What Is The Taylor Swift Lover House?

October 14, 2023

Taylor Swift is a singer and songwriter, born in Pennsylvania in 1989. During the early years of her career she wrote and recorded country music, before switching gears to pop music a few albums later. She has an insane amount of hit songs, such as "Love Story", "Shake It Off", "Bad Blood", and "Blank Space". In 2020 her documentary Miss Americana was released. Currently on her Eras world tour, there will be another documentary coming out detailing the tour. In 2019 she released the album Lover, along with a music video for the “Lover” song. As soon as the video was released fans flooded the message boards with a plethora of theories. People actually have constructed their own Lover house. So, what exactly is the Taylor Swift Lover house? We’ve detailed each theory on exactly what it means below.

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Taylor Swift is known for many things, one of which is her music video Easter eggs. Her seventh studio album, Lover, features the hit 2019 single "Lover." Not only is it a catchy song, it also features a great music video. In the video, a child receives a snow globe with a house inside. The house has different rooms, and showcases a couple and their love story. Each room in the house is rumored to depict different past albums of Swift. With nine rooms in the house, let's deep dive into the theories on what each room represents. 



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Debut Album

The green room is located on the first floor of the house. It features different shades of green, from the couch to the wallpaper. Fans think this room depicts her debut album, as it's similar to the greenery background on the album. It's also the first room in the house, on the first floor.


Taylor's second album, Fearless was released in 2008. The song themes of this album detail  young love, friendship, and overall teenage emotions. In the room, which is painted in warm tones of yellow and orange, the two lovers are actually sitting upside down on the ceilings. Sitting in a cross-legged position, almost childlike, in what appears to be a child's, or teenager's bedroom.

Speak Now

This room is decorated in dark blue tones, almost in a royal aesthetic. With a chandelier and dim lighting, Taylor sits alone at the dinner table. The themes in her third album, Speak Now, detail the pains of heartbreak, your parents not approving of your partner, career and personal lows, and all around the turmoil of a 19 year old girl. The emotions during this time in one's life can feel overly dramatic and moody, much like this room. 



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This may be an obvious one, but this room is decorated in different shades of red, which is also the name of the album Red. In this room, there seems to be a New Years Eve party going on, hosted by the lovers. While the party is going on around Taylor, it seems she's just sitting alone on the couch and taking it all in. Her lover is having fun and mingling with the other party-goers. It seems this could be the beginning of a breakup, or the beginning of seeing the signs that the breakup is around the corner. Which is a huge theme of the Red album.


The rumored 1989 room in the Lover house is the bathroom. 1989 was the first album where Taylor went down the pop music route. In the middle of the bathroom there is a literal giant fishbowl that the two lovers are swimming in together. This looks like a metaphor for being in a fishbowl, feeling cramped, and not being able to escape. It was also around this time that Taylor was under a lot of media scrutiny, which was around the time in 2016 where she seemingly disappeared from the spotlight altogether. 


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After taking a break from the public eye, Taylor released the Reputation album. It's located in the attic, and features cozy moments between the lovers. Watching old home videos surrounded by boxes, seemingly holding sentimental items. Because Taylor wasn't seen in public between these two albums, it seems as if this depicts her hiding out.


The bedroom in the house is adorned in romantic pink tones. This is a good indication that the bedroom would be the Lover room. In this room, the couple has a fight, but then quickly makes up. Around this time in Taylor's life, she was navigating a seemingly healthy relationship, and re-entering the public eye while maintaining this once private relationship.  

Folklore & Evermore

The small staircase in the Lover house is a great metaphor for her two pandemic albums, Folklore and Evermore. Because these albums were released during a transition period in Taylor's life, it makes sense that it's depicted by a literal stairwell. Also, on the Eras tour, Taylor sings the songs from the Folklore album on a roof of a house, which looks like she could be climbing the stairs to the roof of the Lover house. Another interesting thing is the Evermore album was released in the summer, whereas the sister album Folklore was released in the winter. The closet section of the stairwell is full of only yellow clothing, seemingly depicting the sunshine of summer.


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Although not exactly a room, the front porch, and even the night sky all around the Lover house is rumored to depict the Midnights album. This is probably the most obvious theory, but the night sky is dark, and filled with stars, seemingly at midnight.


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Watch the official Lover music video below and see what ideas you may have.



What do you think of the Taylor Swift Lover house?

Conclusion: Theory or Coincidence

Taylor Swift loves a good Easter egg, and she seems to always be one step ahead. Every detail of this music video has theories upon theories, I find it hard to believe it’s just a coincidence. If you liked taking a deep dive into Taylor Swift’s Lover’s house, take a look at Whitney Houston’s house here.

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