How to Use TV as a Second Monitor Wirelessly

November 18, 2023

If you are looking for ways to connect your TV as a second monitor wirelessly, you have got in just the right place. Here we will discuss everything from the fundamentals to how-to’s of using your TV as a second monitor. So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into it:

Why Use TV as a Second Monitor

While there are many reasons why you would want to use a TV as a second monitor, one of them that stands out the most is its picture quality. No doubt, the picture quality of a big screen is top-notch, and that’s the reason why most people want to use it as their second monitor.

Not only do you get better image quality, but also you can stream TV shows and movies in a more enhanced way.

Having a second monitor expands your screen allowing you to multitask more efficiently. You can have multiple applications or documents open simultaneously, reducing the need to switch between windows.

Also, if you already have a TV, utilizing it as a second monitor can be a cost-effective solution. It eliminates the need to purchase an additional computer monitor, making it a budget-friendly option.

You also get a whole audiovisual experience without having to part with the quality of the picture.

Now that we have come to know about the benefits, why not jump straight into the “how-to’s”?

How to Use TV as a Second Monitor Wirelessly?

In the case of Windows:

You have to make sure that you have an application called Miracast as it’s one of the most reliable ways for Windows users. This enables the users to extend the screen of their computer to the TV. Not only does Miracast offer a wide range of compatibility but it also gives a user-friendly approach.

So, follow the steps below if you are a Windows user:

Step 1: Ensure that your Television supports Miracast.

Since TVs nowadays come with built-in Miracast software, it’s completely fine if your computer doesn’t have one. You can also buy the dongle of the software to make sure that you can use your TV as a second monitor.

Step 2: Click on “Connect to Wireless Display” once you access the Project settings on your computer.

Now, you’ll see a pop-up menu of TVs available. Now, select your TV from the menu and give the permission as asked to finally extend your screen to the TV and turn it into a second monitor.

You can also learn to connect camera to camera monitor wirelessly.

In the case of Mac:

Since Mac does not support the Miracast software, converting the TVs of Mac into a second monitor is quite challenging. But if your Mac supports Airplay, here’s the good news: your process can become much easier. So, ensure your Mac supports Airplay to turn your TV into a second monitor wirelessly.

Once you have made sure that it does, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on System Preferences on your system.

Step 2: Choose your preferred TV from the pop-up menu of available TVs to turn your TV into a second monitor with the help of Airplay.

How to Use Mirroring Mode

While going through the process of trying to wirelessly connect your TV to your computer, you might face many obstacles. In some cases, either you will not be able to find a built-in function, or in some, your software will start lagging.

But, what if I tell you, you can avoid all these problems through a simple tool called Airdroid Cast? This reliable screen mirroring tool works for the majority of the mainstream platforms and operating systems. From Windows, Androids, and Smart TVs to iOS, and macOS, AirDroid Cast is a boon for all.

Here’s how you can use this software to turn your TV into a second monitor wirelessly:

Step 1: Download the Airdroid Cast app on your computer.

Step 2: Then open the software on your TV.

When you open the browser on your TV and type the URL “,” you will get a 9-digit code along with a QR code on your TV screen.

Step 3: Once you enter the code, you can get started with screen mirroring, which means, you can begin using your TV as the second monitor.

If you want to learn more about TV or monitor, you can visit Techverbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my TV as a second monitor?

Yes, you can use your TV as a second monitor through mirroring software and other extending software like Miracast. You can also turn your TV into a second monitor with the help of HDMI ports and other wired methods.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of turning my TV into a second monitor?

While using your TV as a second monitor makes you work for longer hours without getting distracted, it is also affordable as you don’t need to spend another grand on a separate monitor. But, factors like input lag, eye strain, lack of compatibility, and poor resolution can make your TV as a second monitor experience a bit salty.

Why should I use a second monitor?

Second monitors come in handy in various situations like Gaming, presentations, multitasking, entertainment- streaming TV shows and movies, and video editing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, turning your TV into a second monitor wirelessly can significantly enhance your computing and entertainment experience. The benefits, such as superior picture quality and the ability to seamlessly stream content, make it an appealing option for users seeking an extended display setup.

For Windows users, Miracast provides a user-friendly solution, allowing you to effortlessly extend your screen to the TV. Mac users, on the other hand, can utilize Airplay if their systems support it. While these methods offer convenience, challenges may arise, such as compatibility issues and lag.

As with any technology, there are both advantages and disadvantages. While using your TV as a second monitor can increase productivity and save costs, factors like input lag, eye strain, and resolution limitations should be considered. Ultimately, the decision to utilize your TV as a second monitor depends on your specific needs and preferences.


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