Lords of the Fallen Best Strength, Agility, and Magic Build

October 30, 2023

This guide will provide an overview of the best Strength, Agility and Magic builds in Lords of the Fallen for 2023. We'll cover optimal stat allocation, weapons, armor, and tactics for each build.


Highlight List

  • Overview of Strength, Agility, and Magic builds
  • Stat allocation recommendations
  • Best weapons and armor for each build
  • Tactics and playstyle advice

Strength Build

The Strength build in Lords of the Fallen focuses on dealing with huge amounts of melee damage. This is achieved by investing heavily in Strength and Endurance.

When allocating stats, your priorities should be getting Strength to 40 first, followed by Endurance to 20. Some Magic and Agility investments can be useful too. The best weapons for this build are two-handed ultra greatswords and great hammers.

Some of the most powerful strength weapons include the Tower Shield and Warhammer. For armor, prioritize high-poise heavy sets that allow you to trade blows without being staggered. Maintain proximity to enemies and time your attacks after blocking enemy blows.

Agility Build

The Agility build focuses on fast attacks and dodging. Invest most points into Agility first followed by Strength or Magic. Aim for 30-40 Agility minimum.

Equip light armor sets that don't negatively impact your dodge rolls. Use fast dexterity weapons like daggers, rapiers, and curved swords. Delay your dodges until the last second before the enemy attacks land for optimal iframes.

Backstabs and parries are essential for this build. Strike in quick bursts while remaining evasive. With sufficient Agility, you can dodge and punish most enemy attacks with ease.

Magic Build

A Magic build utilizes spells for offense instead of weapons. Prioritize Intelligence followed by Willpower and Mind. 30 Intelligence should be your minimum target.

Staves and Chimes are your main weapons. Boost magic damage with the appropriate damage rings. Light armor helps maintain casting speed. Keep your distance and use homing spells to overwhelm enemies.

Powerful offensive spells include Swarm, Lightning Bolt, and Soul Arrow. Support spells like Ironflesh and Heal are also valuable. With proper management of Focus Points, a dedicated magic user can defeat enemies safely from afar.


With the right stat investment, gear, and tactics, Strength, Agility and Magic builds can dominate cheap Lords of the Fallen Vigor's challenges. Focus on your primary offensive stats, equip synergistic weapons and armor, and play to the strengths of each build for the best results.


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