Tablets For Tots: A Review Of The Best Kids' Tablets

November 16, 2023




We live in a tech-savvy world with digital devices playing an important part in our children’s development skills. They help with creativity, problem-solving, and visual thinking. They also make learning fun.


Whether in the education industry or as a parent, recognizing the potential these tools provide is imperative. As long as used correctly, tablets help to strengthen various learning experiences through engaging and interactive learning possibilities.


In this article, we review an array of top tablets. Each review discusses safety features, performance, educational values, and user reviews.


Read on to discover more.

1. Goally Tablet - P2 7 Inch


It can be overwhelming trying to choose the best tablet for kids. One of the preferred options comes from Goally. This isn’t solely a tablet; it’s a learning machine, one tailored to your kid’s specific needs.

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One of the best features? Goally gives parents the power to control what apps and learning tools their kids can access. In addition to offering an array of educational content, these tablets provide a platform that is rewarding, engaging, and structured.


This powerful learning tool is the ideal option for those looking for a tablet focusing on education over entertainment.


This model also includes an improved screen and a 20% better battery life.

2. Goally Tablet - P2 10 Inch



This distraction-free tablet boasts a wipe-clean, durable, silicone case, headphone support, and dual speakers. Available in blue and pink hues, it comes complete with over 20 kid-friendly apps and video content comprising Khan Academy pre-loaded and Khan Kids. Another selling point? This tech-savvy tablet features unlimited parent app users, which assist in keeping an eye on your kid’s usage.


This model boasts an improved battery life of 80% and a better screen,

3. Apple iPad - 2022


Another to make it to our list? The base-model iPad has a screen spanning 10.9 inches and an impressive resolution of 2,360 by 1,640 pixels. Why is it suitable for kids? This device houses an A14 Bionic chip, meaning your kids can access age-appropriate applications from the App Store.


Another beneficial feature? This tablet boasts iMessage, which means kids can chat with their parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings - provided they also own an Apple device.


This is an entry-level tablet. It's a great choice for parents looking for a device that grows with their kids. Why? The parental controls are designed to be relaxed over time.

4. Amazon Fire 7 - For Kids


Like the standard Fire 7, it's a great choice for the budget-conscious. Those who purchase this tablet are privy to an extended warranty, a hardy case, and a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+.


What does this mean? Your kids will never run out of things to read and watch. Plus, its robust style makes it difficult to break.


Another great feature? Its lengthy battery life makes it perfect for plane and car trips. In addition, the 7-inch screen provides the ideal viewing experience for books, apps, and games.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8


Image source


This tablet is the perfect travel companion for kids on the go and boasts full Google support.

Brimming with top features, this device promises to keep children informed and entertained.


One of the most notable features? Samsung Kids. Parents can access this tool from any Samsung tablet, allowing them to turn off specific apps and contacts. This tablet is compatible with numerous apps, all providing challenging educational content. These comprise games and apps, as well as interactive Samsung animated characters.


All of the content available with this device is designed for kids only. This helps them steer clear of mindless scrolling.

6. Lenovo Tab P11 Plus


Boasting an 11-inch display and two storage sizes (64GB and 128GB), this tablet can hold plenty of content. It's also aesthetically pleasing and pocket-friendly.


The impressive battery life promises to keep your kid entertained for lengthy periods, boasting over 15 hours of streaming power.


Another notable feature? As soon as it’s switched on, Android 11 gears up. One point to note? It currently only works with Bluetooth headphones.

The Bottom Line


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Whether for entertainment purposes or education, kids love tablets! They allow them to engage, play, and learn. Providing you monitor their usage and choose a tablet that has their needs and age in mind, these tech-savvy devices inspire learning, not hinder it.


When it comes to choosing a device, consider the screen size, the durability, how user-friendly it is, the parent controls, and the price. In addition, look at the apps available for the device, making sure your chosen tablet can run the educational content your kid desires.


While tablets can be entertaining and educational for kids, careful monitoring and open communication are essential. Following these tips will ensure you purchase a tablet that suits your needs and your kids.



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