Installation of thermowood facade

November 9, 2023

Installation of the thermowood facade should be done by experienced technicians. Click to learn the installation steps of this facade

Installation of thermowood facade has a low-cost
Thermowood is a natural choice for facade. It can also be successfully used in other outdoor. Because Thermowood is a modern, durable, and beautiful material used only in constructing the facade of luxury buildings. But it must be said that installing a thermowood facade has its complexities and must be done by experienced technicians through a detailed process. In this article, we examine the installation process of the thermowood facade completely

Advantages of using thermowood facade
Before examining the steps of installation of the thermowood facade, it is good to know a little about this material and the advantages of using it in the facade of the building. In general, Thermowood is a very durable material that is resistant to moisture, heat, and sunlight. Therefore, it is very common to use it in external components of buildings such as facades

:The most important advantages of using thermowood in the facade of the building are

Thermowood is durable: the material used in the construction of the facade of the building must, in addition to its beauty, have high resistance against moisture penetration, decay, and quality reduction. Thermowood, as a reliable material, can maintain its quality for years on the facade of your building, and humidity and sunlight will not have any negative effects on it

The unique beauty of Thermowood: Thermowood is at a very good level in terms of appearance. This material can be considered the best for building facades. Because it has a beautiful, luxurious, and modern appearance and injects a sense of nature into the facade of your building

Easy and trouble-free installation: Unlike stone, brick, plaster, and cement facades, Thermowood facades are very easy to install, and therefore it is an ideal option for building facades

Important points before installation of thermowood facade
Before the installation of the thermowood facade, some important points should be taken into account so that the final result of the work has the required quality. For example, during the transfer and unloading of the wood, care should be taken not to damage the thermowood. Thermowoods are not highly resistant to impact and scratches, so they should be transported with great care

:Some of the points that you should follow before installing a thermowood facade are

Start installing Thermowood at the last stage of building your facade. During construction operations, the environment is generally full of dust, and this dust settles easily on Thermowood. It should be noted that before starting the installation of any other facades such as stone, brick, etc., the type and method of underlying Thermowood parts must be determined

If you want to store thermowoods for a few days, be sure to put them in a place that has a smooth and level surface. The unevenness of the surface causes undulations along the profile

If the thermowoods are packed in pallets, leave a distance of 6-10 cm to place each pallet on the next pallet

In the storage place, cover the thermowoods completely with a plastic cover to protect them from dust and moisture

During the installation of the thermowood facade, all the above must be observed to maintain the thermowood in use

If Thermowood is damaged, remove the damaged part or cut the problem part and put it aside

The installation process of the thermowood facade
Installing a thermowood facade includes three main stages: foundation, installation, and painting. Each of these steps alone is very important in the installation of a thermowood facade and must be done with high precision. Of course, it should be noted that installation of scaffolding, purchase of thermowood, and purchase of fittings are also other stages of installation of thermowood facade, which include sub-stages. You must buy the thermowood needed to make the facade from a reliable factory. In the following, we will learn about the steps of installation of the thermowood facade

The substructure of the facade of the building
The most important thing to pay attention to before installing the thermowood facade is the level of the installation surface. You must ensure that the surfaces are level in the transverse and longitudinal direction so that you do not have any problems during the installation of thermowood profiles. Failure to comply with this point confuses the distances between the sticks, which makes the appearance of the facade at the end of the work not nice and pleasant

Each square meter of thermowood applies about 10 kg of load on the infrastructure. Therefore, you must make sure of the strength of the surface of the facade so that the best foundation material suitable for the weight of the wood can be selected with accurate calculations. Among the other points that will improve the work is to maintain a distance of 3 cm behind the substructure, which will allow air exchange and moisture drying. It is worth mentioning that the distance of each 40x40 substructure profile on the lower level must be 60 cm

To install the substructure of the thermowood facade with metal and cement, steel screws with a roll plug 6 cm long should be used so that it does not get loose and make noise. Another recommendation is to paint the surface of the foundation so that moisture does not cause it to oxidize and crack

Installation of thermowood façade
In general, the installation of thermowood on the substructure is done by three methods: screws from the face, crotch, and tongue and clips. In the face screw method, you should pay attention to the fact that you drill a hole before inserting the screw into the wood. If the screw is inserted directly into the wood, the possibility of the wood cracking is very high

In installing the Termwood facade using clips, the substructure is made of galvanized profiles and the wood is connected to the substructure using special clips. One of the advantages of installing wooden facades with clips is that the screws can be hidden, and one of its disadvantages is the high cost of the underlying metal

Another way to install Termwood on the facade is to use special profiles that are mounted on top of each other. One of the advantages of this method is that the nails and screws are hidden, which is very effective in the beauty of the facade

Thermowood facade painting
To preserve the beauty and increase the life of thermowood in the facade, special paint is used. Thermowood paint doubles the beauty of wood and reveals its veins. Sunlight and UV rays are the atmospheric factors that cause much damage to wood. Which over time can cause the loss of thermowood pigments. By penetrating deep into the wood, Thermowood color prevents the absorption of moisture and prevents the growth of fungus and mold in this material

Thermowood is the best option for the facade of modern buildings
Pars Aray Koohestan is one of the best companies in the field of production and sales of thermowood in Iran. You can buy the thermowood you need to make the facade from our company. Also, our professional technicians can take over the whole installation process of the thermowood facade



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