other marital issues. This platform allows users to find information about family law matters such as marriage licenses and prenuptial contracts. Couples can also take advantage of its resources to keep their marriages strong, legal and airtight.

The site provides a wide range of forms that meet state requirements, including templates for marriages and other post-marriage issues, such as divorce documents, joint wills and living wills. offers legal advice for prenuptial contracts to couples who want to clarify the conditions of their marriage, including inheritance and property division if they divorce or die. This platform offers legal advice on cohabitation, domestic partnerships and their possible legal implications.

The Child Support and Alimony Payments Act: All You need to Know

This site offers comprehensive information on child support and child alimony, two key divorce issues. It helps parents to navigate the complex legal landscape. provides an interactive child support calculator that helps parties calculate how much they should each contribute according to the state's guidelines. It also offers valuable information about child custody, parenting plans, and visitation rights. provides information about child alimony when both parents have joint parental responsibility and the ways in which a court can order that financial support be paid to a parent with primary custody. The article explains the factors that are taken into account by the court when determining child support amounts and payments. & offer powerful online platforms that provide users with essential legal advice regarding divorce and marriage proceedings. These resources provide essential help for users, whether they are looking to dissolve their marriage or keep it intact. provides users with platforms that make it easy to access legal information about family issues. These platforms provide insight on all the problems affecting children, spouses and extended families in these trying times. Users can expect to receive documents that meet or surpass legal requirements, as well as have quick access and education on legal matters.

Legal News and Updates

It is important to stay abreast of the latest legal developments for both individuals and businesses. provides legal information on a variety of legal topics, including legal cases and changes in laws. offers a comprehensive legal platform that provides access to information, tools and resources for legal professionals and individuals worldwide. Platform aims to simplify legal processes, while facilitating easy access to legal resources. has something to offer everyone. offers a variety of platforms that are easy to use, affordable, and convenient for anyone who needs legal information, whether they need professional advice or just want legal help.


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