How to Pack an Apartment to Move

November 28, 2023

You need to move and decide to rent portable storage containers instead of renting a moving truck. Now, you need to pack everything into your apartment, wondering how to do it efficiently while avoiding headaches.

These tips will show you how to pack an apartment to move to save time and effort.

Get rid of at least a few things so you don't have to pack them

You're probably right if you feel you have too much stuff to pack. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is simple: before you start packing, go around your apartment and get rid of anything you don't need, like, or never use.

After you throw away, sell or donate at least a few items, packing only what you want to keep will be simpler.

Get smart about packing your portable storage container

When packing your portable storage container, start with the boxes containing the last items you packed. Finish packing your container with the boxes of stuff you put together first.

As you unpack your container, those boxes will be the first to be placed in the different rooms of your new home. The boxes you want to open first will be placed in front of them, making them easier to access.

Assemble your packing supplies

To pack your belongings, you will need packing supplies. Instead of buying cardboard boxes, see if you can get some for free from a friend or your local grocery store. You can also use any luggage, bag or bin you already own.

You will need packing tape, markers, and newspapers to cushion and protect fragile items. Use the original boxes when possible. If you still own the original boxes of your TV, computer, and small appliances, use these boxes to protect and move these items.

Start packing a month ahead

Packing at the last minute is never a good idea if you want a smooth move. Ideally, you should start packing one month in advance.

Of course, you should start with items you don't currently need, such as your winter clothes, if you're moving during the summer. Pack the books you're not reading anytime soon and any items you won't need in the upcoming weeks.

As you get closer to moving day, you can start packing the items you use most frequently.

Pack similar items together

Consider packing similar items together instead of tossing random items in each box. Dishes with dishes, books with books, artwork with artwork. Unpacking will be more simple this way.

As for your clothes, if they are already inside drawers, there is no need to take them out to place them in a box. Simply remove each drawer from the dresser and secure it with packing tape.

If you need to disassemble some furniture, keep all your screws in well-labelled plastic bags, and pack these bags together in the same box.

Take pictures of your electronic setup before unplugging them

This is a simple yet very significant part of learning how to pack an apartment for moving. Before unplugging any cables, photograph them.

When you get settled into your first home, reproducing your electronic setups will be much easier if you don't have to wonder where each cable belongs.

Be sure to pack a bag of essentials

As you pack, prepare a bag of essentials containing everything you need to spend your first night in your new home.

Think about your pyjamas and a change of clothes, your toothbrush and toothpaste, any medication you might need, and bedding.

Packing snacks and a box of cleaning supplies is also an excellent idea. This way, you won't need to dig through boxes to find these essential items as you settle.

Don't fill large boxes with heavy stuff

If you get huge boxes for your move, use them smartly. If you fill these large boxes with heavy stuff, you will have difficulty lifting and carrying them around.

It's better to opt for a few small boxes than for a large, heavy one.

Label your boxes properly

As you fill each box, label it properly. Using a marker, write what is inside the box and in which room it should be placed. If you want, you can use a different colour for each room in your new home. This will help the people help you visualize where they should bring each box.

Also, be sure to label each box on its top and at least two sides so people will see it no matter how they pick it up.


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