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November 28, 2023

The production of buttons is one of the priority areas of activity of the Custombuttonco company. Specialists of this company use modern technologies, thus guaranteeing excellent quality of buttons. The assortment includes custom buttons for a wide variety of purposes and uses: custom buttons with a logo, custom metal buttons, polygraphic custom buttons, custom chest buttons, and commemorative and souvenir badges. In addition to buttons, the assortment also includes beautiful refrigerator magnets, decorative magnets for clothes, bottle openers, zippers, and various key chains. You can find out more about the available range of products on the company's website. Having familiarized yourself, you can buy a thing that you like. Delivery of purchased products within the United States of America is free.

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You can order and buy buttons of the following types

Let's get acquainted with the types of custom buttons in more detail:

  • Beautiful custom buttons with a logo (such types are actively used during various promotional events; also, it is part of the corporate style of any company that unites all team members into one team, they are worn as decoration);
  • Chest custom buttons (such buttons, as a rule, symbolize the affiliation of the wearer to some community or company; most often, such badges are used by sports and public organizations);
  • Commemorative and souvenir custom buttons, and badges (these are special buttons with the symbols of different countries and cities; they are also used for awards for some achievements, similar badges are awarded on anniversaries and important commemorative dates).

From simple sew-on buttons to innovative magnetic buttons, you can browse a wide selection of buttons for your clothing. The world of fashion and clothing is full of details, and accessories and buttons are among the most important and functional elements. It is not only practical but also a decoration that will add individuality and style to your clothes. Sewn-on buttons: Probably the most common type of button. These buttons are sewn onto clothes using a needle and thread. The key advantage is ease of use. Sewn-on buttons can be easily replaced and matched with most types of clothing, from shirts to jackets. Snap Buttons: Used to connect different parts of a garment. They consist of two parts: one is attached to the clothing, and the second is fastened to it. Fasteners provide a strong and secure connection and give your clothes a great look. Magnetic buttons: an innovative solution for clothing. They work based on magnetic fields, which makes them very useful. Simply align both sides of the magnetic button, which automatically switches from one side to the other. This is especially useful for people with limited mobility or for clothes that need to be folded and changed quickly. Magnetic buttons come in a variety of styles and can be used on a variety of clothing, from blouses to jackets. Denim buttons are commonly used in denim clothing. Denim buttons are usually made of metal and have a unique design.

How to choose buttons for clothes and bags?

The choice of appropriate buttons depends on the type of clothing, stylistic preferences, and functional requirements. When choosing buttons, consider the quality of the design, durability, and fit of the garment. Snap buttons and magnet buttons are great for everyday use, denim buttons are perfect for jeans, and sewn-on buttons add style to your creative projects. Buttons are not only a functional addition but also serve as a kind of design accent. With the right buttons, you can make your clothes more fashionable and unique. Follow current trends in the world of clothes and fashion, experiment, and use different buttons to add your character to your clothes.

Manufacturing technologies of custom buttons

Of course, metal is one of the main materials for production. But metal, although it holds the "palm of supremacy" in the production of modern custom buttons, still feels some competition, primarily from innovative materials. We are talking about polymers that are not subject to corrosion, and therefore retain their qualities for a long time, are well processed, and visually attractive. Most often, plastic (acrylic) is used for these purposes.

Even though wood is not as practical as metal or plastic, products made of it remain hot, because wood is traditionally recognized as the optimal solution, even in such small things as decorative elements. The beauty of the texture and color of wood of various species plays a huge role here. Modern technologies make it possible to improve the key properties of the material by impregnation with various varnishes or by covering custom buttons with transparent polymers that preserve design qualities but protect them from the manifestation of any mechanical damage.

A keyring with a ring is a classic and practical option. A key ring with a fastener is light. Fastening on a metal carabiner allows you to easily lock the key ring on any object. The main part of the key chains is a branded element with a logo.

Types and technologies used for branding key chains

Metal keychains. The manufacturing process of this type of accessory involves the chemical interaction of metal (brass) and acid. The result is a flat keychain with a three-dimensional image in the form of changes in the height of the metal. If there are colored parts in the layout, the recess is additionally covered with special enamels. In the manufacture of keyrings of this type, mechanical processing is allowed to obtain a smooth or matte surface of the product. The very shape of the product can repeat the streamlined contours of the logo.

Stamped keychains. The most technological process consists of cutting blanks for future key chains from brass with a special form. The finished product is covered with a galvanic coating and enamel. The use of stamping is economically rational if a large print run is ordered or if a certain depth of lines or pattern needs to be achieved.

Molded key chains. As a rule, these are three-dimensional key chains, key chains that have small slanted details in the picture, a complex outline, or holes. Molten metal is specially poured into a mold made of wax, which, after hardening, is polished. Molded key chains are covered with nickel or galvanic gilding. This technique of making key chains is not often used. This technology is considered the longest in terms of execution time and is quite expensive. People who need cast-shaped keychains made of precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) will need casting technology.

Keychains that are made of a material such as plastic. They are keychains of various shapes on an acrylic base. A sign with a full-color image is pasted on both sides of the acrylic blank. Such three-layering gives the finished key chain strength and volume. As a result, you can get a bright and attractive souvenir that is comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Keychains made of leather materials or with the addition of special leather inserts.

Keychains are made of a material such as wood. The key basis of this type of product is wood or special plywood based on wood. With the help of milling, you can get the complex shape of a key ring, images are applied by laser engraving. Due to the fragility of this material, it is recommended to make such key chains from wood in the simplest forms (without protruding elements in the product).

If you want to buy key chains and custom buttons that will have a visually beautiful appearance and a long service life, you can pay attention to metal products. Such key chains have not only a visually impressive appearance but also have high wear resistance. Due to the low cost and short production time, acrylic key chains are the best option for mass use during various promotional events. Leather key chains do not damage items in the pocket next to them.



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