Trusted Security Assessment Companies in Jamaica

October 10, 2023




Many businesses plan to hire or look for Security Assessment Companies that can protect their business data and safeguard the sensitive information that it holds. In modern times, the security threats such as cyber-attacks and hacking are no more a child’s play.They can endanger a successful business and can destroy it completely if there are no protection measures.


According to a recent study, the number of phishing attack victims increased by 40% in 2022, and it still remains a severe type of cybercrime. But, with the help and support of IT assessment security, many businesses have now streamlined their processes and enhanced their employees' efficiency. Some IT businesses consider cybersecurity providers to be a safewall against sudden cyberattacks.


Already in the Jamaican region, many top-notch companies use their help to stay and beat the growth competition.


Without further ado, this blog will explore some of the top IT assessment companies.


It will also highlight their credentials and contributions to boosting the business and taking it to the next level.


The Top Prime IT Assessment Companies in Jamaica

1. Annexus Technologies


They are a prominent IT support tech company in Jamaica that provides IT solutions for small to large enterprises. Presently, the company offers world class IT remote-managed services that includes enhanced IT security with cost reduction.


Their services also include direct IT assessment with consulting about IT solutions and support services.


With their client-centric approach, the team works on comprehensive risk assessments, IT audits as well as cybersecurity evaluations. If you want a reliable and trustworthy IT solution company for your business to tackle all the cybersecurity issues, then their team is a go-to choice for you as well as for other IT business companies.


2. Push Tech Solutions


This IT solution provider company was founded in 2019. They aim to lead technology outsourcing services, offering their clients cutting-edge digital services with custom-built software solutions.


Currently their area of expertise includes multi-discipline design, engineering and AI. They claim themselves as the global team of elite product and business experts. With reliable and trustworthy nature, they help solve the most complex and exciting tech verticals.


3. Astra Security


Call them one of the leading IT assessment companies in cybersecurity services and security assessment. Their current specialization is in web application security, including security audits, code review and threat modeling.


The Astra Security team has expertise in ensuring their clients’ web assets remain safe and shielded from upcoming or dangerous threats.


4. Sophos


It’s a well established company in Jamaica that plans on building the next-gen antivirus. They offer advanced solutions with professional expertise.


And assure their clients and businesses that their systems are well-guarded against cyber threats. Headquarters located in Abingdon, UK.


The company also offers cost-effective cybersecurity for small-scale businesses. They offer services to various industries such as education, US federal, healthcare, and more.


5. Rapid7


As mentioned on their site, they are the world’s only practitioner-first IT security solution provider. They have helped more than 11,000 global companies safeguard their data and provide cyber security assessments.


Some of their specialization involves cloud security and 24/7 system monitoring services from MDR experts.


6. BurpSuite


Mainly known for its software security application that tests web applications. The team offers paid and a free version of their software. They also help businesses with web application security, scanning, and testing.


With their software, many businesses can fix their web applications and make a more substantial online presence.


7. Zscaler


Zscaler is associated with a cloud-based security company that offers enterprise cloud security services. They currently deal in reducing risk as well as complexity. The team holds specialization in secure access to cloud resources.


They offer 3 types of business security plans in which they manage and secure SaaS and web access, secure private access, data protection, as well as optimized digital experience.


8. Syntax Technology Solutions Limited


Since 2013, they have provided unique technology solutions to many IT businesses. The company has a strong dedicated team of professionals that hold over a decade of experience in technology services.


The team has high-quality coding solutions with an agile approach to cybersecurity issues such as IT analysis, consulting, assessments, and more.


9. Kingston Cloud Limited


This IT assessment company mainly works in cloud computing services. It offers a scalable cloud infrastructure with data security and advanced disaster recovery planning. With bright innovation and top-tier customer service, it is one of Jamaica's leading IT assessment companies.


Final Words- The Ending Lines


In this digital age where there is no guarantee to secure your business assets, these IT assessment companies are like a ray of hope. With their help and advance support, you can give your business a new profound manner of safety and security from incoming cyber attacks that come without a warning.


These companies are at the forefront of technological advancements in Jamaica. This post lists the top IT assessment companies that work in Jamaica.


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