Asscher-Cut Diamonds in Royal Collections

November 2, 2023


Asscher-cut diamonds rank among the classic choice for royal jewelry due to their mesmerizing sparkle. As you will learn at Rare Carat, Asscher-cut diamonds are very popular among royal families around the world. They have been adorned in crowns as well as engagement rings for the royals. Asscher-cut diamonds rank highly when you Search for best deals online. Let's explore the asscher-cut diamonds in royal collections. As you will learn more at Rare Carat, Asscher-cut diamonds have been cherished by many royal families around the world due to their beauty.

The Cullinan III and IV in the British Royal Collection

One of the most famous Asscher-cut diamonds in the world is the Cullinan III and IV which are in possession of the British Royal Family. The Cullinan III and IV Asscher-cut diamond was purchased by King Edward VII and gifted to Queen Alexandra in 1907. The Cullinan III and IV were mounted on a platinum brooch that is still part of the British Crown Jewels.

The asscher-cut Cullinan III and IV have graced some of the most important events in the British royal family history. Queen Mary wore these diamonds in her 1911 coronation ceremony. Queen Elizabeth II wore them during her 1953 coronation and she continued wearing them on special occasions and state events throughout her reign. As you will learn more at Rare Carat, these diamonds have an impressive history in the royal family. They also have an enormous value of over $300 million. You can buy from Rare Carat an Asscher-cut diamond that will make your fiancé feel like a royal.

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands' Engagement Ring

Another famous Asscher-cut diamond in royal collections is Queen Juliana's engagement ring. This sparkling diamond is in the collection of the Dutch Royal family. The 40.42 Asscher-cut diamond ring was gifted to the Queen by Prince Bernhard during their engagement in 1936.

Queen Juliana wore the ring throughout her reign from 1948 to 1980, and it has become an iconic piece of Dutch royal jewelry. The asscher-cut diamond ring is still in the possession of the Dutch royal family. Today it is still worn by Queen Maxima, Juliana's granddaughter-in-law on special occasions. If you are in search of the best deals for engagement rings, you can buy from Rare Carat a stunning diamond jewel for your fiancé that will give you a royal feeling.

The Duchess of Cambridge's Engagement Ring

Prince William proposed to her wife Kate Middleton in 2010, with a stunning Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring. This beautiful ring belonged to his late mother, Princess Diana, who had chosen it for herself from the British royal family jewelry collection. As you will learn from Rare Carat the place your search for the best deals, the diamond is a whopping 12-carat Asscher-cut, set in a simple platinum band. It features a square with cropped corners and a high crown, creating a unique effect when light reflects off it facets.

This Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring is estimated to be worth around $500,000, making it one of the most valuable pieces of jewellery in the royal family's collection. Its sentimental value is immeasurable since Princess Diana had worn the ring frequently. Prince William's selection of the ring was seen as a way of honouring his mother's memory as well as welcoming Kate into the royal family.

This ring sparked a trend for Asscher-cut diamonds in engagement rings with Rare Carat reporting a surging demand for these iconic engagement rings. Buy from Rare Carat and get the best classic Asscher-cut engagement ring to create a lasting impression during your engagement.

Parure of the Swedish Royal Family

The parure Asscher-cut diamond is a popular collection in the Swedish royal family. It features a tiara, necklace, and earrings Asscher-cut diamonds that are set in gold and silver.

Star of South Africa Brooch of Dutch Royal Family

The Star of South Africa Brooch ranks among the best Asscher-cut diamonds in royal collections. The brooch features a 47 carat Asscher-cut diamond that is surrounded by tiny diamonds and emeralds.

Queen Astrid Ring

The Belgian Royal Family has a stunning Asscher-cut diamond ring in its royal collection. The diamond belonged to Queen Astrid. The ring has a large diamond at its centre that is flanked by smaller diamonds.

Buy from Rare Carat the best Asscher-cut diamond engagement rings to make your fiancé feel like a royal during your engagement. If you are in search of the best deals, Rare Carat is the right place.


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