A Homeowner’s Guide to Window Upgrades for Winter Season

November 29, 2023


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The buzz in the Big Apple slows down during winter because the weather often gets harsh. After the record-breaking chill last year, homeowners are already checking predictions for the season in 2023. AccuWeather predicts a slow and sluggish start to the snowy season this year but expects it to pick up later early next year due to big storm development.

While low temperatures and heavy snow are reasons to worry, you can fortify your home against the rigors of winter. A few steps can keep your living space warmth and energy bills under control during the season. Ensuring that your insulation is in place and the HVAC systems work properly is a good way to start. You can go the extra mile by investing in window upgrades.

The good thing about a window upgrade project is that it enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Your place looks ready for the festivities and becomes safe from drafts of cold air wafting in from the cracks and crevasses.

We have a few tips to ensure that your winter window upgrade project is a breeze.

Start Early

Whether you want to change the window shades or replace the windows, you should start with the project early. Autumn is an ideal time to begin with the project because you don’t want to dive in when the cold weather worsens. New York temperatures can dip suddenly in November, so it is better to wrap up the project earlier.

Prepare a checklist early and find experts on time because everyone gets busy before the season. Providers offering a replacement for window shades in NYC often have the peak service season around autumn.

The same applies to contractors as they are loaded with projects because New York homeowners want to wrap up home improvement projects before the festive preparations start. A head start can save you time, stress, and money.

Swap the Windows

Choosing the right material is crucial if you are planning a window swap this winter. All materials aren’t the same when it comes to insulation and durability. Energy-efficient materials such as double-pane or triple-pane windows are ideal for optimal winter performance. You should dig deep and assess different material options before the upgrade.

Select the frames wisely because they determine the level of insulation and energy efficiency for your home. Vinyl and fiberglass are ideal because of their insulation properties. Conversely, aluminum frames may save you money but lead to heat loss in the long run. Factors like your aesthetic preferences and budget also help determine the suitable material.

Seal the Gaps

Energy efficiency is a priority for a growing number of American homeowners. Statistics indicate that heating and cooling costs make up 43% of a home utility bill. A little caution can reduce your heating and cooling needs. Instead of investing in a high-value window swap, you can check the gaps and seal them this winter.

Gaps can render even the most advanced windows inefficient as they allow cold air to seep in. Inspect for drafts early and get high-quality weather stripping and caulking solutions to seal any openings for good. This small upgrade is enough to save hundreds of dollars in utility bills throughout the season, and even during summer.

Install New Shades

Winter-appropriate window treatments make an excellent upgrade option for New York homeowners. Think beyond thick curtains this season and invest in new shades to provide an additional layer of insulation. Homeowners looking for the right window treatment in New York, NY should prioritize good insulation to trap heat and prevent it because wind chills are common in winter in the city.

While choosing window treatments for your place, look for a perfect match to your home’s décor. Something complementing your interior design while serving the practical purpose of warmth is an excellent investment for your living space.

According to Royal Window Treatments, honeycomb shades are an ideal choice for their look and feel. The design with pleats and cells gives them a modern and clean look. Additionally, multiple layers of honeycombs trap air to insulate the interiors. You can even consider high-tech motorized shades that can be operated with a remote to add a touch of luxury to your living space this season.

The Bottom Line

Window upgrades are the best investment for your home in winter as they offer aesthetic and functional enhancement. However, getting the best results is about choosing wisely and getting the project done before the chill sets in. You can rely on this simple guide to cover both fronts and make your home season-ready with a quick upgrade.


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