Must Have Features to Have in Taxi Dispatch Software: 2024 Edition

October 31, 2023



There are approximately 285 million automobiles in the United States.

Just consider the number of them in the world. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people who depend on cabs because driving a car has a lot of drawbacks. There are parking issues, heavy traffic, and comparatively high maintenance costs. Since there are more and more people driving, there are more and more options available on the market, particularly for crowdsourced taxi services. Technology advancements and the availability of no-code solutions have made it simpler and easier than ever to create an app with taxi dispatch software. This is why taxi dispatch solutions are very popular these days.

How to Develop Your Own Taxi Dispatch Software?

It's not hard to create your own taxi booking app. All you need is a direction and a place to go. We have one of the ways indicated below to get you to your goal out of several ideas. When developing a taxi app, there are a lot of things to take into account, such as market research, target audience identification, selecting the essential and optional features, and estimating development costs and schedule.

Identify Gaps

The first stage is to consider the important factors that are crucial to the success of a taxi booking app. These facets encompass competitor analysis and current market research. This aids in determining the holes in the taxi booking market that your vertical can close. This finally brings us to the main and distinctive features you may provide in a new way in your taxi booking app.

Determine Expertise

Determining the segment of the taxi industry you will serve is a crucial hurdle to overcome. Stated differently, the area of the segment that you are more drawn to. Are you carpooling, using a cab app only available to women, going out of town, or what? This will demonstrate your app's superior taxi booking ability.

Revenue Model and Business Model

The trickiest but most important step for any firm occurs after the first two. A safe and ideal revenue and business model determines how well your company will go in the future. Make sure your deliverables and the plan you're going to use are clear, and create the best taxi dispatch software.

Prepare your app

It's time to expedite the activation procedure now. To outperform existing competitors, launch your taxi booking app with the newest features, the best UI/UX, and exclusive offers. Don't forget to test your app across a variety of platforms. This will assist in resolving any issue as soon as possible. With our help, create the ideal app with a taxi dispatch solution.

Create your MVP.

After the app is released, give it a specific period of time to get traction. To make it better, regularly monitor ratings, reviews, and user comments. Keep in close contact with the app development team to resolve any problems as soon as they appear. You're now set to dominate the industry!

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Challenges You May Face During Development Process

There are obstacles in any development process that must be overcome. The following are the main difficulties our taxi app development company has encountered.

How to deal with halts

How to respond when a passenger requests a stop—for example, to smoke. The motorist can, on the one hand, signal it. Our client would rather have this option automated, though. Next, we have the issue of GPS not pausing when an automobile stops. It depicts it as moving around a specific location. On the other hand, we also need to find a taxi dispatch solution for traffic jams, so that the sensor won't halt and charge passengers for traveling slowly in a traffic bottleneck.

Geographical misplacement

Integration of Google Maps into taxi applications is not feasible due to its lack of accuracy. Since City Guide offers more precise coordinates, localities, and addresses, taxi drivers in Ukraine use it. To determine which local geolocation system is ideal for other nations, it is important to compare it with Google Maps.

Testing GPS

Since the taxi service involves following a predetermined route, accurate GPS testing should be done. Either use a simulator or test it out in real life with an actual car. Computation of ride costs Automating the computation of ride costs can be challenging, particularly if the trip is long-distance, involves several stops, or travels to a different city.

Description of a parking lot

The driver app should be created with your chosen business model in mind. Cars don't need to be approved if you have your own parking lot, but if you want to operate more like Uber, the cars should be inspected, their pictures submitted, and the drivers should add funds to their accounts.

The total cost of taxi dispatch software will ultimately depend on how each of these difficulties is resolved and what features are added to the developed solution. Let's take a look at the features.

Features of The Best Taxi Dispatch Software

Geolocation & Routing

Our main and most important goal for a taxi booking app is to provide ride-matching and seamless routing features. The fact that taxi booking apps mainly rely on GPS systems, which obscures the complex architecture and system needed to compute correct distance and direction, baffles many innovators in the transportation business. Consequently, instead of depending only on GPS services, a routing server is essential to guarantee a seamless routing procedure.

A variety of payment gateways

The second most critical thing to think about when creating your own online cab booking is having a secure and simple payment channel. When paying for their transport, customers can choose from a variety of payment options, including bank transfers, digital wallets, and credit/debit cards, thanks to the numerous payment gateways available in taxi booking apps. In addition to giving users greater choice and potentially enhancing their overall experience, this function lowers the possibility of payment failures and boosts the system's dependability.

Sign Up and Personal Profile

The two most important components for tracking the user base when creating an app with a taxi dispatch solution are client authentication and profiles. Customers can register using their email addresses or social media profiles, which will speed up and simplify the procedure. It could also be essential to ask for their phone number.

You can ask for just the most basic details, such as a motorist's name, license plate number, and photo, to streamline driver profiles. A rating and assessment structure can also be added to improve the user experience and make the app more client-oriented.

Notifications through Push

Customers need to download two different applications in order to receive push notifications about bargains, new deals, and affordable trip packages. Your mobile app development business may easily add an option to your app that allows users to book taxis in advance for out-of-town trips, weekend getaways, or full-day rentals.

UI/UX Design

A taxi booking app's development budget is mostly used to create a UI/UX that is safe and easy to use. Uber has become the industry leader in cab booking apps because of its user-friendly and straightforward UI/UX design. Hiring mobile app developers or a mobile app development business will help to ensure that the taxi dispatch software has an easy-to-use and understandable GUI design, which will help you achieve similar success.

Choice to Cancel a Ride

An easy and rapid journey end is an essential component for a smooth and enjoyable voyage. It is imperative that users are able to terminate a journey with no fees or penalties in less than two minutes. By discouraging clients from postponing or canceling a scheduled trip, this feature aims to save them money and time.

To Wrap Up

According to Statista, the global ride-hailing services industry is expected to increase at an annual rate of $126,521 million by 2025. The market is highly competitive. Uber, Ola, and Meru are all vying with one another for supremacy. Through adherence to these guidelines and utilization of accessible tools and resources, enterprises can actualize their taxi app concept and secure a portion of the expanding on-demand transportation services market.

A trustworthy tech partner, or an app development business with extensive knowledge of developing taxi applications and related technologies, is essential to the success of any taxi app solution. It takes more than just a rudimentary understanding of app development concepts and methods to create apps like Uber and Lyft. Therefore, it is essential to do a thorough market analysis report on taxi dispatch software before starting the deployment phase.


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