Creative Ways to Use Premier Table Linens in Your Home Decor

November 22, 2023

Premier Table Linens in Your Home Decor

Table linens are a great way to set the mood and create an inviting ambiance. Colors and patterns can create a unique look that fits your personality.

Deep jewel tones like burgundy and emerald green can create a glamorous feel. These colors pair well with metallic accents for a dramatic effect.

Use a Tablecloth as a Backdrop

Tablecloths are a versatile way to set the tone for your home decor. From casual events to glamorous weddings, you can use them as a foundation for your decorations. Try choosing a table linen with a bright color or fun pattern to create a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. You can even match colors and textures to accentuate your theme and create a cohesive and sophisticated look.

For example, pair a natural burlap tablecloth with matching napkins and table runners if you're planning a rustic wedding. Alternatively, you can choose a printed or solid-color tablecloth to add a touch of elegance.

Another excellent option for decorating with table linens is to use them as a backdrop. You can drape them over lamps, doors, chairs, and more to create a unique wall display. You can also make a garland with table linens by attaching them to branches or ribbons. This is a great way to showcase your creative side and add color to your home. Premier table linens offer various tablecloths and other fabric products to help you achieve your vision for your next event or home. Order a color swatch card to see how different fabric textures will look together.

Use a Tablecloth as a Centerpiece

Table linens are an easy way to add color to your home decor. From deep jewel tones like burgundy and emerald green to champagne and gold hues, these colors bring a luxurious feel to your space. They're also great for adding a touch of luxury to formal events, such as galas and weddings.

If you want a casual look, use table runners made from old books or music sheets. This is a creative and unique way to decorate your table while creating a conversation piece.

Another great way to use table linens is by using them as curtains. Drape two corners of your tablecloth across your shoulders and down your back, just like you would a cape. If you want, you can tie the edges together to keep them from slipping around. If you want to be extra creative, add a few pom-poms or other colorful embellishments to your tablecloth curtain! This will make for an eye-catching centerpiece for any room.

Use a Tablecloth as a Rug

Whether your kids are building forts or you're just looking to add a cozy element to a room, using a tablecloth as a rug is an easy way to do so. The fabric is thick and soft, providing comfort while adding an attractive color to the space. Plus, it's an excellent option for areas that see high traffic or a lot of dirt.

Table linens in deep jewel tones like burgundy and emerald green evoke a sense of luxury and can be paired with metallic accents for a rich ambiance. Champagne and gold linens are also elegant choices for formal events or weddings. Vibrant reds and oranges evoke warmth and passion, making them ideal for casual summer gatherings or a lively family dinner.

For a casual look, you can use sheets from old books or music pages as a table runner. Adri from Dream Book Design used a beautiful navy floral mandala-patterned tablecloth to make this stunning rug, which she coated in several layers of polyurethane.

Use a Tablecloth as a Curtain

Adding table linens in colorful hues can brighten up your dining area and make it an attractive place for people to sit. Deep jewel tones like burgundy and emerald green are perfect for upscale dinners or formal events, while champagne and gold linens can add a touch of glamour and sophistication.

If you want something casual, consider a patterned runner with simple flowers or greenery to create an inviting and warm ambiance. Try this easy macrame table runner (via DIY Mommy) for a bohemian look.

The rising real estate market in countries like China and India encourages people to spend more on their homes, a significant factor driving the global table linen market. Moreover, the availability of affordable cotton-based table covers, mats, and runners has been boosting the demand among households. However, increasing preference for synthetic and plastic table linens due to ease of washing and low maintenance has impacted the market's growth. Nevertheless, the growing awareness among the working-class population to impart stylish finishing to their home decor is expected to fuel the market growth over the forecast period.

Use a Tablecloth as a Wall Hanging

Table linens can be an excellent way to transform your home. They come in a variety of colors and are easily reusable. This makes them a perfect choice for those looking for unique DIY decorations. Creating wall art using plastic tablecloths is an easy project that will add a touch of color and charm to any room.

To create this simple project:

  1. Cut strips of a plastic tablecloth into equal widths.
  2. Tie the strips together at regular intervals to create a garland.
  3. Hang this in your kitchen or living room for an eye-catching decoration. You can add embellishments like fairy lights or paper flowers to make your wall hangings even more charming.

Premier Table Linens offers a wide selection of plastic and burlap tablecloths. We also carry a wide variety of matching napkins and runners. We recommend ordering a swatch card before purchasing a full-size tablecloth to see how fabric textures look together in person. Premier also offers a full-size napkin sample with each ordered swatch card. This is a great way to determine if you need a patterned or solid-colored tablecloth, runner, or napkin.


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