Mastering the Lateral Pass in Madden 24: Input Commands and Tips for Success

October 2, 2023


In the dynamic and strategic world of Madden 24, offensive plays offer a multitude of ways to advance the ball down the field. Among these options is the powerful lateral pass, a play that can keep the run going and open up touchdown opportunities for your team. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about performing a lateral pass in Madden 24, including the input commands for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, as well as some essential tips to ensure success on the field.

Understanding the Lateral Pass in Madden 24

The lateral pass is a maneuver that allows the ball carrier to throw the ball sideways or backward to a nearby teammate, keeping the play alive and potentially gaining extra yards. It is a valuable tool in your offensive arsenal, but mastering the timing and execution is crucial for its success.

Performing a Lateral Pass in Madden 24

To execute a lateral pass in Madden 24, follow these input commands based on your controller:

PlayStation: Press L1

Xbox: Press LB

By pressing the corresponding button, the ball carrier will release the ball laterally to the nearest teammate.

Key Considerations for a Successful Lateral Pass

While the lateral pass may seem straightforward, several factors come into play to ensure a successful execution. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Timing is Everything: The timing of the lateral pass is critical. It's important to wait until the teammate is in the optimal position to receive the lateral. If executed too early or too late, the play may result in a turnover or loss of yardage.

Maintain Spatial Awareness: Before attempting a lateral pass, be aware of the positioning of your teammates. Ideally, there should be a teammate directly behind or parallel to the ball carrier, ready to receive the lateral. Avoid attempting a lateral if there is a significant gap between the ball carrier and the intended recipient, as it increases the risk of interception.

Practice Makes Perfect: Like any other skill in Madden 24, mastering the lateral pass requires practice. Experiment with different scenarios in practice mode or during exhibition games to develop a sense of timing and spatial awareness. By honing your skills, you'll be better prepared to execute successful lateral passes during intense gameplay situations.

Assess the Risk vs. Reward: While the lateral pass can be a powerful offensive weapon, it's essential to evaluate the risk versus the potential reward. Consider the game situation, the positioning of the defenders, and the skill level of your teammates before attempting a lateral pass. Sometimes, a traditional forward pass or running play may be a safer and more effective option.

Communication and Team Chemistry: The success of a lateral pass often relies on the chemistry and understanding between teammates. Develop a strong connection with your fellow players, whether it's through online multiplayer or with AI-controlled teammates in single-player modes. By building trust and communication, you can increase the effectiveness of lateral passes and other cooperative plays.

Incorporating the lateral pass into your offensive strategy can add an element of surprise and versatility to your gameplay in Madden 24. Mastering this maneuver requires precision, practice, and a deep understanding of the game's mechanics. By following the input commands and implementing the tips provided, you'll be on your way to executing successful lateral passes, extending your drives, and maximizing your team's scoring opportunities.

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