Princess Cut Diamonds vs Round Cut Diamonds

November 6, 2023


As the leading online diamond marketplace, Rare Carat Diamonds is the go-to choice for people purchasing diamonds. During the selection process, purchasers will be asked several questions. One of which will be the type of cut they want. While there are several different diamond cuts, the most popular are princess-cut diamonds and round-cut diamonds.

While some people will instantly know which diamond cut, they wish for, others may need a bit more advice. This page will compare Rare Carat princess cut diamonds and round-cut diamonds. The focus will purely be on those two cuts. While Rare Carat Asscher cut diamonds look very similar to princess cuts, they are not the same.

The Popularity of Each Diamond Cut

As the main online diamond marketplace, Rare Carat Diamonds helps countless purchasers find the diamond of their dreams. As with most companies sourcing diamonds, Rare Carat Diamonds will have specific trends related to each diamond cut.

Round-cut diamonds are by far the most popular diamonds in the world. Latest stats indicate that about 60% of all diamond sales are for round-cut diamonds, which shows that most people prefer this cut. While princess-cut diamonds are still incredibly popular as diamond cut, they account for just 15% of the diamond sales market.

The popularity may help to swing some people in a certain direction. For example, those looking to go with the trends would opt for a round cut, where often there are more options available in pre-designed rings. Those who want something a bit more unique will look at the princess cut options.

Princess Cut Diamonds vs Round Cut Diamonds: Looks Comparison

Round-cut diamonds are often the ideal choice for diamond engagement rings. Depending on the cut, round-cut diamonds will have either 57 or 58 facets. When cut well, a round-cut diamond can reflect 90% of the light. This is why round-cut diamonds have become so popular on sites like Rare Carat. They look stunning with the light glistening off of them.

Round-cut diamonds often have very few flaws in clarity and color. The cut of the diamond can hide these flaws well. The flaws are much less noticeable with a larger diamond.

Princess-cut diamonds have the same number of facets (58), although they are square as opposed to round. They are often confused with Rare Carat Asscher cut diamonds, which are also square. Although the Asscher cut has 45-degree cropped corners, the Princess cut is fully square. The angle of the facets is slightly different too. For the Princess cut, you still get a good amount of shininess, although the shine isn't as brilliant as round-cut. It reflects just 70% of light.

There are rarely imperfections regarding color and clarity on princess-cut diamonds either. Although this cut often comes from rougher diamonds (as it is easier to cut rougher diamonds into the princess cut), which means that small flaws may be present, this should be reflected in the sales material for the diamond.

Do bear in mind that it is important that princess-cut diamonds do not have flaws close to their edges. The shape of the diamond makes them a little bit easier to break if there are small flaws.

Overall, a princess-cut diamond that is the same carat as a round-cut diamond will appear larger, due to the geometric pattern on the princess cut.

Princess Cut Diamonds vs Round Cut Diamonds: Price Comparison

Round-cut diamonds are more expensive than princess-cut diamonds. There are a few reasons for this.

For starters, princess-cut diamonds often start from a rougher base diamond, and the princess cut can spruce something up that may not necessarily be viable for any other diamond cut. This keeps the price down.
Princess-cut diamonds also produce less waste. More of the diamond is retained when it is cut. This means that you can start with a smaller diamond for a princess cut and end up with something roughly the same size as a larger diamond that has been whittled away to a round cut.

Anybody looking to save money on their diamond is advised to opt for princess-cut diamonds. The price can be significantly lower. Those that do have their heart set on round-cut diamonds may find that they can save money by opting for lab-grown rather than natural diamonds.

Princess Cut Diamonds vs Round Cut Diamonds: Setting Options

No setting is exclusive to either cut of diamond, and there is a selection of all setting types on rare-carat diamonds. However, some settings may look a little bit better, depending on the cut.

4 prong settings work incredibly well on princess-cut diamonds. They can hold the edges of the diamond, while also helping to protect them. This setting also really helps to draw focus to the size of the princess-cut diamond. The prong setting also allows light to shine through, which ensures that the princess cut diamond can sparkle a bit more, something which it isn't really lacking in, but it doesn't sparkle as much as a round cut.
Round-cut diamonds fit most settings well, but many people prefer them set in bezels. The bezel helps to bring focus to the diamond. it does let in less light, but that's fine. The round-cut diamond will still appear to be shiny.

Of course, the setting is up to the purchaser. There is no 'one' right answer here, and anybody looking to purchase a diamond may want to use Rare Carat Diamonds to browse through the options available.

Princess Cut Diamonds vs Round Cut Diamonds: Diamond Durability

Diamonds are robust gems. Although, they can get damaged.

Princess-cut diamonds are easier to damage than round cut, particularly if the edges are left exposed. It isn't uncommon for the corner of princess-cut diamonds to snag on fabric. If there is a flaw in the corner of the princess-cut diamond, it can cause the diamond to chip. This is why it is important a person purchases a high-quality princess cut. Snagging can be avoided if Asscher cut diamonds are purchased instead since they have no corners to snag.

Round-cut diamonds are tough to break. There is nothing to snag them on. So, they are considerably more durable than princess cuts.

Princess Cut Diamonds v Round Cut Diamonds: Which Is Right for You?

There is no one right answer to this question. While one person may enjoy a princess cut more, another may prefer a round-cut diamond instead. Princess cut is the best option for those that want to save money, but end up with a larger diamond. The round cut is the better option for those who really want a diamond that glistens.

It is advised that those on the hunt for diamonds head on over to the Rare Carat Diamonds marketplace and compare the options available. This should give a better idea of the differences in the cuts.


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